is mistplay legit or scam? reviews 2023

Is Earning Rewards from Mobile Gaming a Legitimate Way to Make Money? An In-Depth Look at Mistplay

Mobile games are hugely popular, with billions of people enjoying casual gaming on their phones. But is it truly possible to earn real rewards just for playing, as apps like Mistplay promise? In this deep dive, we’ll take an unbiased look at Mistplay and assess whether reward gaming can be a legitimate way to make extra money.

How Mistplay Works

Let’s start with the basics of how Mistplay operates. Available only on Android devices, Mistplay allows users to download featured games from within the app. As players complete objectives, watch ads, or accumulate daily logins, they earn various in-game “points” like Units, PXPs, and GXPs.

Units are the core currency and can be redeemed for gift cards from brands like Amazon, PayPal, and more. Dollars earned per Unit can vary but generally range from $0.005 to $0.01. Supporting currencies like PXP boost the rate at which GXP is accrued over time. GXP doesn’t directly translate to rewards but influences special offers and progress.

Is the Reward System Sustainable?

On the surface, Mistplay’s model of earning occasional gift cards seems reasonably achievable. However, several factors determine whether rewards remain obtainable long-term:

  • Game Selection: High-quality titles keep users engaged but come at a cost. Low-quality games could bore players, hurting earnings.

  • Rate Adjustments: Mistplay controls earn rates, which may decline over time to balance profits. Lower rates mean grindier gameplay is required to reach reward thresholds.

  • Technical Glitches: Bugs could negatively impact important systems like daily login bonuses or ad viewability, lowering potential rewards through no fault of players.

  • Natural Plateaus: As with any gamified system, earning rates will slow dramatically the more a player advances, making significant payouts less attainable without major time investment.

For casual play, Mistplay offers a fun incentive. But relying on it as a primary income would require an unsustainable dedication unless rates remain high, which doesn’t serve the business model.

Evaluating the Pros and Cons

Now that we understand how Mistplay works mechanically, let’s weigh its pros and cons as both a mobile gaming platform and potential money-making opportunity:


  • Fun social aspect of competing for global leaderboard spots
  • Rewards provide a tangible incentive for gameplay
  • Wide variety of playable titles across genres
  • Easy to understand point systems & redemption process
  • gift cards offer flexibility for spending earnings


  • Limited to Android (excluding half the market)
  • Slow, inconsistent earnings that plateau over time
  • Reward values ultimately depend on a third party’s rates
  • No guaranteed monthly payouts realistically possible
  • Requires a major time investment for nominal returns
  • Potential for technical/rate adjustments reducing prospects

In summary, while Mistplay delivers entertainment, its rewards system alone does not constitute a legitimate primary income source. Factors outside a user’s control could easily diminish prospective returns over the long run.

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Is It Comparable To a Side Hustle?

Some try to equate reward gaming on apps like Mistplay to part-time “side hustles.” But are the effort versus rewards balanced comparably? Let’s examine a few alternative side jobs:

Dog Walking

Walking 1-2 dogs daily can earn $20–40 weekly at standard rates, requiring only 1–2 hours per day spent outside getting exercise. This modest schedule leaves ample free time yet yields steady monthly income.

Ride Share Driving

Driving a flexible 10–20 hours weekly on weekends or evenings can generate $300–600 monthly extra through services like Uber before expenses. Schedule is managed independently.

Online Tutoring

Tutoring basic subjects like math or language 1–2 hours nightly online makes $15–30 per hour, or $450-900 monthly depending on client volume and prep time required.

By comparison, earning the median $30 reported from Mistplay could demand countless additional hours closer to a part-time job. Side jobs generally offer more control, reliable income, and better time investment versus speculative reward prospects. While fun, Mistplay alone should not be relied on as a serious side income source.

Understanding How the Business Model Works

Any income-earning endeavor also warrants examining the business behind it. How does Mistplay sustain and profit from its model long-term? Some key points:

  • Mistplay markets featured games to its large user base, driving downloads. Developers pay per install or engagement milestone reached.

  • Ad revenue from pre-roll videos before sessions adds to income. Large scale means substantial ad demand from brands.

  • Reward payouts, while variable, are maintained at profitable levels relative to install rates and player retention goals.

  • First-party data on player preferences helps optimize game recommendations and ad targeting for higher monetization.

  • Network effects grow as more engaged users attract more developers and advertisers to the platform over time.

In summary, Mistplay succeeds by maximizing value from users to developers and advertisers – not by generously rewarding individual players. Its incentives align with sustainable growth, not facilitating substantial incomes through gameplay alone.

Looking at Alternative Reward Apps

Let’s examine a couple other reward gaming platforms to see if their models compare any differently:


This popular health app awards its proprietary cryptocurrency called Sweatcoins for steps walked each day, tracked via smartphone sensors. Coins can be cashed out or used in their online store.

While incentivizing an active lifestyle, Sweatcoin’s rates also diminish considerably over time. Significant payouts are simply not realistically achievable through ordinary step counts.


Like Mistplay, Gamible pays players for completing mobile games via a points system redeemable for gift cards. Important differences are its much smaller game library and scale, limiting earnings potential substantially relative to heavyweight players.

In summary, all examined reward apps face the same limitations – their monetization relies on retaining engaged users over actually facilitating significant incomes through play. For most, gameplay provides entertainment more than any serious money-making prospects.

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Examining Player Testimonials

To gain further perspective, let’s analyze some public comments from Mistplay users discussing their experience leveling up within the system:

“I’ve been playing daily for 6 months and average around $10-15 in gift cards monthly. It adds up over time but not enough to rely on.”

_ “the rates seem to decline the higher my level gets, making $30 gifts take forever now compared to when I started.”_

“It’s a fun way to earn a few extras each month if you enjoy the games anyway. Wouldn’t count on it as a significant side income source realistically.”

“I cashed out $50 after playing non-stop for over 6 weeks. Not sustainable as a primary money maker but nice supplemental rewards.”

Historically, the most honest reviews acknowledge that while Mistplay offers entertainment and occasional extras, reliance on just gameplay for meaningful incomes isn’t practical when factoring inevitable limits. Moderation, not full dependence, seems the sensible approach.

Making an Informed Decision

In closing, there are positive aspects to reward gaming services. But any platform promising to earn money just by playing mobile titles warrants a careful evaluation of its sustainability and realistic income prospects over both the short and long term.

For casual players seeking fun incentives, apps like Mistplay can certainly deliver entertainment value. However, relying on such platforms alone for money-making proves unrealistic when natural limitations will continually diminish reward potentials over time.

As with any income stream, moderation and diversification serve users best. For reliable supplementary funds, alternative part-time work delivering steadier returns with less uncertainty tends to offer a wiser tradeoff of time and effort invested. An informed perspective considers all angles.

In summarizing our in-depth look, while Mistplay delivers gaming enjoyment, its rewards system alone does not constitute a legitimate primary income source suitable for serious financial dependence long-term. But for lighthearted extras, it presents an appealing value proposition worthy of consideration.

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