reviews: is forceress legit or scam?

What is is a website that was originally launched in 2006 to sell tactical and survival gear. However, over the years the business model and purpose of the site seems to have changed significantly.

At one point, it did actually sell products like gas masks, body armor, and other preparedness supplies. But customer reviews from that era reported unreliable shipping, poor quality items, and unfulfilled orders.

Now in 2022, the site no longer actively sells any merchandise. Instead, it focuses on publishing blogs about controversial political and social topics. The About page reveals strongly anti-government views that are outside the mainstream.

So in summary, Forceress started as an online prepper gear retailer but has since transformed into more of an alternative media platform pushing a radical agenda. This transformation raises some red flags about the legitimacy and honesty of the operation.

Questionable Business Practices

One of the biggest issues with Forceress is the unresolved customer service complaints from years past when it was an e-commerce storefront. Multiple reviews on sites like Trustpilot complain of slow or undelivered shipments despite payments being processed.

This shows a disturbing pattern of poor fulfillment and a lack of accountability to customers. Retailers have an obligation to either provide products as promised or issue timely refunds – which Forceress appears not to have done in many cases based on third party reviews.

Taking money and then not delivering goods or refunds is a deceptive practice. While the site no longer actively sells, this history raises valid concerns about the ethics and integrity of the operation. It suggests customer financial data and funds were not handled responsibly.

Even more suspicious is the fact Forceress completely overhauled its business model but did not address or take accountability for past customer service failures. A legitimate company would want to resolve old complaints and rebuild trust – not just switch to a different revenue stream without explanation.

Shady Contact Information

Another potential red flag is the lack of transparent contact details provided on the Forceress website. There is no full address, only a P.O. box listed. Phone numbers and email are also not prominently displayed anywhere public facing.

This makes it difficult for customers or regulators to directly communicate, pose questions, or file complaints. Hiding basic identifying and contact info is atypical for reputable organizations and can be a tactic used by scammers to avoid accountability.

A whois search for the domain name registration also turns up little substantive information, with only a privacy shield service obscuring the true owner’s identity. So it’s unknown who exactly is operating this enterprise or where it’s physically located.

All of these factors – a history of unresolved issues, lack of transparency, and unknown ownership – combine to paint Forceress as potentially deceptive or even fraudulent rather than a above-board business. Proper vetting is strongly advised before any financial dealings with them.

Dubious Content and Messaging

Beyond opaque business practices, the site’s new media-focused content itself raises many eye brows. Forceress publishes sensationalized blogs pushing conspiracy theories and far-right political ideology with little factual evidence or credible sourcing.

Some posts promote baseless claims about issues like COVID vaccines, election integrity, and perceived threats to civil liberties. This type of factually dubious yet emotionally charged material is reminiscent of propaganda – aiming to persuade through fearmongering rather than honest discussion.

Plus given Forceress’s disregard for past customers, its new agenda seems less focused on serving a prepper community and more aligned with pushing a radical social agenda. This misaligned shift in mission further diminishes confidence in the operation’s legitimacy and trustworthiness.

While opinion and commentary have a place, disseminating propaganda and conspiracy under the guise of news or education is deceptive. When coupled with other suspicious business traits, it paints Forceress as less interested in serving customers than manipulating audiences through fear and half-truths to unknown ends.

Likelihood of Being a Fake Operation

So in summary, Forceress exhibits multiple red flags that suggest either significant incompetence or a deliberately fake and deceptive operation:

  • History of unresolved customer service issues and unfulfilled orders

  • Lack of transparency about ownership, location, and basic contact details

  • Overhaul of business model without addressing past customer harm

  • Publishing dubious, factually unsupported content pushing radical ideology

  • Shift in focus away from serving preppers to propagandizing audiences

While it’s impossible to say definitively without inside information, most evidence points to Forceress being less of a legitimate business and more of a fake front or propaganda outlet operated by unknown actors for unclear true motivations beyond financial gain.

Legitimate error or incompetence seems unlikely to explain such a extensive pattern of inconsistencies, harm to customers, lack of transparency, and questionable agenda-driven content over many years. Caveat emptor is strongly advised regarding any dealings with Forceress.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, exhibits too many red flags across its business practices, ownership structure, treatment of past customers, and current content strategy to be deemed fully above-board or reputable.

All signs point to it being some type of fake operation designed not to honestly serve customers but rather spread a radical ideology and manipulate audiences through misinformation. Who exactly is behind it and what their true goals are remain a mystery due to deliberate obfuscation.

Until Forceress cleans up its act by resolving prior complaints, becoming fully transparent, and publishing only verifiable fact-based information, it is best avoided. Customers, readers and the online community deserve straight answers and accountability absent so far. Further research is also warranted to expose exactly what Forceress represents.

In the prepper space and beyond, consumers must practice diligent vetting of any companies or platforms exhibiting deceptive traits like those abundant at Forceress. Propaganda can infiltrate any niche or topic, so critical thinking is imperative. Let this serve as a warning for the future.

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