Megapay ( review: legit, real or scam.

What is

Megapay is a application designed to be a highly secure platform design for future earners. Start earning and achieve the highest level of earning, which is intended for evaluating sharing revenue and as well as conversion of units to real word money and cash out as at when due. It is one of the leading  platforms, Our mission is to make acquiring on easy and fast earning for everyone.Megapay Decentralized platform based on smart contracts that connects people from all over the world and opens the limitless possibilities of the new economic financial system.

Premium Featured in Megapay

1. Indirect Earning,

2. Spread the sponsored post

3. Welcome bonus

4. Refferal bonus

How does megapay works

To participate in this income program, you must be a member which involves a registration fee of N700 only.

This money will be paid to a coupon vendor in exchange for a coupon code which will be used during registration.

The next thing you need to know is how to register on Megapay.

How to register on megapay

To get registered, just visit the website at, get a code from one of their vendors and register.

  1. Buy a coupon code worth N700 from any of the vendors. Note that this Subscription of N700 is monthly. You can choose to renew your Subscription or not, after 30 days
  2. After purchasing the coupon code, you need to use the link give to you by the vendor to register.
  3. Click on the link and sign up by filling up your details and coupon code

Megapay minimum withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal amount is N4,000 for both referral and non-referrals and the Withdrawal portal opens everyday from 10am to 12pm.

  1. How to make money on

Apart from the fact that you will be given a sign up bonus of N200 immediately after you sign up, there are other ways to make money on

These are listed below.

  • Sharing of sponsored posts:- N150 daily
  • Referral bonus:- N300, although this is not compulsory but you earn N300 earn time you refer someone to join the platformLotteries and quiz:- To be honest, this comes once in a long while but you stand a chance of winning up to N2,000 if you win a lottery on

    All the above means can be used to make money on Megapay. If you are good in affiliate marketing or referring of people, then do that.

Is legit?

One can’t really say if the platform is legit or not. But the real truth about this platform is the fact that the platform isn’t palatable at all. But I don’t thing more should be expected from a site which registration is just 700. Starting from the domain name, Down to the script used (same used for crashed website like cashrim which used just 2 weeks). To the full annoying ads in the site and lastly to low contents about how it works. It’s personally to me a rough website created by a frustrated person for money but a 700 registration fee also is so low, so, there is not any problem.

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