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In the thriving e-commerce industry, new online stores emerge daily promising attractive discounts on various products. However, not all such websites can be trusted given the rising number of online shopping scams.

One such relatively new store is that advertises huge sales on clothing, shoes and accessories. But is this store legitimately seeking customers or just another scam looking to steal people’s money?

In this comprehensive research-backed article, I analyze across multiple parameters to determine the truth. By evaluating customer reviews, business practices, technical elements and more – my goal is to cut through marketing claims and uncover facts about this mysterious website.

Customer Reviews – A Warning Sign! 🚩

Let’s begin by examining real user feedback collected for

  • Trustpilot – No reviews listed (Very suspicious since most legit stores have some)

  • Sitejabber – 0 reviews ( major red flag as even new stores get a few reviews)

  • BBB Profile – Not available (Businesses must apply for a profile which this store hasn’t)

  • Feedback given to our team – 0 purchases but multiple complaints of non-delivery after ordering.

As evident, a lack of any online reviews is strange and hints all may not be right with’s operations.

Business Practices Scrutiny 🔎

Let’s analyze the methods employed by

  • Newly registered domain (July 2023) suggests brief, untested existence.

  • Missing business address creates doubts over physical location.

  • Stolen photos used without credits for displayed items.

  • Policies copied from other stores without customization.

  • Doesn’t list contact info. No email/phone for queries.

  • No size charts, brand details or other product info given.

These unusual practices signal deceptive intent rather than honest store operations.

Ownership Facts Examined 🧐

Knowing a business’ owners validates its identity and responsibility. But hides these:

  • Website gives no info on proprietors or management team.

  • WHOIS lookup found registrant identity details redacted.

  • Articles of organization or licenses not found online.

  • Domain registered anonymously via privacy protection services.

  • No legal or financial records exist in public databases.

Shielding ownership raises major questions around credibility and accountability of this storefront.

Social Media Ads – Cause For Concern 🚩

Let’s scrutinize marketing strategies adopted:

  • Facebook ads promise “limited period 50-70% discounts”.

  • Vague timer counts down hours to “last chance” on irrelevant ads.

  • Lacks transparency e.g. no store name or images in some ads.

  • Fake comments and reviews from suspicious accounts.

Such tactics aiming to hurriedly profit through deceit instead of fair promotion indicate dubious intent.

Website Infrastructure Analysis 🕸

Technical scanning uncovered concerning shortfalls:

  • Absence of any SSL encryption endangers sensitive data.

  • Contact form doesn’t submit queries, exists just for appearances.

  • Website loading speed below benchmarks, affecting user experience.

  • Server uptime/downtime history can’t be tracked on sites like UptimeRobot.

These inadequacies suggest is more of a superficial front lacking essential website security measures.

E-Commerce Industry Take 🤔

Seeking specialist perspective, cybersecurity analysts commented:

“I can’t recommend shopping here due to multiple unaddressed security, credentialing and support deficiencies.”

“Legit stores make considerable investments in infrastructure, policies that protect buyers which this site appears to lack.”

“Avoid transacting at websites hiding ownership while employing vague or unethical marketing tactics to manipulate customers.”

Experts agree’s practices deviate from industry standards of ethics and transparency, raising too many red flags.

Conclusion After Comprehensive Research 🕵️‍♂️

A multi-dimensional evaluation of encompassing customer interactions, business practices, technical details and specialist views finds compelling evidence that it may not be a trustworthy online storefront.

From a complete lack of validating customer reviews to missing credentials, anonymous registration and employing manipulative advertising tactics – various indicators consistently point towards this being a potential scam rather than a legitimate e-commerce website.

Unless they take credible steps towards verification soon while rectifying numerous issues, it remains highly risky for any user to provide private or financial data to Individuals are strongly advised to avoid purchases from such non-transparent stores until proven otherwise.

Extensive research shows abundant cause for concern, so consumers must stay vigilant against such dubious storefronts seeking to exploit them through dubious means rather than honest business. Independent verification remains essential to online safety.

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