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An In-Depth Analysis of Complaints Against presents a variety of cheap products online. But do customer reviews confirm it as a legitimate retailer, or something more deceptive? Let’s examine feedback from multiple sources.’s Marketing Claims

The website advertises electronics, apparel, accessories and more at heavily discounted prices. However, no ownership details or physical address are publicly listed.

Product photos seem duplicated from other sites. Shipping timeframes promise fast delivery to US/UK with scant transparency into inventory sourcing or warehouse locations.

These ambiguities warrant deeper scrutiny of actual customer experiences through analyzing publicly available reviews and commentary.

Better Business Bureau Complaints

Searching the BBB reveals no profile listing for directly. However, related variants show deceptive practices complaints:

  • “Asomour UK” holds an “F” rating with reports of non-delivery after months despite order confirmations.

  • Customers describe evasive responses to requests for order tracking or refunds of hundreds lost to unfulfilled transactions.

  • Consistent narratives of no items received raise credibility of the BBB’s warning to avoid sites with similar lacking accountability.

Google Reviews Analysis

Google searches turn up almost no public reviews for However, forum posts describe grievances:

  • Placing orders but confirmation emails lacked legitimacy or items never arrived as promised.

  • Contacting support emails and phone numbers proved non-functional, perpetuating refund runarounds.

  • Shared experiences suggest its purpose as only a payment collection front without intent to provide products.

Considered analysis of commentary paints a negative pattern.

Social Media & Forum Discussions

Deeper scrutiny across Reddit, Scamdoc and other forums highlights frustrations:

  • Warnings discuss Asomour trapping buyers wanting cheap electronics with fake order updates.

  • Common complaints involve losing money on undelivered phones/laptops with non-responsive resolution efforts.

  • Near consensus across platforms openly advises avoidance, corroborating financial losses reported to the BBB.

Verification Attempt Findings

Additional due diligence efforts reveal:

  • Asomour’s domain registration hides ownership details behind private masking services.

  • No public records evidence a corresponding business at listed US/UK addresses.

Taken together, circumstantial evidence lends credence to existing complaints portraying illegitimate practices.

Alternative Reputable Online Retailers

To avoid potential fraud, more established etailers include:

  • Amazon – Industry-leader with buyer/seller protections and easy account management.

  • Newegg – Legacy online tech dealer assuring product authenticity, refund options.

  • Walmart – Vast selection including electronics shipped from reliable supply chains.

Trusted marketplace leaders provide recourse unavailable from nameless offshore operators.


Scrutinizing reviews from numerous credible sources consistently demonstrates as untrustworthy. Recommendation follows to steer clear of unverified online retailers lacking transparency or history of integrity in serving real customer needs honorably. Legitimate online stores offer safer purchasing choices.

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