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An In-Depth Look at Studypool Reviews

Studypool is an online learning platform that connects students in need of homework help with tutors who can provide it. As with any service, reviews are an important consideration for both students and tutors looking to join. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll examine Studypool reviews from multiple sources to get an objective view of the platform.

What is Studypool?

Founded in 2013, Studypool is an online marketplace where students post their homework assignments, essays, or other schoolwork for subject matter experts and tutors to complete. Work typically includes answering homework questions, writing papers or labs, and providing other forms of course assistance.

Tutors, who Studypool calls “Solvers”, set their own rates and choose which assignments they want to complete. They are paid via direct deposit once their work is approved. Over 3 million students and 100,000 tutors currently use Studypool globally.

The platform is designed for college-level coursework across all subjects. It aims to provide an affordable way for students to get homework help while also being a supplemental income source for tutors. Studypool takes a 15-20% commission on each transaction.

Studypool Ratings on Review Sites

Let’s take a look at Studypool reviews aggregated on some major review platforms to get a sense of customer satisfaction:


Trustpilot is a leading independent review site. On Trustpilot, Studypool has received 492 reviews with an overall rating of 3.7/5 stars.

The positives cited include quick responses, affordable prices, and quality solutions. Negatives center around inconsistent work quality from some tutors, delayed payments, and difficulties reaching customer support.


With 364 reviews on Sitejabber, Studypool earns a higher 3.6/5 rating. Positives noted the large tutor pool and ability to get homework help 24/7. Complaints involved plagiarized work, slow responses from support, and long payment processing times.


Glassdoor reviews focus on the company culture and employment experience rather than the customer service side. In 378 tutor reviews, Studypool receives a 3.7/5 star rating from employees. Perks highlighted were the flexible online work environment and ability to choose assignments. Complaints centered on low base pay rates and glitches with the platform.


Indeed aggregates reviews from employees as well as customers. Studypool receives a strong 4.5/5 rating based on 346 reviews. Satisfied customers and employees emphasized the convenient work-from-home model and opportunities to help students internationally. Complaints involved technical issues and inconsistent experience quality.

In summary, while Studypool receives mixed feedback, the overall consensus across major review sites is positive – usually averaging around a 3.5-4 star rating. The top benefits consistently praised are the affordability, global reach, and flexibility to work online as a tutor. Common criticisms centered around inconsistent quality, payment delays, and customer service response times.

Studying Individual Studypool Reviews

Let’s dive deeper into Studypool reviews on forums and question/answer sites to get a more nuanced picture:

Reddit Reviews

On the Studypool subreddit, which has over 17K members, reviews tend to be mixed. Positives note the large pool of available tutors and quick responses. However, many complaints involve plagiarized work, grammar/factual errors, delayed payments, and difficulty reaching support. The overall sentiment seems cautiously optimistic but notes quality control issues.

Quora Discussions

Quora has several threads discussing Studypool reviews and experiences. Overall impressions tend to be somewhat more positive vs. Reddit. Positives cited include good rates for tutors, a large user base, and the ability to choose interesting assignments. However, a common complaint was intermittent payment delays and inconsistent work quality from less experienced tutors. Most agreed it was a good supplemental income if you put in quality work but recommended double-checking assignments.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Reviews

The BBB gives Studypool an A+ rating based on 53 reviews, though some complaints note customer service difficulties. Several customers praised the affordability and timely delivery of high-quality solutions. A few mentioned payment delays over a week and difficulties resolving issues. The overall tone is positive with room for improvement on support response times.

Key Takeaways from Individual Reviews

Some common threads emerge from reviewing Studypool assessments across different sites:

  • Quality is inconsistent – while many tutors do excellent work, others submit low-quality, plagiarized or error-filled solutions. Students need to check work thoroughly.

  • Payment processing times vary significantly – most receive payment within a week, but delays of 2+ weeks are periodically reported especially during busy periods.

  • Customer support response can be slow at times – while many reviews note polite and helpful support agents, response times of 2-3 days are common when issues arise.

  • Flexibility is appreciated – tutors like setting their own hours and choosing interesting assignments globally. Students value the 24/7 availability.

  • Affordability is a core strength – Studypool is routinely praised for reasonable rates that fit student budgets. This drives a large user base.

  • Potential for supplemental income – tutors report earning $10-30/hour on average depending on qualifications if they put in consistent, high-quality work. Part-time work is feasible.

Overall, individual reviews suggest Studypool delivers on its value proposition of low-cost, globally accessible homework help. However, inconsistent quality control and potential payment/support delays introduce risks that require vigilance from both students and tutors.

Studypool vs. Alternatives

How does Studypool compare to other online learning marketplaces? Let’s examine reviews of some alternatives:


Chegg has a stronger focus on step-by-step solutions to textbook problems vs. full assignments. It receives excellent reviews for consistently high-quality, detailed explanations from subject experts. However, prices per problem are generally higher than Studypool.

Course Hero

Course Hero also specializes in detailed step-by-step learning guides and flashcards. Reviews praise the educational resources but note they are not meant for submitting full assignments, just getting conceptual help. Pricing is similar to Chegg.


Wyzant connects directly to private tutors for in-person or virtual sessions. Reviews applaud the personalized learning approach but observe higher rates than Studypool. It lacks the massive scale and peer-to-peer collaborative model.


A relatively new player, Nerdy focuses on live online tutoring sessions for homework help. Reviews enjoy the interactive element but some note inconsistent availability of specialists in niche subjects. Pricing falls between Studypool and Wyzant.

In summary, while alternatives like Chegg and Course Hero receive universal praise for educational content, Studypool stands out for affordability when entire assignments need to be outsourced within a flexible framework. Its value lies in accessibility and wide subject coverage rather than detailed solutions alone.

Conclusion -Making the Most of Studypool

To conclude, here are the key considerations in reviewing Studypool:

– Massive global scale and high tutor availability
– Affordable rates for outsourcing assignments
– Flexible work hours and device compatibility
– Positive reviews on delivery of quality solutions

– Inconsistent work quality from some providers
– Potential payment delays over 1 week in rare cases
– Support response time can vary from hours to days
– Platform or browser errors impacting experience

Tips for students:
– Thoroughly vet tutor qualifications and reviews
– Check assignments for plagiarism, errors
– Factor in potential revisions, delays into timelines
– Consider Studypool alongside other learning aids

Tips for tutors:
– Build positive reviews with meticulous, original work
– Communicate proactively about timelines, revisions
– Test platform regularly and provide feedback
– Explore niche subject specializations

Overall, despite risks, Studypool receives adequate reviews on balance for its value in delivering affordable homework help at scale. With diligence around quality control and timelines from both parties, it can be a useful platform. But alternative aids may be preferable for more in-depth learning needs alone.

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