is nine9 legit or scam? Reviews and complains 2023

Is Nine9 Legit or a Scam? A Comprehensive Review

Nine9 stands as a controversial presence in the talent representation industry, offering a unique “unagency” approach that differs significantly from traditional talent agencies. This comprehensive review aims to shed light on Nine9’s operating model and legitimacy. By analyzing how they operate and gathering insights from clients and critics, we aim to provide a balanced view of whether Nine9 is a legitimate talent agency or possibly a scam.

How Nine9 Operates Differently

Nine9’s approach to representing talent deviates from the norm in several ways. Instead of the traditional commission-based structure, where agencies take a percentage of an actor’s earnings, Nine9 opts for a monthly membership fee, ranging from $99 to $300, depending on the services selected.

This uncommissioned model offers an advantage to aspiring actors, as they get to keep their entire earnings, a stark contrast to the 10-20% that traditional agencies typically retain. However, it does introduce concerns related to conflict of interest. Unlike traditional agencies, Nine9’s income is not tied to their clients’ success, potentially raising questions about their commitment to advancing their clients’ careers.

Nine9’s primary focus goes beyond acting as intermediaries between talent and productions. They aim to provide holistic support, including coaching, training, and direct bookings for showcase events and productions. The question remains: does this approach genuinely open doors to real opportunities? While Nine9 presents an accessible alternative for actors without traditional representation, their “unagency” label and marketing have sparked controversy due to perceived differences in responsibilities compared to full-service agencies.

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Legitimacy Factors

To evaluate Nine9’s legitimacy, we’ll delve into crucial aspects based on their operational structure and reviews from clients and critics:

Industry Recognition

One of the primary legitimacy concerns revolves around the apparent lack of recognition for Nine9 within the mainstream entertainment industry. An analysis of the clients featured on Nine9’s website reveals a limited number of matches with notable credits on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

Traditional agencies usually have well-established relationships within the industry and maintain a strong online presence. However, insiders have raised doubts about Nine9’s visibility in terms of talent submissions and clients securing substantial roles.

Additionally, Nine9’s management team bios indicate limited experience in casting and talent representation. Testimonials from actors seem to lack the weight of celebrity endorsements, often coming from amateur performers who lack agent representation.

This disconnect between Nine9 and mainstream industry professionals suggests that Nine9 primarily operates outside the conventional talent pipeline and may not be effectively connecting clients to established industry contacts and significant roles.

Client Success Stories

Client reviews paint a picture where the majority of Nine9 members are aspiring talents with limited or no prior industry credits, seeking opportunities to gain exposure. Skeptics have argued that Nine9’s “unagency” model appears to focus more on recruitment than delivering tangible results for its clients.

While Nine9 shares success stories of clients, the verification of these claims sometimes remains minimal. Some clients mentioned by Nine9 have IMDB profiles that lack significant works or only credit low-budget or student films from Nine9’s training programs. This has led to criticism and accusations that Nine9 may incentivize fabricated client quotes and create misleading social media profiles aimed at enhancing their legitimacy.

In some instances, the achievement testimonials seem to be in short supply when compared to the overwhelming promotional language that claims vague career “progress” without offering specific details, such as named producers or directors. This has led to concerns regarding the authenticity of the success stories shared by Nine9.

Contracts and Records

One area where Nine9 faces scrutiny is its lack of transparency when it comes to contractual agreements. The details surrounding member obligations and the exact nature of the services provided are not readily accessible on their website. Critics argue that this lack of transparency makes it challenging to hold Nine9 accountable for delivering the services they promise, such as personalized coaching, submission filtering, and networking events.

Furthermore, while Nine9 has been operating for over a decade, its history includes ownership changes and rebrands that have resulted in an inconsistent online presence. This history is in contrast to legitimate “unagencies” that establish permanent franchises to ensure sustained quality control and public tracking of long-term client results.

The absence of clear contract details, combined with an inconsistent online identity, raises questions about whether Nine9 intends to maintain long-term operations and fulfill its commitments to its members.

Reviews and Complaints

Nine9 maintains positive profiles featuring glowing reviews while seemingly ignoring complaints. However, independent searches reveal a more mixed array of feedback from clients and critics alike:

  • Sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber predominantly feature 1-star reviews that describe unfulfilled service promises and issues related to obtaining refunds.
  • Dissatisfied customers have reported experiencing aggressive sales tactics and encountering empty assurances of “life-changing opportunities” that ultimately do not materialize.
  • Reputable entities within the entertainment industry have published consumer warnings and articles that detail class-action lawsuits against Nine9’s previous entities.
  • Reddit forums have collected first-hand accounts that critically assess the organization as profit-motivated, while failing to deliver the career mentorship it promises.
  • Some of the positive reviews appear to be written in Nine9’s voice rather than reflecting the independent endorsements of clients who have experienced long-term career advancement.

The overwhelming negative sentiment present in impartial review channels, coupled with a history of legal actions, raises questions regarding Nine9’s claims of legitimacy.

Pricing Model Analysis

As an “unagency,” Nine9 emphasizes accessibility by not taking commissions on bookings. Instead, they charge monthly service fees, starting at $99 per month, which are said to cover personalized coaching, submissions, and training programs.

However, given the limited number of verified success stories or positive reviews that showcase tangible career benefits beyond basic workshops, some critics argue that Nine9’s aggressive membership drives and advanced continuous payment structure raise affordability concerns. These concerns are brought to the fore by the following factors:

  • Unlike legitimate franchised talent incubators, Nine9’s introductory offers do not feature capped initial program costs. Instead, they lock clients into auto-pay programs, which some find concerning.
  • The fee scale at Nine9 tops out at $300 per month, which exceeds the financial commitments associated with elite talent agencies like IMG and CAA. These elite agencies have a track record of delivering A-list representation results.
  • Based on reviews, the monthly fees at Nine9 deliver limited individualized attention beyond the automated database services available elsewhere for free.

In light of these considerations, the indefinite costs associated with Nine9, as well as the lack of proven career outcomes, lead to questions about the actual value of the services provided. Critics argue that this pricing structure primarily serves to maximize Nine9’s profit, potentially to the detriment of their clients’ best interests.


After a comprehensive investigation of Nine9 through independent reviews, legal records, and an objective analysis of their performance, the preponderance of evidence raises concerns about their legitimacy as a talent agency.

Key issues surrounding Nine9 revolve around their lack of notable industry recognition, limited details regarding client success, questionable contractual practices, an overwhelming amount of negative customer feedback, an inconsistent online history, and a pricing structure that does not necessarily align with the services provided.

While the concept of providing an accessible alternative to traditional talent representation is a commendable one, Nine9 fails to convincingly demonstrate that it offers a sustainable, long-term solution based on merits beyond promotional rhetoric.

For aspiring talent seeking affordable representation, numerous verified talent incubators and legally-sanctioned “unagencies” are available. These alternatives offer transparent programs with clearly outlined costs and established standards for career placement, ensuring legitimate operations.

Until Nine9 addresses the multitude of issues that raise doubts about its legitimacy, it is advisable for aspiring talent to explore these credible alternative options, rather than potentially committing financial resources to an organization whose practices appear to be questionable rather than definitively recommended.

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