is efile tax net legit or scam? Reviews and complaints

Is a Legitimate Tax Filing Website?

With tax season right around the corner, many people are searching for reliable and affordable options to file their taxes online. One website that often comes up is But is it legit? In this in-depth review, I’ll examine’s background, services, security, pricing, and customer reviews to help you determine if it’s a good choice for your tax filing needs.

Background & Authorization has been in business since 2001, making it a relatively established name in the online tax preparation industry. They are an authorized IRS e-file provider, which means the IRS has reviewed and approved their software and processes for electronically filing tax returns. Being an authorized e-file provider helps ensure customer tax returns and data are handled securely and submitted accurately to the IRS. is based in the United States, with their physical address located in North Carolina according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile. They have maintained an “A+” rating with the BBB since becoming accredited in April 2021. This high rating suggests responds promptly to customer complaints and takes responsibility when issues arise. Overall, their background and IRS authorization provides confidence they are a legitimate business.

Services Offered

As a tax filing website, allows customers to prepare and e-file both federal and state individual income tax returns online. Some of the specific services they offer include:

  • E-filing of 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ forms
  • State return e-filing for the majority of states that accept e-filed returns
  • Free federal and state filing extensions
  • Tax prep and filing assistance over the phone or through secure messaging
  • Tax transcript retrieval and account updates with the IRS
  • Automatic import of prior year return data to speed up the filing process
  • Compatibility with popular tax software programs like TurboTax and H&R Block

In addition, also offers tax help year-round with estimated tax payments, tax planning, and responding to IRS or state notices. So they provide a full-suite of tax services beyond just annual filing.

Security & Customer Data Protection

When choosing a tax filing website, security should be a top priority given the sensitive financial and personal information they require. takes several important steps to protect customer data:

  • Data encryption using 256-bit SSL secure sockets layer technology
  • Strict privacy policies prohibiting sharing of customer data with third parties
  • Compliance with IRS data safeguard requirements and security standards
  • InfraGard membership (FBI public-private partnership for cybersecurity threat sharing)
  • VeriSign Site Seal certification for website authentication and further encryption
  • Cloudflare protection against online attacks, malware, spam, and other threats

Overall, their security measures appear robust and oriented toward safeguarding taxpayer information in compliance with relevant regulations and best practices. Hackers would find it very challenging to breach’s systems and protocols.

Pricing & Affordability

On pricing, has a few different options depending on tax return complexity:

  • Federal e-file only: $0 (free federal filing, excludes state returns)
  • Federal + 1 state e-file: $24.95
  • Additional state returns: $6.95 each
  • Printed & mailed tax copies: $9.95
  • Prior year returns: Same rates as current year
  • Payment options: Major cards or electronic check

While there is a fee, the pricing is competitive compared to other online tax filing software companies. And because of their streamlined process, it’s often cheaper than using an in-person CPA or tax professional. Customers have reported being satisfied with’s fair and transparent price structure without hidden charges or fees.

Customer Reviews & Ratings

To get a feel for actual customer experiences, here are a few highlights from review sites:

  • Trustpilot (3.9/5 average rating from 887 reviews) – Praise ease of use, customer service, reliability in filing returns
  • BBB (A+ rating) – Mostly positiveFeedback, responsive to resolving complaints
  • Google Reviews (4.6/5 from 66 reviews) – Quick turnaround, accurate returns, affordable pricing, recommend for simple filings
  • Reddit – Mixed but leans positive overall; a few had delays but issues addressed

While no company has a perfect review record, appears to deliver a good customer experience for most filers based on mainstream ratings. Any minor issues raised usually involved communication delays rather than major problems. Most customers found the website and tax pros helpful overall.

Should You Use

In conclusion, seems like a legitimate online tax filing option based on extensive research into their credibility markers:

  • Established 21-year history and IRS authorization
  • Data security taken seriously with encryption and other protections
  • Competitive pricing without unnecessary add-ons or upselling
  • Overall positive reviews from verified customers
  • Responsive customer support to address problems
  • Full suite of tax services, not just filing

While nothing is certain, has built a strong foundation of trustworthiness. For many taxpayers seeking an affordable, reliable e-file option, they could be a smart choice. Just be sure to factor in your personal tax situation and needs. But this comprehensive review suggests merits consideration when deciding where to submit your return this season.

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