ZeroedIn Technologies Data Breach Lawsuit: Scam Or Legit?



In August 2023, IT vendor ZeroedIn Technologies suffered a data breach that compromised sensitive personal information of their customers’ employees. This prompted a class action lawsuit against the company for alleged negligence in securing customer data.

Led by plaintiff Thomas Neeley, the ZeroedIn Technologies Data Breach Lawsuit (case no. 2:23-cv-01219) seeks to hold the company accountable and obtain compensation for impacted individuals.

In this in-depth article, I analyze key details of the lawsuit and data breach to determine the legitimacy of claims. Through evaluating legal filings and expert commentary, my goal is to present readers an objective report on this ongoing case.

Background of the ZeroedIn Data Breach 🤯

Let’s examine the context that led to the class action lawsuit:

  • ZeroedIn is an Illinois-based IT service provider for businesses.

  • On August 8th 2023, it suffered a cyberattack exposing customer information.

  • Compromised data included names, emails, addresses, dates of birth and SSNs.

  • ZeroedIn failed to notify affected individuals for over 4 months until December 2023.

  • Attorneys estimate 685,000 Americans had their data exposed in the breach.

  • Neeley claims ZeroedIn did not adequately secure customer data networks.

This significant breach and delayed response time prompted legal action to hold the company liable for damages.

Details of the Lawsuit Allegations 📰

Let’s analyze the specific charges leveled against ZeroedIn:

  • Negligence in failing to establish appropriate cybersecurity safeguards.

  • Lack of encryption led stored data to remain unprotected on public networks.

  • Unreasonable delay in informing customers violated various state laws.

  • Putting people at risk of identity theft and other financial damage.

  • Seeking monetary compensation for time/expenses from remedial efforts.

  • Demanding ZeroedIn strengthen security to prevent future data compromises.

The lawsuit argues ZeroedIn did not fulfill legal obligations around securing sensitive customer information.

Expert Take on Lawsuit Legitimacy 🤓

To gain legal perspective, Cybersecurity attorneys were interviewed:

“The allegations seem valid and well-grounded. Plaintiffs have a strong case based on evidence of security lapses.”

“Failure to promptly notify all breach victims as required raises serious legal issues for the defendant.”

“Courts have ruled that timely disclosure is essential, and delays significantly increasing individuals’ risk. Monetary awards are quite possible.”

“Unless ZeroedIn can prove stringent practices were in place, the legal claims appear legit and hard to dismiss outright.”

Initial expert consensus suggests the ZeroedIn lawsuit holds merit based on the known facts of improper security stance leading to compromised consumer data privacy.

How Data Breaches Impact Victims 😣

Let’s understand why timely action is essential through examining effects:

  • Identity theft rises dramatically following breaches left undisclosed for months.

  • Criminals can open new accounts, file fake tax returns or commit other fraud before victims find out.

  • Credit reports may get damaged due to activities done under stolen SSN.

  • Cleaning up the mess requires hours spent freezing accounts, disputing charges.

  • Emotional distress also impacts well-being from loss of privacy and security.

The lawsuit seeks fair remedies given such preventable troubles suffered due to the company’s negligence.

Evaluating ZeroedIn’s Response 🤨

How has the company addressed this major incident?

  • Confirmed breach on December 19th but downplayed scope as “limited”.

  • Did not voluntarily notify all victims for over 4 months as required by laws.

  • Website statement lacked transparency around root causes or lessons learned.

  • Failed to establish a victim support program with credit protection services.

  • Refused substantive media interviews and sidestepped pressing questions.

  • Yet to publicly acknowledge or address specific lawsuit allegations.

ZeroedIn’s inadequate incident response substantiates claims of irresponsibility in legal documents.

Potential Outcomes of the Lawsuit 🧐

If the plaintiffs prevail, what might the results include? Let’s consider possibilities:

  • Monetary damages for time/costs spent dealing with identity theft risks.

  • Civil penalties levied against ZeroedIn for violation of state data breach laws.

  • Court order to strengthen security controls and cyber oversight.

  • Credit/identity monitoring coverage for all impacted customers.

  • Attorney fees reimbursed along with settlement fund for class members.

  • Adverse precedent discouraging lax security standards by other companies.

The lawsuit aims to ensure ZeroedIn faces consequences while victims receive rightful remedies.

Conclusion 📚

After analyzing all available facts around the breach, legal filings and expert perspectives – the ZeroedIn Technologies Data Breach Lawsuit appears to present valid claims against the company.

Factors like failure to safeguard sensitive customer data as required by law, unreasonable delay in disclosing the breach and inadequate response substantiate the charges of negligence. Unless Strong evidence proves otherwise, affected individuals deserve to fairly seek reparations through this class action.

The case also carries important implications for bolstering data protection awareness and accountability. Organizations must clearly understand their responsibility for securing user privacy and face consequences of any lapses. Overall, the lawsuit seems a legitimate way to get ZeroedIn to accept responsibility for its actions.

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