YDP. Youth democratic party of nigeria. YDPN, What is it?

  • Who started YDP

What is YDP?

YDP ultimately stands for the youth Democratic party. Some also call it the youth Democratic party of Nigeria which means YDPN. The youth Democratic party (YDP) started during the time of the end SARS protest but it grew up angrily among Nigerians during the bad time when nigerians were killed during the protest( 20/10/20). It is also because far moving over different countries when the Nigerians was able to loot some items kept which supposed to be shared during the corona virus cases. Aisha Yesufu, A social activist and a human right fighter; who fought and claimed during the bring back our girls time that happens when chibok girls was kidnapped some years back during Goodluck Ebele Jonathan regime.

Who started YDP?

There is not a solid member that we can put in place of owning the Youth Democratic party (YDP). The social right activist mentioned above, Aisha Yesufu was the first to form the movement of the end SARS protest which was used as the Youth Democratic party (YDP) logo.

YDP Youth democratic party (A hope for nigerians?)

Looking at the above post well, you will notice Aisha Yesufu at the left post was used to start the party. Aisha Yesufu never talks about YDP but by action, you have voice out. Arowosegbe Tobi Daniel is also another strong member recommended by me known with the party of YDP. Tobi was one of the people who started the party on social medias including Twitter. At first, he was replied angrily by angry youth with different comment like ”our people are dying, you are starting a party”. But this young and vibrant teen does not stop and keep pushing the party forward begging for retweet and sharing. The main reason why I personally like him stands because of his reasonable quotes. I personally believe there are many more and better than him. But, you only say who you see.

So, I can personally say the first two people we know with the party is Tobi Daniel, Arowosegbe from Ekiti state and Aisha Yesufu from Kano state. Aisha yesufu was interview and asked why she is vocal no matter what but she replies saying she is not afraid of death. But it is shamefully and disheartening that no celebrity that Even support new  Nigeria support the part just because of the peanut they get~Tobi.

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How do YDP connect?

There are different ways they connect, some of it is the most popular Facebook group of YDP which was created by Arowosegbe Tobi Daniel, peter frank, oke oluwayomi Dominic and different types of people. The group grew so fast that in just 1 day of creation, it reportedly having more than ten thousand (10,000) members. After people starts to know the group and the group growing quicker than normal, different people starts to change group name to the party, which became difficult for people to know the real one.


The Party is not registered yet. According to Arowosegbe Tobi Daniel, he said and phrase different types of quotes.

Even if we are ready to start this party, who tells us that the corrupt leaders will accept. They will not and never allow the party to start. ~ Arowosegbe Tobi

Afterwards,  Tobi talked about registration saying a party named YDP (young Democratic party) is already available. It is never allowed for 2 different parties to take same acronym(s). So, it can later be changed to YDPN (youth Democratic party of Nigeria).

What is the YDP age limit?

According to the youths, they shouted and says forty five (45) years should be the age limit of the youth Democratic party. But some members like Arowosegbe was against it. Speaking verbally that a man with a full time experience should be used.

      I’m not saying age define wisdom or understanding. I’m just saying, the nation has never be for youths. So, we have the increase the limit to something suitable~ Arowosegbe Tobi 

Tobi is a known teen that gives a reasonable quotes. He was the one who started the quote of saying who will register the Nigeria party when they know that they can’t enjoy in it. When he was asked to give valid explanation, he said if the age limit is known for 45. No one will want to start it because they know for sure that they will be older soon enough.


During the start of this party, Tobi named it YDP which is known as the youth Democratic party. But afterwards, some youth named and start calling it YDPN, youth Democratic party of Nigeria. Even though the party has nigeria, but its silent in the acronym. So, the party is still known as YDP even though Nigeria is at the party’s logo which can be found on the featured post or post beside Aisha Yesufu.

Changing of name memo.

 movement remains YDPN Not NYDP.

Our attention has been drawn towards the unwarranted change of name and acronym and the inscription on the logo of this movement from YDPN To NYDP.

After receiving series of complains from concerned youths and citizens of the country, the National Standing Committee of this movement took a careful look at the matter and investigations where carried out accordingly, hence our findings.

1) NYDP Is an Acronym standing for Nigerian Youths Democratic Party and at the same time, National youths Democratic Party.

2) the said NYDP Is Divided into two conflicting groups, Nigerian Youth Democratic Party and National Youths Democratic Party (NYDP)

3) You can recall that an E voting was conducted by the said NYDP to decide whether or not to go by the name National or Nigerian Youth Democratic Party.
After the elections, the said groups became rivals amongst themselves.

4) The said NYDP Has copied the logo of our movement with all it’s styles to woo our members who are not careful enough to Acertain our differences.

5) recall that there were series of complaints about money exthortion from members at Abuja, Lagos and Kaduna in the name of our movement, to issue membership registration. This was the frame work of the said NYDP and our investing panel have the names of the master minds of these mischievous acts accordingly.

6) The said NYDP Can not stand on their own so they have agents everywhere on social media, looking for preys to fall victim of their financial fraudulence.

7) they have on many occasions shared links to their various mischievous groups here and on other platforms, in the name of YDPN (Youth democratic party of nigeria) and when you get to them you discover it is a different thing entirely.

8) They have coordinators and a chairman and all other offices necessary for a movement, and their ideologies are base on exthortion. They also have spies amongst us.

Decision of the House.

The House Standing Committee after interferring with the NYDP and seen that they have refused drastically to join us in one house in pursuit of this goal,
We wish to inform you that

1) We the members of YDPN (Youth Democratic party of Nigeria) have not merged our political movement with any party and our name and acronym remains YOUTH DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF NIGERIA (YDPN) Not NIGERIAN YOUTH DEMOCRATIC PARTY Nor NATIONAL YOUTH DEMOCRATIC PARTY (NYDP)

1) the said NYDP movement is not genuine and anyone following them is on his own.
All groups bearing NYDP should be closed with Immediate effect.

2) we request our good members of YDPN Who have joined their social media platforms (WhatsApp, Facebook pages, Telegram groups) e.t.c
To vacate those groups with Immediate effect.

3) all members who have sent money to them for membership registration or anything should screenshot the evidence of payment and present to us, via three admins and moderators on this platform.

4) report any post you notice about NYDP on this platform.
5) the State Coodinator of Rivers State has been suspended for conspiring with NYDP To cause confusion to the people of Rivers State and refusal to be on the same page with YDPN.

6) the house standing committee wishes to inform members to be patient with us as all modalities will be put in place soon to get a
a. National Chairman
b. Constitution
C. An official website
d. An official bank account
e. A Slogan and
f. Proceed to have the party registered by INEC Soon.

Warm regards,

House Standing Committee

What is the slogan:

The  party is just newly created and not yet standard. So, the YDP has no confirmed slogan. Some youths take it back by saying we move!!!. Others says great while little gives different replies. But originally, THERE IS NO SLOGAN FOR THE YOUTH DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF NIGERIA (YDPN).

Below are the demands of the end SARS youths before the so called YDPN party started.

The ‘End SARS’ protesting youths has released a fresh list of ’23 demands’ President Buhari’s government must meet before they can call us the protests which is sweeping across Nigeria.

The protests which initially started as a campaign against police brutality. It has now moved into a conscious citizen movement against bad governance.

List of what Nigerian youths want the federal government to do before they can call off their protest;

Firstly, End SARS

Secondly, Sack the security chiefs

Improve security also

4. Full deregulation of the oil and gas sector to allow more investments for job creation

5. Immediate passage of PIB

6. Full deregulation of the power sector to allow investment capital flow to generate, transmit and distribute more power and create jobs

7. Should hands off petroleum pricing to enable free market determination of pricing

8. Close our northern borders to stop the free entry of Fulani herdsmen and bandits

9. Inclusive government for all tribes and regions of Nigeria with 50 percent youths in charge of governance

10. Allocate more funds to the education sector to provide better teaching tools and to pay better salaries to end ASUU strikes.

Below was added by YDP afterwards

11. Change our academic curriculum to reflect modern-day realities

12. All politicians should be placed on minimum wage to attract genuine public servants

13. Migrate to 100 per cent electoral reforms with electronic voting tied to our BVN (Bank verification number) and GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications)

14. Return Nigeria to regional governance structure or restructure the country and embrace true federalism. States autonomy must be paramount.

15. Disband the bi cameral legislature and adopt uni cameral

16. Immediately reform Nigeria Police Force and let every state or region create its own police service.

17. No more budget for running private affairs of elected and appointed public servants

18. Enthrone university education as a minimum qualification for public office holders at all levels of government from the president to local government and ward chairpersons

19. Strip ex governors and all elected and appointed public servants of all benefits after office.

20. Increase salaries of our doctors, nurses, teachers, police, military officers, and civil servants

21. Government should hands-off ownership and management of businesses at all levels.

22. Name and shame looters and make criminal offenders, and looters face trial in their home states and villages to shame them and their families.

Lastly, Stop foreign medical trips for public servants. Let them be treated here in Nigeria. When last did you hear an American President or a British Prime Minister visit Nigeria for medical tourism?.

Give your comments and replies. What should be added and removed from it ??

You can also start a forum about the part or join one here

My own personal ideology about YDP.

The past government has fooled us and I believe Nigeria is becoming wise enough to decide what they want. Africa is the worst continent in the world. West Africa is the worst region in Africa and it is so shocking that we Nigerians is the worst country in Africa. The giant!!!.



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