is boost infinite legit or scam? Reviews & complains 2023

Is Boost Infinite Legit? An In-Depth Review

Boost Infinite has recently launched with a $25 unlimited plan that appears almost too good to be true. In this comprehensive review, we aim to dive deep into Boost Infinite’s offerings, covering aspects such as coverage, plans, devices, features, and user reviews to determine if it’s a legitimate wireless provider.

Boost Infinite Background

To start, it’s crucial to understand that Boost Infinite is operated by DISH Wireless, the company that acquired Sprint’s assets, including Boost Mobile. DISH has grand ambitions of becoming the nation’s fourth major carrier and has invested billions in developing its own 5G network. As of now, Boost Infinite rides on T-Mobile’s network, which offers robust coverage. DISH’s ongoing network expansion may eventually mean an upgrade to new coverage at no extra cost for Boost Infinite subscribers.

Signing up for Boost Infinite is straightforward and can be done through their website or via Amazon. The activation process is entirely online, and the inclusion of eSIM support means there’s no need to purchase a physical SIM card. Additionally, Boost offers a selection of unlocked phones to choose from for their monthly plan.

Given this affordable unlimited offer, it’s natural to be skeptical. Are there any potential drawbacks or hidden catches with Boost Infinite? Let’s delve into the plan details and take a look at some user reviews.

The Unlimited Plan

Boost Infinite offers a single plan that includes unlimited talk, text, and premium smartphone data, all for a remarkably low $25 per month. This is a no-contract plan that’s billed monthly. The plan’s features include:

  • 5GB of high-speed mobile hotspot usage.
  • The ability to make calls to Mexico and Canada.
  • Streaming of standard-definition (SD) quality video by default. Users can opt for high-definition (HD) streaming for an additional $5 per month.
  • Expect to pay an additional $3-4 per month for taxes and regulatory fees.

It’s important to note that Boost Infinite does not currently offer international roaming or military discounted plans, which some major carriers provide. Additionally, video streaming may be temporarily slowed during periods of network congestion.

The $25 price point makes this plan one of the most competitively priced unlimited options available. However, are there any catches that might limit it from being truly “unlimited”?

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Network Performance and Coverage

Boost Infinite operates on the T-Mobile network, which boasts nationwide 5G coverage. Independent testing sites like RootMetrics indicate that T-Mobile consistently matches or surpasses other carriers in many metropolitan areas.

Early user reviews of Boost Infinite have reported that data speeds provide consistent HD video streaming without throttling. In most cases, the speeds are within 10-20% of native T-Mobile postpaid performance.

Coverage maps indicate that service extends to almost all interstate highways and most medium-sized towns, making it highly accessible for a wide range of users. However, it’s important to note that roaming is not included, which may limit coverage in rural regions compared to other providers.

Boost has not encountered significant challenges in delivering on their promise of unlimited data so far. With the support of T-Mobile’s network and no reported throttling in reviews, the service appears to deliver seamlessly on its claim of providing unlimited data for the vast majority of users.

Device Selection and Unlocking

Boost Infinite offers the flexibility of bringing your own unlocked GSM-compatible device or choosing from a selection of refurbished and used smartphones available on their website, with prices ranging from $70 to $300, inclusive of shipping.

The device options include basic flip phones as well as well-known brands like Apple, Samsung, Google, and Motorola, covering a wide range of price points and capabilities to cater to different budgets. Most of these devices are categorized as certified pre-owned and are in like-new condition.

Customers have the freedom to use any Boost Infinite SIM card in an unlocked phone, allowing for flexibility in changing devices without needing to switch carriers. However, it’s worth noting that purchased Boost-locked phones can only be used on their network for 60 days before they are eligible for unlocking upon request.

Overall, the device procurement process offers customers cost-effective choices for the service without requiring expensive new equipment purchases, as some other carriers’ unlimited plans do. Both the availability and flexibility in device selection receive high marks.

Customer Support and Billing

In case issues arise, Boost Infinite provides customer support through phone, as well as online help via Facebook Messenger, email, and community forums.

Many reviews praise the responsiveness and knowledge of Boost’s representatives in quickly resolving activation problems and other glitches. The average hold times of under 5 minutes are competitive when compared to major carriers.

Boost Infinite also offers an automated online account management portal that allows easy access to view and manage bills, monitor data usage, add-ons, and update account profiles. The convenience of automatic credit card billing simplifies the billing and payment process.

While there are occasional reports of incorrect one-time charges, Boost claims a billing accuracy rate of over 95% and promptly issues credits for any mistakes. Their 60-day price lock further safeguards against sudden rate hikes.

Overall, the early indicators suggest that Boost Infinite offers above-average customer care tools and responsive customer service representatives that align with the network experience for subscribers on this emerging carrier.

Reviews and User Experiences

After the first six months of availability, a substantial number of impartial user reviews have surfaced:

  • Tech journalists from sources like Android Authority and Fierce Wireless have praised the reliable coverage and performance offered by Boost Infinite, particularly given the affordable price.
  • User reviews on platforms like Reddit and Trustpilot, as well as various forums, reveal a largely satisfied customer base, reporting consistent unlimited usage without throttling or unexpected fees.
  • While a few isolated complaints mention provisioning glitches, most of them are addressed quickly by the responsive customer support.
  • Some users experienced slightly slower speeds or more limited coverage compared to major carriers, especially in rural areas. However, they still regard Boost Infinite as an excellent low-cost option for urban areas.

In summary, the majority of user reviews provide credible confirmation that Boost Infinite delivers extremely competitively priced unlimited service without major catches for the vast majority of users. At just $25 per month, user satisfaction appears to be quite high.


Having meticulously analyzed Boost Infinite’s plan details, network performance, device support, customer interactions, and user reviews, all evidence indicates that Boost Infinite is indeed a legitimate wireless provider.

At an affordable $25 per month, Boost Infinite consistently delivers fast speeds, riding on T-Mobile’s extensive nationwide network. The selection of devices available ensures that even low-cost smartphones work effectively with the service.

The positive reviews confirm that Boost Infinite fulfills its marketing promise of “unlimited” without throttling or hidden charges for the majority of users. The service appears reliable, with transparent policies and responsive customer care.

While some minor gaps in coverage exist in isolated rural locations, Boost Infinite performs exceptionally well for the connectivity needs of most people. It provides exceptional value for city dwellers and budget-conscious families, in particular.

Barring any major issues in the future, Boost Infinite seems to be a 100% legitimate, no-strings-attached wireless option worth considering, especially when comparing its unparalleled price against the pricier unlimited offerings of other carriers.

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