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What is Crave church?

As you know, the so called “pastor” relies heavily on social media to “spread the word” and recruit members into the church, so naturally he strives to have a perfect rating on google or facebook. Like some of you have mentioned in the comments, when negative reviews pop up on Google, the “pastor” will order one of his assistants to submit reports to Google as the page owner, requesting Google to delete the reviews.

Here is a few thoughts I had while looking through the reviews:

  1. There’s a total of 42 (forty two) new reviews within 2 weeks in August, which is roughly 29% of all reviews over 10 years since they’ve launched. Mindblowing.
  2. There’s a total of 48 (forty-eight) new reviews in 2022 from January to August. That means, the surge of new reviews accounted for 88% of all reviews in 2022. In other words, 88% of the reviews were submitted in a span of 2 weeks.
  3. The average number of reviews per month from January to August NOT including the surge of reviews in mid august is 1 Review per month.
  4. If crave is such a great place (as they advertise), why are the reviews so inconsistent? It’s clear that the reviews are not being submitted consistently throughout the year, and members are only leaving reviews when told to do so, meaning they are not proactively writing it on their own accord.
  5. The reviews all sound very similar and robotic. I will make make a separate post focusing on the similarity of the reviews.

Feel free to cross check the validity of my write up on crave’s Google reviews.




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