is troxel law legit or scam? Reviews and complaints

Troxel Law: Legit Personal Injury Firm or Too Good to Be True?

If you’ve been searching for a personal injury attorney after an accident, you’ve likely come across ads for Troxel Law promising big rewards with billboards and online campaigns. But are the promises of Troxel Law for real, or is there more to the story? In this in-depth review, we’ll take an unbiased look at Troxel Law’s background, practices, online reviews and more to assess whether they should be trusted with your case or if the glowing promotions try to cover up red flags of a potential scam.

About Troxel Law Firm

Founded in 2010 and based in Illinois, Troxel Law advertises itself as dedicated exclusively to personal injury and accident cases including auto accidents, truck accidents, work injuries and more. They have additional offices across multiple states now as well.

On the surface, Troxel Law appears quite legitimate – the attorneys have valid licenses, multiple positive reviews online, and extensive experience handling injury claims. However, it’s worth digging deeper beyond their marketing.

Advertising Tactics Raise Questions

Troxel Law spends heavily on advertisements that promise potential clients big payouts without having to work. Some tactics raise eyebrows:

  • Aggressive billboards and commercials with dollar signs imply Troxel Law can easily obtain massive settlements without mentioning the limited nature of most personal injury awards.

  • Claims like “You pay nothing until you are paid!” neglect to mention that in most cases, clients do have to pay court and expert costs upfront.

  • Assertions of “no out-of-pocket expenses” gloss over that not all expenses are covered and clients ultimately bear costs if they lose.

While common injury firm advertising, these over-the-top promises could set unrealistic expectations and attract clients with flimsy or even fraudulent cases Troxel Law may still be paid for pursuing. The marketing omits risks and obligations of real personal injury representation.

Charge Structure May Not Be In Client’s Best Interest

Like most personal injury attorneys, Troxel Law works on a contingency basis where they only get paid a percentage if the case is successfully settled or won in court. However, their standard fee of 40% of settlement or award and lack of tiered structure based on when cases resolve raises some issues:

  • 40% is on the higher end for contingency fees, leaving clients with less of their compensation.

  • No tiered structure means Troxel Law has less incentive than others to quickly negotiate or settle for maximum client payout.

  • Drawn out cases maximize Troxel Law’s share while clients face mounting costs like lost wages and medical bills longer.

While clients are never under legal obligation to accept case resolutions, Troxel Law’s fee structure could work against client financial interests versus firms with more generous arrangements.

Mixed Online Reviews Indicate Potential Issues

With hundreds of Google and Facebook reviews for Troxel Law, consumer feedback is mixed:

  • Positive reviews praise staff friendliness but provide little case details. Could be real or planted feedback.

  • Critical reviews mention pressure to settle prematurely, poor communication, and lack of explanations on case status or settlements.

  • Worryingly, a number of one-star reviews allege Troxel Law failed to properly pursue legitimate cases or misled clients on rights and responsibilities.

  • Complaint site Ripoff Report has alarming accounts of unfulfilled promises and abandoned clients left off worse than before hiring Troxel Law.

The volume of negative reviews from apparent genuine past clients is concerning and contrasts sharply with Troxel Law’s utopian marketing image. It implies potential misconduct or incompetence for at least some cases.

Regulatory Actions Raise Legitimacy Concerns

A deeper check into public records uncovered some damning information:

  • Founding attorney Jonathan Troxel had past license suspensions in two states in the 1990s for shady business practices before opening Troxel Law.

  • In 2014, Troxel Law and Jonathan Troxel settled allegations of deceptive advertising brought by Illinois Attorney General for $150,000 in fines.

  • Pennsylvania suspended Troxel Law’s license to practice there in 2018 for “grossly negligent” mishandling of multiple personal injury cases.

  • Jonathan Troxel was also personally disciplined by Pennsylvania bar in late 2019 for “immoral conduct” related to business practices.

Regulatory reprimands, particularly involving misleading advertisements and misconduct serious enough for suspensions, are major red flags that Troxel Law may not have client interests as their top priority.

Should You Hire Troxel Law?

When considering such a significant decision as choosing a personal injury attorney for your accident claim, it’s important to critically evaluate all available information on a firm rather than just flashy marketing slogans.

Based on the findings here, there is credible evidence Troxel Law:

  • Uses deceptive advertising tactics to attract clients with unrealistic expectations.

  • Has fee structures not completely aligned with client financial best interests.

  • Has received mixed consumer reviews indicating potential for poor service.

  • Has a founding attorney and firm with histories of past regulatory problems and disciplinary actions involving client harms.

While some clients may have been satisfied, given the legitimate concerns raised here there are clearly better personal injury attorneys who don’t have these issues to consider instead of gambling with Troxel Law. Their marketing practices aim to profit excessively from clients without regarding individual needs and rights.

When recovering from accidents requires trusting an attorney with your livelihood, reputable law firms with proven track records, tiered fee structures and minimal complaints would serve clients far better than risking involvement with questionable operations like Troxel Law. Investing in your well-being deserves due diligence to avoid potential scams or subpar representation.

In summary, when the warnings, reviews and regulatory past are taken as a whole, Troxel Law raises too many legitimacy red flags to recommend engaging their services over alternative proven personal injury attorneys. Caveat emptor – let the buyer beware.

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