is brand influence legit or scam? Brand influence review & complains 2023


In a world where influencer marketing has become a powerful tool for brands to reach their audience, the role of influencer marketing agencies has become increasingly vital. One such agency that has been making waves in this industry is Brand Influence. As the influencer marketing landscape continues to evolve, many individuals and brands are eager to collaborate with agencies that offer influencer services. However, in this age of rapid growth and digital marketing, it’s crucial to scrutinize the legitimacy of such agencies.

In this comprehensive review of Brand Influence, we aim to provide you with a holistic understanding of the agency’s background, the services they offer, reviews from both clients and employees, an assessment of their legitimacy and ethical practices, a comparison with alternative agencies in the market, and ultimately, a determination of whether Brand Influence is a trustworthy agency to collaborate with.

Brand Influence Overview

Founded in South Africa in 2012, Brand Influence has emerged as a global player in the influencer marketing sphere, working with diverse industries such as fashion, beauty, travel, and more. Here are key insights into their business model:

  • Services: Brand Influence offers a range of services including influencer outreach, campaign management, content creation, analytics reporting, and influencer database building.
  • Team: The agency boasts a team of social media managers, marketers, and community specialists who work collectively to orchestrate successful influencer campaigns.
  • Tech Tools: Brand Influence leverages a proprietary influencer relationship management platform, streamlining workflows for maximum efficiency.
  • Clients: The agency works with a wide spectrum of clients, from startups to large corporations, catering to the unique needs of each.
  • Network: Brand Influence claims access to a vast network of over 1 million global influencers across multiple social networks.

By offering a complete spectrum of influencer campaign services, Brand Influence positions itself as a one-stop solution for businesses seeking to harness the potential of influencer marketing. But, as they say, appearances can be deceiving; let’s dig deeper to uncover the truth.

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Employee & Client Reviews

To gain a genuine perspective, we delved into reviews on platforms like Glassdoor and Indeed. Here’s what we found:

  • Pros: Many employees praised the supportive atmosphere, flexible working hours, the opportunity to learn, and the tangible impact of their campaigns.
  • Cons: Some employees mentioned inconsistent working hours due to unpredictable client workloads, high-pressure environments during peak times, and a culture that sometimes exhibited freelancer tendencies.
  • Client Reviews: Reviews from clients were generally positive regarding measurement reporting and deliverables. However, some voiced concerns about unclear timelines and overpromised capabilities.

These reviews unveil a nuanced picture of Brand Influence. While they exhibit good intentions and positive aspects, there’s a clear need for streamlining workflow organization and enhancing account transparency as the agency continues to scale.

Contract Terms & Campaign Management

A closer look at Brand Influence’s standard contracts and management processes reveals:

  • Payment Structure: Influencers are paid upon content approval, a practice akin to traditional freelancing.
  • Performance Guarantees: Brand Influence does not provide guarantees regarding campaign performance targets such as earned media value or engagement rates.
  • Recourse: The contracts do not specify a clear recourse for influencers if they fail to deliver the agreed-upon content or if the agency underdelivers on promised support.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA): There is a notable absence of SLAs specifying response times or timeframes for issue resolution, which could lead to frustrations among clients and influencers alike.

These contractual terms, while not unusual in the industry, do place a certain degree of risk on clients and influencers engaged with Brand Influence.

Data Privacy & Ethics

Concerning influencer data privacy and campaign ethics, our investigation revealed:

  • Data Disclosure: Brand Influence discloses influencer contact details, and measurements are shared with clients upon request.
  • Data Security Protocols: However, no public policies specify data security protocols or the processes through which influencer consent is obtained for these disclosures.
  • Influencer Poaching: No explicit policies are in place to prevent brands from directly poaching influencers post-campaign, a common concern in the industry.
  • Fraud Prevention: There is no documentation indicating measures taken to filter out fake or fraudulent influencer profiles, a challenge plaguing the influencer marketing landscape.

Greater transparency is essential to ensure that ethical standards are systematically upheld as Brand Influence scales and engages with a growing number of influencers.

Alternative Agencies

For those seeking influencer marketing services, there are alternative agencies available, each with its unique strengths:

  • Mediakix: A larger agency with a global reach, specialized tools, and a vetted talent database.
  • IMA: An agency that focuses exclusively on measurement and accountability for high-profile clients.
  • Obviously: Offering vertically integrated end-to-end solutions tailored for challenger brands.
  • AspireIQ: A data-driven agency with specialized tools, research capabilities, and language localization for campaigns.
  • Mavrck: Providing a self-serve dashboard for small and medium-sized businesses, along with a premium tier for enterprise-level support.

While these agencies may not offer the comprehensive range of services provided by Brand Influence, they emphasize specific aspects such as trust, accountability, and transparent technology, which are crucial in the influencer marketing landscape.


In conclusion, this in-depth review of Brand Influence provides a balanced assessment of the agency’s potential. Brand Influence has the capacity to deliver impactful influencer marketing campaigns on a global scale. However, several areas require improvement, including contractual fairness, data protection policies, and operational workflow transparency.

Compared to competitors that emphasize specialized capabilities, Brand Influence’s all-in-one value proposition needs bolstering through demonstrated accountability and refined processes. As the agency continues its rapid expansion, addressing these concerns will strengthen its reputation and trustworthiness.

To establish itself as an industry leader, Brand Influence must prioritize stakeholder trust above all else. Independent audits of its practices would instill greater confidence over time, benefiting both clients and influencers. With an ambitious vision and a commitment to responsible growth, Brand Influence is well-positioned for success, provided it continues to mature its policies and refine the quality of its infrastructure. In the ever-evolving landscape of influencer marketing, trust and transparency will be the keys to long-term prosperity for agencies like Brand Influence.

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