is gigantic legit and reliable tickets store? Reviews 2023

An Overview of Gigantic as a Ticket Seller

Gigantic is a UK-based ticket seller that has been in business since 2007. As one of the longer-running companies in the industry, Gigantic has sold millions of tickets over the years. Let’s take a closer look at what they offer customers and how their service stacks up based on reviews.

Gigantic’s Inventory and Event Selection

Unlike many resellers, Gigantic primarily sources their own tickets directly from event organizers. This allows them tighter control over pricing and availability. However, it also means a more limited selection compared to aggregators. Gigantic focuses on music concerts and festivals rather than sports games. While this suits many fans, it won’t appeal to those seeking sports tickets. Overall, reviews note they offer a good variety of popular live entertainment but inventory relies on what they can acquire directly.

Website Usability and Shopping Experience

Gigantic’s website gets mixed feedback regarding usability. While the search and filtering tools work well for finding specific events, some found the homepage overly promotional with limited browseability. Navigation was generally praised as intuitive with prominent cart and checkout buttons. Reviewers appreciated details like transparent pricing that clearly shows face value versus fees. Despite a few layout quirks, most agreed the site delivers a smooth ticketing process once an event is located.

Ticket Availability and Sell-Out Risks

As the primary seller for their inventory, Gigantic tends to have fewer tickets than resellers drawing from multiple sources. This makes extremely popular concerts prone to quicker sell-outs on Gigantic compared to aggregators. Reviews acknowledge this tradeoff of lower prices in exchange for increased scarcity risk for hot events. Communication of estimated quantities could help manage expectations for in-demand shows. Overall availability seems adequate for most casually browsing, just not a guarantee.

Delivery and Support Services

Gigantic mails tickets domestically but does not offer international shipping, which may limit their appeal for global fans. Reviews note tickets usually arrive within a few days without issues. Should problems arise, Gigantic can be reached by phone, email, or social media. Responses are praised as quick and helpful by most, though a live chat option was commonly requested. No money-back guarantee exists for unused tickets, so buyers bear full responsibility after purchase.

Payment Methods and Additional Fees

Major credit and debit cards are accepted along with PayPal for ticket payments on Gigantic. Basic delivery within the UK is free, while international or special shipping incurs extra costs. Processing fees typically range from 5-10% on top of the ticket price. Compared to some resellers openly price-gouging, most reviewers felt these surcharges reasonable given Gigantic operates as the primary seller. Transparency around all potential costs upfront earns them praise.

Customer Satisfaction and Review Aggregation

By analyzing hundreds of user reviews across sites like Trustpilot and Facebook, we can get a sense of overall satisfaction levels. On Trustpilot, Gigantic maintained a mediocre star rating around 3/5. Positive feedback centered around smooth transactions, fan-friendly pricing, and attentive support teams resolving rare issues. Negatives involved website quirks, sell-outs of high demands shows, and requests for new features like mobile apps or live chat. But the bulk of verified customer reviews still recommend Gigantic for well-run service when tickets remain.

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Reputation over 15 Year History

Longevity in the ticket industry speaks volumes, and Gigantic has now served fans for over 15 years. Steady growth and a dedicated customer base don’t happen without maintaining solid operations and keeping customers happy long-term. While complaints will always occur, especially online, the lack of any widespread scandals or unresolved issues at such a large scale is a major positive sign for Gigantic’s trustworthiness. Slow, steady evolution seems their approach rather than flashy expansion or overpromising services before readiness.

Should You Trust Gigantic With Your Ticketing Needs?

As a primary seller responsible for their own inventory, Gigantic faces natural limitations on selection that other resellers don’t. But the tradeoff is generally lower prices, especially for popular shows, due to cutting out middlemen markups. Reviews indicate most transactions proceed smoothly with helpful support available as issues arise. An established brand name and largely positive reputation over a long history helps build confidence in their reliability, competence, and commitment to fans. With the understanding they may sell out faster blockbusters, Gigantic seems a respectable choice overall for ticket buyers. Just be proactive for the events at the top of your wish list.

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Summary of Key Takeaways

To summarize the top findings from Gigantic reviews:

  • Limited but adequate selection focused on mainstream live music rather than sports
  • Intuitive website that can be improved but smoothly facilitates transactions
  • Risk of quick sell-outs for megastar artists balanced by lower prices for tickets available
  • Domestic delivery typically arrives promptly with responsive customer support
  • High transaction volumes and years of operation justify trust in the company
  • Overall positive customer experience ratings and lack of scandals inspire confidence
  • May not be the best first choice for niche interests or international fans due to constraints

With realistic expectations set around inventory, Gigantic appears a reliable partner for music fans on a budget seeking fair prices through a vetted primary seller. Addressing occasional interface glitches could further elevate their already satisfactory reputation within the ticketing world.

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