is apex focus group legit or scam? Apex focus Reviews 2023

Is Apex Focus Group Legit or Just a Waste of Time?

Market research companies that connect users to paid surveys and focus groups can be a great way to earn some extra income from home. However, not all platforms are created equal, and some end up being more hassle than they’re worth. In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at Apex Focus Group to determine if it’s a legit way to make money or just leads to frustration.

Apex Focus Group markets itself as connecting members to thousands of paid opportunities all over the country. But does the reality match the promises? After joining and testing out the platform, here are the most important things to consider when deciding if Apex Focus Group is legit or not.

How Apex Focus Group Works

Let’s start with the basics of how Apex Focus Group operates as a company. They function as a middleman, partnering with various market research firms, healthcare organizations, and corporations to source focus groups, surveys, and clinical trials.

Members can browse available studies on the Apex website and apply if interested and eligible. Apex also claims to send email alerts when new relevant opportunities arise based on your profile.

If selected for a study, you’d be redirected away from Apex to the actual company’s website to participate and get paid directly. Apex itself doesn’t directly employ anyone or handle payments.

Keep in mind that applying doesn’t guarantee acceptance. Researchers are selective and may receive far more applications than slots. The process also takes time, with multiple steps like pre-screening before finding out if you qualify.

In summary, Apex connects users to real paid market research opportunities. But there are no guarantees of acceptance or consistent income, as success relies on external factors outside their control.

Registration and Profile Setup

Creating a free Apex Focus Group account is straightforward. They request basic contact details during sign-up along with additional demographic questions.

The profile section then asks for information like education level, employment status, household income, interests and lifestyle preferences. Filling this out helps Apex match members to suitable opportunities.

No sensitive financial data is required. The sign-up process is similarly quick and simple compared to rival survey sites. Overall, the level of information requested seems reasonable and on par with other market research recruitment platforms.

One downside is that profiles cannot later be edited. So it’s important to provide accurate information the first time rather than rushing through registration. Small errors could limit the types of studies members see or get approved for.

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Browsing and Applying for Opportunities

After setting up a profile, members can browse the “Available Studies” section of the website to view current opportunities. Listings provide the basic details:

  • Topic areas like technology, finance, health
  • Location – national, regional or local studies
  • Estimated duration
  • Compensation amounts

Tapping the “Learn More” button on eligible opportunities brings up an application form. These ask additional screening questions to determine fit with the researcher’s criteria.

Some forms take just minutes while others involve lengthy surveys. Completing an application is no guarantee of follow up or acceptance though. Researchers receive high volumes and have to be selective.

The quality and quantity of listings fluctuates daily as new studies are posted and existing ones close for enrollment. Competition is understandably high for higher paying options.

Apex asserts they email users about relevant matches too, but during testing I didn’t receive any additional notifications beyond what was shown on the main site. Email alerts may not be consistently triggered yet.

Payment and Earnings Potential

If selected for a study through Apex Focus Group, the payment process depends on the individual research partner. Some compensate through checks, others provide gift cards, and direct deposits are certainly possible too.

Reported pay rates for surveys and focus groups range widely as you’d expect – from $25 for a short online questionnaire to $300-500 for a day-long in-person focus group.

The key thing to acknowledge is that no income is guaranteed. Even completing applications and screening surveys takes time without any assurance of follow through. And unlike microtasking sites, opportunities aren’t always readily available.

Realistically, active members who qualify for multiple studies each month might reasonably expect to earn $50-200 depending on their area and screening criteria matches. But for many, opportunities could be scarce with only occasional smaller payouts.

It’s certainly not a replacement for employment but more of a lottery-style system where persistence may eventually pay off for some in bonus focus group checks. Manage expectations – big promised earnings are likely unrealistic for most.

Interface and User Experience

In terms of design and features, the Apex website is basic but functional for its intended purpose. Navigation is straightforward and common requests like profile management are easy to find.

Loading times are reasonable even on mobile. Formatting holds up well across devices without needing horizontal scrolling on smaller screens. Contrast and font sizes are also accessible.

Some minor frustrations include an inability to flag or save interesting studies for later consideration. Users must re-apply once eligible rather than queue opportunities.

Search and filters could also be more powerful – trying to narrow listings down sometimes yields the same full list. Advanced criteria would help members find the proverbial needle in the haystack.

Overall the interface gets the job done but lacks some modern conveniences. Not a dealbreaker by any means, though room for improvement remains on the user experience front for existing and new members.

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Other Member Perks

Beyond access to paid surveys and focus groups, offers a few additional perks for members:

  • Market Research Forum – An active community section to discuss studies and get feedback. Valuable for troubleshooting issues.

  • Newsletter – They publish a bi-weekly email with featured opportunities and event reminders. However, quality and consistency could be better.

  • Promotions – Occasionally Apex runs contests awarding gift cards for helpful member feedback or referring new signups. Rewards are usually small amounts.

  • Points Program – A yet-to-launch loyalty system is hinted at where members can redeem accumulated points for cash and prizes. But no current active program.

So while extra features exist on paper, many seem more conceptual than fully-baked benefits at this stage. The core value remains connecting to paid research chances for now.

Drawbacks and Potential Downsides

As with any new service, Apex Focus Group does have some flaws and shortcomings potential members should be aware about:

  • Limited Active Listings – Especially in smaller cities, study options may be infrequent without major metro areas nearby.

  • Time Commitment – Filling out applications and screeners can take 30+ minutes with no return. Competing for slots also means repeat unfruitful attempts.

  • Data Privacy – Terms aren’t entirely clear on how profile information gets used or if it’s shared externally.

  • Sparse Support – Customer service can be slow to respond to questions through their contact page.

  • Phishing Risks – Since emails link off-site, there’s a small risk of clicking malicious redirects from scammers posing as researchers.

  • Confusing Marketing – Promoted earnings like “$750/week” set unrealistic expectations considering the unpredictable nature.

  • Unsubscribe Difficulties – Their emails don’t always include functional opt-out links at the bottom as required by law.

So while the core idea is sound, execution has room for improvement. Know what you’re signing up for and manage expectations appropriately.

Alternatives to Apex Focus Group

Those seeking more reliable survey opportunities consistently paying smaller amounts per task should consider other platforms complementary to Apex:

  • Survey Junkie – Pays $0.50-$3 per 5-30 minute survey through PayPal. Over 30k active surveys monthly.

  • Swagbucks – Earn points for surveys, shopping, gaming to redeem for gift cards. Minimum payout is $3 and they have a large user base.

  • Bermuda – Offers higher paying $1-5 surveys taking 5-25 minutes. Requires a $5 signup bonus completion before payouts.

  • Respondent – Geared towards recruiting for higher paying $50-300 focus groups and tests. Fewer surveys than Apex.

  • Pinecone – $3 payout per 10-30 minute survey. Focuses on professional types rather than casual respondents.

  • Prolific – Academic research studies pay £5-15/hr. Shorter tasks than traditional survey sites. Very reliable payouts.

For the most reliable steady earnings, combine a microtasking platform like Prolific with a major general survey site like Survey Junkie that has frequent availability. And check Apex occasionally for potential higher hourly rates.

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Is Apex Focus Group Legit or a Waste of Time?

In summary – Apex Focus Group is a real company legitimately connecting members to market research studies paying anywhere from $25 to $500 if accepted.

However, the experience is far from guaranteed income. Significant time investment browsing, applying and screening may yield little return for many users depending on their area and demographics.

They could do better clarifying how data is used and providing clearer communication on occasion. Expectations also need calibrating – big promised earnings simply aren’t realistic for the unpredictable participation-based model.

For those determined to maximize earning opportunities, Apex can be part of a portfolio approach along with reliable microtask

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