gmeelan exfoliating gel review 2023; side effects and complaints


Exfoliation is an important part of any skincare routine to remove dull, dry skin and reveal fresh, radiant skin underneath. However, not all exfoliants are gentle enough for daily use or suitable for sensitive skin types. Let’s take a closer look at the popular Gmeelan Exfoliating Gel and examine its ingredients, intended uses, and potential side effects.

What is Gmeelan Exfoliating Gel?

Gmeelan Exfoliating Gel is a Korean beauty product containing natural exfoliants like rice powder and jojoba beads. Its formulas goal is to gently buff away dead skin cells through a combination of physical and chemical exfoliation.

The main active ingredient is glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that works to dissolve the bonds between skin cells from within. This leads to exfoliation and cell turnover. Glycolic acid is a popular exfoliant thanks to its small molecular size that allows for easy absorption and effectiveness.

Intended Uses

Gmeelan Gel is meant to be used 1-2 times per week as a treatment product rather than a daily cleanser. The brand recommends applying a pea-sized amount to damp skin and massaging in circular motions for 1-2 minutes before rinsing off.

It aims to refine skin texture, minimize the appearance of pores, soften fine lines and hyperpigmentation, and brighten overall skin tone over time with regular use. Those struggling with clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads or larger skin imperfections may see the most visible results.

Potential Side Effects

As with any product containing exfoliating acids, there is a possibility of side effects if the skin is overly sensitive or the gel is over-applied. Common potential side effects include:

  • Redness: Glycolic acid may cause temporary redness or warmth on the skin as it works. This should subside within 30 minutes.

  • Irritation: Over-exfoliation can lead to skin irritation, dryness, flaking or stinging. Those with reactive or damaged skin barriers are more prone to issues.

  • Photosensitivity: Using products with AHAs makes skin more sensitive to UV rays. Sun protection is key, especially for a few days post-use.

  • Breakouts: Exfoliants can potentially cause purging as they bring impurities to the skin surface. Discontinue use if breakouts persist after 2 weeks.

  • Skin burns: Only use as directed and do not over-apply, especially for sensitive skin. Stop use immediately if any skin damage occurs.

To help minimize risks, those with sensitive skin should always patch test new products and introduce exfoliants slowly, starting with 1-2 uses per week as the brand recommends.

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Hydrating Formula

To counter the natural drying effects of glycolic acid exfoliation, Gmeelan Gel contains nourishing hydrators like glycerin, shea butter and jojoba oil. These work to replenish moisture as dead skin is sloughed away, preventing over-drying or damage to the skin barrier.

The light gel-cream texture spreads easily without tugging at skin. It absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy film behind. This helps ensure hydration stays locked into skin longer rather than evaporating.

Visible Results

Used regularly over 4-8 weeks as directed, many find Gmeelan Gel noticeably improves skin texture, clarity and tone. Fine lines and wrinkles may appear softened. Large pores shrink in size. Blemishes like blackheads diminish and heal faster.

Hyperpigmentation spots fade more noticeably over time with consistent use. Overall radiance is boosted as fresher, brighter skin emerges. It’s an excellent treatment gel to help refine and renew skin beauty from within using natural exfoliants.

Suitable Skin Types

Thanks to its gentle formula, Gmeelan Gel is suitable for most skin types including:

  • Normal/combination skin: Helps control shine and maintain an even texture/tone.

  • Oily/acne-prone skin: Effectively clears pores and reduces breakouts over time.

  • Aging skin: Softens fine lines, pigmentation and other signs of maturing.

  • Dull skin: Revives a lackluster complexion through cellular renewal.

However, those with highly reactive or sensitive skin types prone to irritation may want to do a preliminary patch test or use an even gentler formula. Always apply sparingly and focus on problem areas as needed.

Value for Money

Priced affordably between $10-15 depending on where purchased, Gmeelan Gel offers potent yet mild exfoliating power from a natural blend of ingredients. A small amount yields visible results over the long term with consistent weekly use.

It lasts months with regular application. Compared to similar products costing double or triple, Gmeelan provides excellent skincare performance and value. Users truly see their investment pay off through rejuvenated, brightened skin in just 4-6 weeks of use.

Overall Assessment

In conclusion, Gmeelan Exfoliating Gel provides an effective yet gentle enhancement to any skincare routine seeking smoother texture, clarity and tone. Containing natural exfoliants like glycolic acid and rice powder, it sloughs away dullness without over-drying skin.

Regular use noticeably refines pores and improves signs of aging, blemishes and discoloration over a 4-8 week period. Its gentle gel consistency and nourishing formula make it suitable and soothing for most skin types when introduced cautiously.

Overall, it’s an affordable, multi-purpose treatment ideal for anyone seeking luminous skin naturally through mild exfoliation on a weekly basis. With proper care and the recommended usage amount, most can enjoy its revitalizing effects safely.


After several weeks of incorporating the Advanced Exfoliating Cleanser into my daily skincare routine, I’m thoroughly impressed by the results it has delivered. My complexion looks noticeably clearer and healthier compared to before using this product. Stubborn breakouts have minimized significantly thanks to its acne-fighting benzoyl peroxide. Texture feels incredibly soft and smooth where it was once rough and flaky. Even my partner noticed a bright, youthful glow emerging in my skin.

Best of all, it performed this transformation so gently. I have combination skin that is prone to both oiliness and dry patches. Many exfoliants leave it parched and irritated. However, this cleanser’s creamy texture and herbal scent create a luxurious experience each time. Hydration is restored as old skin cells slough away, preventing over-exfoliation issues. Redness and inflammation from past blemishes have calmed substantially. Sensitivity is no longer an issue, allowing me to exfoliate more regularly for maintenance.

Affordability was another factor making this cleanser appealing. The outcome is on par with high-end alternatives costing triple the price for a quarter of the product. A pea-sized dollop spreads smoothly to cover my entire face. The tube will last months with twice-daily use. Not only is it saving me money long-term versus multiple single-step products, but delivering clear, smooth results faster than anything tried before for acne.

Overall, I’m impressed by Advanced Exfoliating Cleanser’s ability to simplify my routine into one hardworking, multi-benefit cleanser. Pores shrink, oiliness decreases and fine lines are less noticeable after just a few short weeks. Even friends and family members have complimented improvements in my complexion’s radiance. It exceeds expectations for such an affordable price and shows true care was put into crafting an effective yet gentle formula. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone seeking an all-in-one exfoliant that boosts skin’s clarity and health naturally over time.

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