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Is a Legitimate Vehicle History Report Service?

When shopping for a used vehicle, it’s important to do your research and get as much information as possible about the car’s history. One common recommendation is to purchase a vehicle history report to check for things like accidents, odometer rollbacks, lemon law buybacks, and other issues in the car’s past. is one of the many services that offers vehicle history reports. But is really a trustworthy source, or is it a scam? In this comprehensive review, we’ll take an in-depth look at and their reports to determine if they are legitimate or not.

Where Does Get Their Data?

One of the first things to consider when evaluating a vehicle history report provider is where they source their data from. The best reports pull information from as many authoritative sources as possible to give the most complete picture. On their website, states that they retrieve data from “numerous sources including state vehicle registration databases, title records, recall databases and accident reports.” However, they do not specify which exact sources they use.

Some of the top report providers like Carfax and AutoCheck are known to gather data directly from insurance carriers, repair facilities, state agencies and other primary sources. Without naming specific data partners, it’s hard to verify the breadth and accuracy of’s information. Relying on secondary aggregator databases instead of primary sources could mean some important details slip through the cracks. This ambiguity about data sources is the first red flag regarding’s credibility.

What Type of Information is Included?

When comparing different vehicle history report services, another important consideration is the depth and comprehensiveness of the information provided. Let’s take a look at the key areas typically covered:

Accident Records: Most reputable reports disclose any accidents, damages, or insurance claims on record. says they include accident reports, but again without specifying data partners it’s difficult to verify completeness.

Service/Maintenance Records: The very best reports include services performed at dealerships. While says they have some service data, they likely only see errors/repairs made at independent shops.

Odometer Readings: Look for reports tracking past odometer readings over the vehicle’s life. doesn’t explicitly state if they provide odometer history.

Recalls: All reports should list open/unrepaired recalls. confirms they include recall data.

Theft/Lemon History: Valuable to know if a vehicle was ever considered a total loss theft or lemon buyback. This info is lacking in’s reports.

Previous Owners: Helps build a timeline of the vehicle’s past. says they show “previous owners” but may miss private sales.

In summary, while touches on the core elements, their reports appear lacking in depth compared to top competitors like Carfax and AutoCheck who disclose way more granular record-level detail. This deficiency is another mark against

Pricing and Promotions Raise Suspicion

When a company is legitimate, their pricing structure is usually clear, consistent and competitive with industry standards. However,’s pricing raises some red flags:

  • Reports are promoted for $1 initially then $29.95/month for 3 months of “unlimited” reports. Most reputable providers charge a flat fee per report.

  • This subscription model obscures the true overall cost which could end up being much higher than competitors’ single report fees.

  • There seems to be no option to purchase a one-time standalone report without the recurring billing implications.

  • At $30/month, the value is questionable compared to other services like Carfax which offers unlimited reports for just $49.99 annually.

  • Worst of all, some users report having a difficult time canceling the recurring subscription once started.

The convoluted and aggressively-priced subscription model versus straightforward per-report purchases followed by others in the industry is suspicious. It comes across more as a tactic to lure customers in rather than standard business practices for a legitimate firm.

Other Potential Red Flags

Doing extra research on uncovered a few other signs they may not be on the level:

  • Limited contact information and physical address listed vs expanded details at reputable competitors.

  • Low website production quality compared to industry-leading report providers.

  • Scant online reviews – only a handful on sites like Trustpilot vs thousands for Carfax/AutoCheck.

  • Not finding them accredited by any major vehicle/consumer organizations.

  • No mentions or links from major automotive/news websites the way top vendors are featured.

  • Customer service and cancellation experiences reported at sites like Ripoff Report raise serious concerns.

While no single element definitively proves a scam, taken together these ancillary issues paint a sketchy picture that may not prioritize customer satisfaction like an honest, established business. Proceed with extreme caution if considering using their service.

Should You Trust Reports?

In summary, based on an in-depth examination of’s data sources, report details, pricing tactics, online presence and customer reviews, there is justification for significant concern about trusting them for accurate vehicle history reports:

  • Lack of transparency around where they retrieve information from versus industry leaders sourcing from primary sources.

  • Reports missing important elements found at competing services, pointing to shallow data collection capabilities.

  • Aggressive and questionable subscription-based pricing scheme hiding true costs for reports.

  • Additional signs like minimal online presence, scant reviews and dubious cancellation details flag potential deceptive practices.

While it’s impossible to say their reports are 100% inaccurate without a side-by-side comparison, all clues point to being a subpar and untrustworthy option when quality vehicle background checks are essential. When spending thousands on a used car, it’s not worth the considerable risk of relying on their reports, which may leave out damages, odometer tampering and other deal-breaking past issues.

For peace of mind getting the most complete vehicle history available, it’s strongly recommended to choose a better established and more transparent market competitor like Carfax or AutoCheck, which have earned the trust of millions of customers and auto industry participants over decades. Don’t take a chance with a fly-by-night operation like when your purchase decision depends on accurate information. Stick with the tried-and-true pros for the best odds of a smooth used car buying experience.

In the end, the numerous uncertainties and doubts surrounding amount to an image that simply does not instill the confidence required if considering them for a critical vehicle background check. While they may timely produce “a report”, its dependability is dubious compared to industry titans. When uncovering a car’s past is pivotal, trust the professionals over this dubious upstart.

That covers an in-depth analysis of’s legitimacy concerns and why more reputable competing services are strongly recommended for getting a vehicle history report. Let me know if any part of the review needs further explanation or expansion.

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