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Are Free Diamond Apps for ML Legit or a Scam?

Mobile Legends is one of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games on mobile. With its attractive characters and competitive gameplay, it’s no surprise that many players want to customize their experience with skins, emotes and other in-game items. However, these extras often require purchasing diamonds using real money.

This is where “free diamond generator” apps enter the picture. By claiming to offer unlimited free diamonds and rewards without any cost, they seem too good to be true. In this comprehensive review, we’ll take an in-depth look at whether these types of apps are actually legitimate or a scam.

How Free Diamond Apps Work

At a basic level, free diamond apps work by giving users rewards or currency within Mobile Legends and other games in exchange for tasks like watching ads, completing offers or installing other apps.

Some common models include:

  • Ad Reward Apps – Players earn currency by watching video ads. Rewards are given at regular intervals depending on ad views.

  • Offerwalls – Complete app installs, surveys, quizzes etc. from third party offerwalls in exchange for in-game currency rewards.

  • Referral Programs – Earn bonuses when friends you referred also complete the tasks.

  • Luck/Scratch Cards – Scratch virtual cards to reveal random reward amounts as if playing a lottery.

On the surface, these reward systems appear legitimate since users aren’t directly modifying game files or breaching terms of service. However, there are some downsides.

Are the Rewards Legit or Too Good to Be True?

When an app claims to offer “unlimited diamonds” or high value rewards easily, it does raise suspicions. Here are some points to consider:

  • Rewards rates are usually much lower than claimed. Tasks may need to be repeated hundreds of times to earn meaningful amounts.

  • Currency obtained isn’t “free” since it requires significant time spent watching ads or completing offers, which has a hidden labor cost.

  • Developers take a large percentage of ad/offer revenue, meaning rewards are unsustainably high for their business model claims.

  • Apps are usually foreign, lacking transparency on data/privacy policies which could pose security risks.

  • There is potential these unregulated reward apps will abandon their service and disappear overnight with users’ earned balances.

Based on these points, promises of unlimited free rewards easily seem unrealistic and too good to be true, suggesting rewards rates are inflated compared to actual value earned through the tasks required.

Are Free Diamond Apps Bannable?

Another major concern is whether using these apps could lead Mobile Legends or other game accounts to be banned. Here are the key considerations:

  • Most game developers prohibit automation, cheats and modifying game files which free reward apps could circumvent.

  • Reward apps are not officially partnered with the target games, so currencies earned may not be recognized as legitimate by the game developers.

  • Apps could potentially trigger security alerts on developer servers regarding bot-like behavior like auto-watching ads in rapid succession.

  • User experience like instant currency spikes may resemble that of obvious cheaters and bot accounts.

  • Reward apps are largely unregulated with no oversight on security practices, increasing risks of account compromises or malware distribution.

While ban risks may depend on individual developer policies, using unofficial third-party reward apps inherently increases the probability versus using only officially sanctioned in-game purchasing options. Accounts could potentially face disciplinary action without warning.

Are There Any Legitimate Alternatives?

Based on the analysis above, relying on unofficial reward apps bring unacceptably high risks of false promises, wasted time investment and even account bans. So are there any safer legitimate options? Here are a few:

Official In-Game Currency Packs:
Directly purchasing discounted currency bundles from within Mobile Legends ensures the developer recognizes funds as properly obtained. Offers vary from $1 up to $100 packages.

Google Opinion Rewards:
Google’s official survey app rewards users with Google Play credits for answering simple polls and questionnaires. Credits can then be used to purchase in-app currency. Low risk and offers legitimate rewards validated by Google.

Game Achievements/Events:
Many games run official events rewarding users for reaching certain milestones within the game. Achievements like logging in daily can provide small currency bonuses overtime through legitimate means.

Streaming/Video Content:
Some YouTubers and streamers run official referral programs where fans can earn small currency signing up through their unique game links or creating content themselves.

While not free, these alternatives provide safer, higher quality options for customizing gaming experiences versus relying on potentially risky unofficial reward apps. Official partnerships minimize ban risks.

Our Verdict – Are Free Diamond Apps Legit?

After a thorough analysis of how free diamond reward apps work and the various associated risks, our conclusion is that these types of apps cannot genuinely be considered “legitimate”.

While appearing harmless on the surface through their non-intrusive reward systems, the unrealistic claims of unlimited rewards easily earned through tasks ultimately do not stack up.

The inability to earn meaningful currency worth a player’s time investment, lack of transparency by foreign developers and high probability of account bans for circumventing game policies are all major downsides.

As unofficial programs without oversight and not officially endorsed, reward apps cannot guarantee the same standards, security practices and legitimacy as true in-game currency options. Promises will likely not hold up long-term.

Therefore, we cannot recommend relying on or trusting these free diamond generator apps. Stick only to officially licensed means of obtaining currency through purchases or approved developer programs to avoid risks that could impact your gaming experience or account. Stay safe!


In summarizing our full review and verdict, Mobile Legends players seeking rewards should steer clear of unofficial “free diamond generator” apps due to the high likelihood of unrealistic claims, wasted effort, account vulnerability and potential banning.

While the promise of free items is enticing, there are no genuine or safe shortcuts. Stick to officially licensed currency packs, deals, surveys or approved means without risks to your account long-term. Hope this helps players make informed choices and protect their gaming experience!

Let me know if any part of the analysis needs more clarification. And feel free to share your own experiences with free reward apps in the comments below.


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