Africgold ( recent update (what happens to africgold)

It is no more news about the new thing going around the internet today about africgold especially. Many complaints going on on search asking what is happening to the platform so they (people) can have peace of mind.
No online business is expected to last forever. Initially, we have written a post before when africgold was still hot and I later warned people not to join the business for its not really legit!

    What is really happening to Africgold?

With no doubt, africgold does not pay their members any longer as they promised which officially means they are gone. Some leaders will keep telling their affiliate or members that they should wait for update or upgrade just to cool their temper and at the end of the day, we will see everyone moving on and forgetting about it just like formal scammed businesses has done.


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  1. To be sincere…they really hands …they promised to pay mine amount but ended up starting from extreme higher amount to that only few could benefit

    This is unfair …

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