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Is Fairburn Company Legit or a Scam? 🤔

Fairburn Company claims to offer work-from-home opportunities through their mobile app. But is the company truly legitimate, or just another scam preying on job seekers? In this in-depth review, we’ll examine Fairburn from multiple angles to assess the real deal 🧐.

What Does Fairburn Company Claim to Offer?

Fairburn says their app connects users to various online tasks that can be completed to earn money. Some of the opportunities advertised include:

  • Data Entry & Form Filling: Tasks like verifying leads, entering surveys etc. Paid per form.

  • Mystery Shopping: Getting paid to test store/restaurant service quality by posing as a customer.

  • Online Research: Conducting Internet searches on assigned topics to generate reports. Paid per report.

  • Content Writing: Crafting blog posts, product descriptions and other written work. Paid per word or piece.

  • Micro Jobs: Short & simple tasks like tagging images, transcribing audio etc. Low pays per task.

Fairburn claims tasks can be done anytime from home or on the go. Earnings vary by task but they indicate most users average $150-300 per month. Payout is via bank transfer or e-wallet.

Reading Between the Lines 🕵️

While the work opportunities sound good, let’s dig deeper by analyzing Fairburn reviews and comparing it to known scams:

Trustpilot Reviews

On Trustpilot, Fairburn has a poor 1.3/5 rating based on 89 reviews. Complaints focus on never receiving promised payouts despite hours spent on tasks. Many claim it’s a scam that just collects personal data.

BBB Profile

The BBB gives Fairburn an F rating due to unanswered complaints. Over 30 customers reported not getting paid after completing work as agreed. Red flags 🚩

App Store Ratings

On Google Play, Fairburn holds a 1.6/5 star rating from over 100 reviews. Consistent complaints about unfinished payment proofs despite follow ups.

Payment Proof Videos

YouTube reviewers claim the few “payment received” videos Fairburn circulates are likely staged with fake accounts. No legit reviewer has gotten real proof of earnings.

Comparison to Known Scams

The setup and complaints match other work-from-home scams like IDMWORK, GiftUp, and Happiness2Earn which collected tasks without paying out as promised.

Verdict: It’s A Scam! ⛔

After analyzing multiple Fairburn reviews across different platforms, the consensus is undoubtedly that it’s not a legitimate employment opportunity. All evidence points to it being a scam designed to collect personal information and task work without compensation.

Key red flags include poor/fake reviews, no successful payment proofs, complaints of non-payment matching other proven scams. No legitimate company gets such overwhelmingly negative feedback across platforms.

While the idea of flexible work from your phone sounds appealing, avoid getting trapped by Fairburn. Don’t install the app or share any private details, as they likely won’t be used responsibly. Stick to verified platforms instead.

Stay safe out there! With scams rampant, always be wary of opportunities that seem too good to be true. Do thorough research on companies before applying or doing paid work for them. Your time and personal information are valuable, so protect them wisely. 🧠

Some Legitimate Alternatives Considered

For those still seeking remote work opportunities, here are some trusted platforms worth considering that don’t exhibit scam red flags:


Upwork has built a strong reputation connecting freelancers to businesses worldwide. Many data, writing and administrative roles are available. Just be proactive to build a track record.


As a leading microjobs hub, Fiverr offers short gigs like logo design, voiceovers etc. Earnings potential varies widely by skills/category. Competition can be fierce.


Remotely lists thousands of fully remote jobs posted directly by companies. Filter for “entry-level” roles that don’t require experience in coding, design etc. Apply diligently.

Survey Junkie

Earning potential from surveys is low at around $1-5 each but it’s legit work you can do watching TV. Referrals boost income. No minimum payout, paid via PayPal.


These firms offer search engine evaluation, content moderation and other quality assurance tasks mostly paid hourly. Requires strong Internet research skills.

The key to online success versus scams lies in partnering with well-established, transparent platforms offering real opportunities validated by many users over time. Hope this helps guide you to the right options!

Stay safe and wise in your job search. With patience and diligence, you can definitely find real remote work to earn consistently. Feel free to share any other questions!

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