Is meyo app legit and reliable dating app? Reviews 2023

Introduction to – A New Approach to Online Dating

Online dating has become increasingly popular in recent years, but many sites take the same approach that has been done for decades. is trying to change that by focusing on meaningful connections rather than swiping or browsing profiles endlessly.

Launched in 2022, aims to create a more personal dating experience through video profiles and live matching. Here are some key things to know about how it works:

  • Users create a brief video profile answering short prompts rather than writing long essays.

  • The algorithm works to match members based on interests rather than photos alone.

  • Matches are revealed to both users simultaneously through live video chat instead of generic messaging.

  • Private live video dates can then be scheduled if both parties are interested in getting to know each other further.

  • Profiles are more authentic since it takes confidence to show your personality on camera versus hiding behind photos.

In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at how compares to traditional dating sites and what makes its approach unique.

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What is describes itself as a “humanizing dating app” that focuses on real human connection rather than superficial matching algorithms based mainly on swiping left or right. It was founded by serial entrepreneur Samuel Akinola based on research showing the importance of personality and life experiences in forming lasting relationships.

Some key things to note about

  • It’s only available as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices at this time. There is no desktop website version.

  • The primary way to browse and match with others is through live video profiles and matching rather than photos or lengthy written bios.

  • Matches are revealed to both users simultaneously through live video chat instead of messaging behind profiles.

  • Additional features like private video dates and events can be accessed once matches are made to further facilitate real meetups.

  • While the service is currently free to use, some premium features may require a subscription fee in the future as it expands.

The goal is to make online dating a more genuine human experience rather than the gamified lifeless experience many complain about on photo-focused apps. Let’s look deeper into how it works.

Creating Your Profile

To get started, you’ll need to download the mobile app and complete the following basic profile setup steps:

  • Upload 1-3 clear non-profile pictures of yourself that show your face. No bathroom selfies or shirtless photos allowed.

  • Fill out your name, age, location and what you’re looking for – whether dating, relationships or just casual connections.

  • Answer 5 short video prompts by recording 60-second videos of yourself answering questions about interests, hobbies and what you like to do for fun.

  • Select your preferences for things like age range, location distance and any dealbreaker questions.

Profiles are trimmed down and focus on showing personality through videos rather than long essays. The goal is brief authentic snippets to get a real sense of someone rather than endless bios.

How Matching Works on

Once your profile is complete, you can start discovering potential matches in two ways:

  • Browse Curated Matches – The algorithm handpicks 2-3 potential matches per day based on your preferences, location and answered prompts to reveal simultaneously through live video chat.

  • Discovery Queue – Swipe left/right through an endless queue of members in your area. Profiles here show their video snippets along with photos. Swipe right to match and unlock live chat.

The key difference vs traditional sites is matches are revealed immediately in real-time video rather than disconnected app chats. This allows for a true first impression before deciding to further chat or meet.

If interest is mutual, you’ll enter the live chat for a few minutes before it expires to briefly introduce yourselves. Phone numbers aren’t exchanged at this stage for privacy reasons.

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Scheduling Video Dates

If the initial live chat goes well, you can then choose to take things further and schedule a private video call directly within the app.

A wide range of date options are available like:

  • Café Date – Casual 30 minute virtual coffee meetup.

  • Cooking Date – Prepare and share a meal virtually while getting to know each other.

  • Streaming Date – Watch a movie or show together while chatting over video.

  • Activity Date – Do an online puzzle, game or quiz together.

Setting the right date expectations and vibe upfront allows you to gauge chemistry safely from a distance before meeting in person, which generally isn’t recommended until trust is established.

Events and Community

The Events section of aims to bring people together through things like:

  • Live Comedy Nights – Watch funny user-submitted videos while engaging in chat.

  • Book Clubs – Choose a book to read together then discuss through group video calls.

  • Activity Groups – Plan virtual hiking trips, cooking lessons or games to match interests.

This helps create a sense of community and gives members interactive challenges beyond just browsing profiles passively at home. It also lights the path to real meetups once you’ve gotten to know other active locals through events.

With everything based around live video, believes it resets shallow superficial dating norms by allowing personalities to shine through authentically from the start. But does this approach actually work better in practice?

Does Live Video Dating Really Work?

Any new approach to online dating will face skepticism, so here are a few key reasons why live video profiles may result in more meaningful matches on

  • Authenticity – It’s far easier to portray an enhanced version of yourself through photos alone rather than going live on camera. This weeds out disingenuous profiles.

  • Depth – Answering thoughtful video prompts provides richer insights into hobbies, values and personality in a minute versus a brief bio. Profiles have more substance.

  • Relationships – First impressions matter, and meeting through real-time video allows for better chemistry reads from expressions and banter before numbers are ever traded.

  • Creativity – Scheduled video dates encourage unique virtual activities together like cooking lessons or creative projects to genuinely get to know each other’s talents.

  • Safety – Revealing matches simultaneously prevents unsolicited private messages. Private dates aren’t recommended until comfort is established.

  • Sustainability – Events provide built-in shared experiences beyond profiles to deepen bonds and light the path to in-person meetups once ready.

Of course, only time will tell if live video profiles result in higher quality connections or lasting relationships in practice. But the approach aims to solve common frustrations with traditional apps by adding personality, depth and safety from the start.

Potential Drawbacks of

No dating platform is perfect, so it’s also important to look at some potential limitations members may face on

  • Camera Shy – Not everyone feels comfortable showing their full personality on live video from the start. It raises the bar for introverts.

  • Tech Issues – Reliability depends on stable home internet and devices. Lag, glitches or low quality connections could hurt user experience.

  • Small Pool – As a new service, the member base will likely be small in the early days, restricting matches by location and preferences more than large platforms.

  • Time Commitment – Creating quality video content and participating in events/dates requires more time investment than swiping through profiles passively on other sites.

  • Social Anxiety – Initial live video matching eliminates awkward private chatting, but could increase anxiety for those nervous chatting with strangers on camera.

  • Catfishing – While less likely than photos alone, there’s still a chance someone’s videos aren’t an accurate reflection of who they are in person. Always meet in public spaces initially.

Therefore’s live video approach may not be a perfect fit for everyone depending on comfort levels with technology, public self-expression, location and willingness to invest more time upfront.

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Final Thoughts on Dating with

In conclusion, presents an intriguing new take on online dating by focusing interactions around live video profiles, matching and virtual activities/events in an effort to foster authenticity, chemistry reads and safety right from the start.

As with anything new though, it may not work for everyone depending on personality types, technical abilities and investment of time required versus quick swiping.

But for those seeking a more personal dating experience where they can genuinely show their personality through short videos and test connections through scheduled virtual dates before exchanging private details, it aims to solve common frustrations of traditional apps.

Only by giving it an honest try will you know if the approach of leading with live video creates more meaningful matches suited to long term relationships over casual browsing. For ambitiously improving online dating, is pushing boundaries in interesting new directions.

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