Reviews 2023; is CDKeys.comLegit or Scam? Find out

Is Legit or a Scam? Exploring the Pros and Cons

In today’s digital gaming world, finding affordable and legitimate sites to purchase game keys from is essential. has emerged as a popular option due to its wide selection and competitive pricing. However, questions remain around its legitimacy. In this in-depth analysis, we’ll explore both sides of the argument to help you determine if is legit or a scam.

What is is an online marketplace that sells digital game keys and top-up cards for various platforms including Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and more. Founded in 2013, they have grown to serve over 5 million customers globally. prides itself on offering keys at discounted prices of up to 90% off retail. Their selection includes newly released AAA titles as well as older games.

How Does Obtain Keys at Low Prices?

One of the main reasons can offer such significant discounts is due to exploiting regional pricing models. Game publishers often set different price points in different regions based on factors like purchasing power and demand. sources keys from regions with lower pricing and then resells them globally at a profit but still lower than areas with higher MSRPs.

For example, a $60 game in the US may only cost $30-40 in Argentina or Russia due to regional pricing. can buy these keys in bulk from authorized retailers in those countries and resell them worldwide for a discounted price while still making a profit. This regional arbitrage allows customers everywhere to benefit from global pricing variations.

The “Grey Market” Explained

However, this business model operates in what’s known as the “grey market.” While obtains keys from legitimate publishers and platforms, the cross-border resale conflicts with licensing terms and distribution rights. Some argue this undercuts publishers’ regional pricing strategies. There are also occasional concerns about the source and origins of keys.

Many grey market sellers obtain their discounted inventories fromunauthorized dealer networks or even fraudulent means like exploiting credit cards. However, claims all transactions are above board with authorized resellers. They also enforce strict fraud prevention measures. Still, the lack of transparency leaves lingering doubts.

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Potential Downsides to Consider

A key risk of grey market keys is the possibility of region locks. Games are often designed only for specific regions due to licensing deals. So keys from low-priced countries may not work if your region differs. states all keys are worldwide, but occasional issues still arise. It’s best to double check compatibility.

There’s also no official warranty or support like buying direct from publishers. Any issues require going through support instead of the developer. And in very rare cases, disabled or revoked keys have been reported. Overall risks are low but something to keep in mind.

You might also miss out on certain pre-order bonuses available only direct from platforms. And your library and purchases may not be tied to your regular account, affecting syncing and organization of games.

Addressing Common Legitimacy Concerns

Some of the most frequent doubts around CDKeys’ legitimacy involve:

  • Authenticity of keys: As a grey market operator, there is suspicion keys could be illegitimately obtained. However, claims to only work directly with authorized retailers and partners to ensure authentic keys.

  • Legality: Given they provide an unauthorized distribution channel conflicting with licensing, some see CDKeys as operating in a legal gray area. However, CDKeys has operated for years without issues, suggesting their practices are likely lawful.

  • Refund policy: A robust refund policy helps reassure customers but CDKeys was previously criticized for rigid policies. They now offer prompt, no-questions-asked refunds to address such concerns.

  • Trust and reputation: As a relatively new company, building trust takes time. However, CDKeys now has a strong reputation and thousands of positive reviews on sites like Trustpilot pointing to legitimate operations overall.

  • Payment security: Dealing with any digital goods retailer involves risks of payment theft. However, CDKeys uses encryption and protection measures up to industry standards like PCI DSS compliance to keep customer funds and data secure.

Providing a Satisfactory Buying Experience

To further validate their legitimacy, CDKeys places importance on the overall customer experience:

  • Instant delivery of keys upon purchase for quick activation and gameplay. No long wait times.

  • 24/7 live chat and email support team to assist with any post-purchase issues or queries.

  • Refund policy as mentioned earlier to remedy uncommon problems like faulty keys swiftly with no hassle.

  • Multi-language support across websites to accommodate international customers.

  • Secure payment options including credit cards, PayPal, Skrill and gift cards.

  • Community forums for discussions, a knowledge base for FAQs and a blog for gaming news.

Consumer reviews generally note a fast, seamless purchase and checkout on CDKeys along with helpful customer support when needed. This positive experience helps reassure buyers.

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Should You Purchase from

While CDKeys utilizes the grey market model, over the years they have taken tangible steps to address previous shortcomings and build trustworthiness. From reliable key delivery to strong safeguards against fraud and prompt refund policies, CDKeys aims to prioritize the customer experience.

Of course, as with any grey market reseller, limitations and potential compatibility concerns still exist with CDKeys keys due to their out-of-region sourcing. Prospective buyers need to consider these potential downsides carefully.

For savvy shoppers comfortable with the grey market and willing to accept a small element of risk, CDKeys continues offering triple-A titles and other games at excellent prices that are hard to beat. Just be sure to double check region-locking. Overall, CDKeys appears to deliver as promised for the majority of buyers.

So while no digital marketplace is perfectly without risks, the combination of competitive pricing, positive reviews, growing reputation and focus on customer care suggest CDKeys is a legitimate option for value-conscious gamers. But do your research and only purchase what you’re comfortable with.

With careful consideration of both pros and cons, CDKeys presents itself as a trustworthy source for grabbing gaming deals, satisfying millions of shoppers worldwide. But the final decision rests with you based on your unique needs and risk tolerance. This article aimed to equip you with more context to make an informed choice for your gaming purchases.

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