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What is moneyeasily?

money easily is an online platform that claims to offer their users reward points for doing simple tasks online. Things like searching the web, watching videos and completing paid surveys.

When we asked the members of our groups to give us their thoughts on money easily, plenty replied to say it was worthwhile.

Lots of people said they will managed to claim gift cards from their time on money easily. Common complaints included the time taken to earn rewards and being screened out halfway through a survey. This can happen when your answers indicate you’re not a match for the type of respondent the company running the survey is looking for.


What Is
money easily a survey platform owned personally which is an known to be an adtech company that works with many market research companies in the world.

This survey platform is known to pay you $1 per survey, no matter how short or how long the survey is and this is on of the uniqueness that cannot be found anywhere else. It is rare.


This platform is strictly for those that are willing to take tasks and nothing more.

What I meant here is that, there is no other way to make money from than to complete surveys and get paid instantly via your preferred payment method.

Follow the instructions below to get registered on money easily and start talking surveys.

Go to their website at and click on sign up.
You will be required to set up your profile by answering some demographic questions, be very careful, it is very important as its the main factor that will be used to decide if you will fit for a particular survey or you will not.
To cut the long story short, all the information you provided at the point of setting up your profile will be used to send you a targeted surveys and this will minimize the rate of getting disqualified after being invited for a survey. The reason is that every companies that host a survey are looking for a specific audience so as to get the specific details they need.

3. Make sure you use your real country and location during the registration. They are available worldwide.

4. Once you complete your profile setup, you will be redirected to your dashboard where you will see if there is a survey available for you or not. Make sure you active the push notification so as to get notified whenever a survey is available for you.

Do I get notified when a new survey is available?
The best way to know if a survey is available is by checking their website anytime you are free preferably two to 3 times in a day. But if you are interested in getting notified per task, you can on your notification to get notified if there is a task for you.

Can I Get Paid For taking Surveys On money easily?
You will surely get paid for every survey you complete on the website and the payment is immediately, No matter the amount. Once you complete the survey, you will be asked to select your preferred payment method. But in my own case, I will advice you to go for bitcoin.


  1. It’s more than 20 business days now they said they’d pay but got nothing so I believe the site is only generating money from us with the task been done. Y’all should stop wasting your time the site is a scam don’t fall for it

  2. This is bullshit….after everything i can’t even access the site again😂 when i try to login, the site don’t even load

  3. Primeshare is legit guys …don’t waste ur time money easily
    Chat me if you’re interested

  4. I thought I was supposed to cash out $513 dollar tonight from this crap money stuff. Haven’t got it yet. F**k! What a waste of data and time. 🤔

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