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Is Stonyhurst Consulting a Legitimate Company or a Scam?

Stonyhurst Consulting LLC advertises remote jobs online, but are these opportunities truly legitimate? In this in-depth analysis, we’ll examine Stonyhurst Consulting reviews from multiple sources to determine if it’s a real company or a job scam.

What Services Does Stonyhurst Consulting Claim to Offer?

On its website, Stonyhurst Consulting portray themselves as a globally-focused management consulting firm providing:

  • Business and Financial Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

They also advertise work-from-home jobs for positions like Sales Representatives and Customer Service Liaisons that can be done remotely with just a computer.

While the consulting services sound legit, some find the remote jobs posted by this relatively unknown company suspicious. Let’s dig deeper into reviews.

Analyzing Stonyhurst Consulting Reviews


Unfortunately, Stonyhurst Consulting has no Trustpilot profile, which is a red flag. Legitimate businesses build trust through transparent reviews.


Glassdoor has no employer profile for Stonyhurst either. This absence of any employee reviews about culture and pay is suspect.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The BBB gives Stonyhurst an F rating due to multiple unanswered complaints about false job postings and lack of actual work.


Searching “Stonyhurst Consulting scam” on Reddit turns up many reports of people applying, going through “onboarding,” but never receiving work or pay as promised.

Indeed Reviews

Job postings on Indeed have no reviews, only allowing applications—another sign of deception versus transparent employer branding.

In summary, beyond their own marketing, Stonyhurst Consulting has established no credible online review presence—a huge red flag. Where are real customers and employees to vouch for them?

Let’s compare their tactics to known job scams to make a diagnosis:

How Does Stonyhurst Compare to Proven Job Scams?

🕵️‍♂️ Stonyhurst and scams both:

  • Lack reviews from real prior customers/employees

  • Only advertise too-good-to-be-true remote jobs during downturns

  • Push quick application/onboarding but never actual work

  • Refuse to provide legitimate company registration details

  • Give bogus phone numbers and unusable company addresses

  • Match names and tactics of known scams on FTC, BBB warnings

In conclusion, all evidence overwhelmingly suggests Stonyhurst Consulting exhibits all the classic signs of an employment scam, attempting to collect personal data from jobseekers without actually delivering promised work. Avoid and warn others!

Some Trusted Remote Job Resources Instead

For those still seeking safe work-from-home options during this difficult time, here are legitimate marketplaces to explore:


Upwork has built trust through reviews while connecting high-quality freelancers to real projects worldwide.


FlexJobs vets each remote/flexible job listing to ensure they’re from credible companies – no scams allowed.


A well-known hub exclusively listing 100% remote positions at major globally-recognized brands.

RemoteOK maintains a curated list of remote-friendly companies hiring, with thorough company profiles.


AngelList Talent connects talented individuals directly to top startups and fast-growing companies for contract/full-time remote gigs.

By diligently researching companies and reading reviews from others, you can avoid scams and find quality work-from-home opportunities. With care and patience, your remote job search dreams can become a trusted reality.

Stay safe out there, and happy hunting! Feel free to message with any other questions.

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