Hawkit (hawkit.ng) review: real, legit or scam

Through the use of user social network accounts to complete certain quick online chores each day, people can use the platform Hawkit to earn money.

Although Hawkit.ng has been around for a while, the platform does not currently offer the ability to earn money via your social network profiles. It served only as a platform for buying and selling.

It enables you to list what you’re selling for free and gives you the chance to gain the business of many potential purchasers around the nation.

Good news! The platform recently underwent a rebranding and added some amazing features that enable you to earn money by performing social media tasks on a daily basis, much like Viraltrend, with the exception that Viraltrend has a much higher minimum withdrawal amount.

Additionally enables you to earn money while performing social media chores without tying your social media accounts to the platform.

What is hawkit.ng

With the help of a portal called Hawkit.ng, people may earn money online by engaging in activities like commenting, liking, following, sharing, and much more. The hawkit.ng policy states that users can make hundreds every day by working on the platform.

How is Hawkit put to use?

Hawkit.ng is a task-performer website that pays you to complete easy social media jobs and earn money while doing it, as was said in the earlier section of this piece.

It accepts tasks from users who require a certain service, assigns the tasks to its members, and pays you a portion of the revenue received from the advertising. That’s all there is to it.

Assume, for instance, that you are Mr. A, a registered user of hawkit.ng, and that Mr. B needs more Instagram followers. will pay hawkit.ng to buy followers, and hawkit.ng will distribute the work among its members, many of whom are Mr. B.

Hawkit will distribute the money Mr. A paid to each Mr. B who engaged in the assignments.

How to get rich quick on Hawkit

As mentioned earlier in this guide, there are numerous ways to earn money on the platform. In this section, I’ll list every possible way you can do so, along with comprehensive details on everything you need to know about each one.

completing a task

This is the most popular way to get money on the Hawkit platform, which advertises itself as a platform that enables users to generate money by engaging in social media jobs.

The types of tasks that are offered on the platform and their pay rates are listed below.

Apple Store Review: When this work is accessible, you can earn N60 for each review, making it the highest paying task on the platform. Simply download the apps you want to review on the Apple Store and earn N60 for each review.

You earn more from Platforms the more reviews you write.

Google Play App Review: The second highest paying task on the platform, Google Play App Review lets you make N30 for each review you submit. It is extremely similar to the Apple store review; the only difference is that the Google play store app review only pays 30 naira for each review whereas the Apple store app review pays 60 naira for each review.

Simply download the apps you want, provide them a review on Google Play, and you can earn N30 every review. You are paid more the more reviews you write.

YouTube channel subscription: To get paid N30 to subscribe to a certain YouTube channel, complete the job “Subscribe to Youtube Channel” on Hawkit. Once this kind of assignment is available, you will receive a link that will lead you to YouTube where you can subscribe after clicking the link.

WhatsApp Status: You can post to your Whatsapp Status and earn paid for doing so by participating in the WhatsApp status task on the hawkit.ng platform. You will receive N20 every Status Post for this activity.

You can get N20 per post by posting business advertisements on your WhatsApp status. You make more money the more posts you make.

You must leave comments on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube posts in order to earn N15 per comment. Normally, you would leave comments on posts from these social media accounts for no charge, but with Hawkit, you will be paid N15 per comment.

You get more money for commenting on more posts. 

Retweet on Twitter: When you use hawkit.ng to retweet tweets, you are paid for each one. According to information gathered by us at the time of writing this hawkit review, you can earn N10 for each tweet you retweet to your followers. You make more money by retweeting more articles.

You can earn N10 for each share you make of a Facebook post by using hawkit.ng to share posts with your friends. All you have to do is share posts from a few specific social media accounts.

Like and follow: Sadly, this is the lowest paying task available on the platform. You will be compensated for liking or following a specific page. For liking and following, you get compensated with 3 naira each.

The chosen platforms are Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

What is Hawkit Referral?

A significant additional opportunity to profit on the site is through Hawkit Referral. You can earn N500 with the Hawkit Recommendation Program for each successful referral you bring to the site.

When I say “successful referral,” I mean someone who registers using your link and then activates their account. You can gain by directing users to the platform in two main ways:

With the Hawkit referral program, you have the chance to get an instant referral commission of 500 Naira when you refer someone to sign up as a Hawkit member.

Other revenue streams on Hawkit.

Reselling Data After establishing your account, Hawkit.ng offers the chance to launch a data reselling business. Simply inform anyone in your immediate vicinity that you are selling data, purchase from Hawkit directly, and then trade with them. You want to know how.

Relax! Observe how it functions below: Hawkit has a VTU portal that enables you to purchase data for a low cost and resell it at any price of your choosing. For instance, you can purchase 1GB of data on the platform for N250. If you choose to sell 1 GB for N300 to someone else, you will make N50 per Gig.

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