Xcrosscash loan app is scam. BEWARE!!!

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  •   Is xcrosscash legit



  • Is XCROSSCASH scam??

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  • What do I have to know about this app
  • Do they deduct money automatically
  • Are they theives?

We understand that numerous question is to be asked but the real thing is that the reason why you are here is to know more about XCROSSCASH or to get loan. Yes!! I say it again, XCROSSCASH is nothing but SCAM!!! Initially, I don’t really believe loan apps can or do scam until I met this app.  Debt initially can make one get different apps to use and the mistake i made was not checking for reviews. But, anyway, When mistake got made, we learn from it. The review is written personally by me (holyprof) and me being scammed happened to me also. So, if you are an agent or stakeholders of this scam app, CHALLENGE ME!!!

I may not be able to elaborate how it all started but i am going to give it a brief summary that will all understand. I downloaded the app on my android phone. After filling my details, and applying for loan, it was so shocking to get approved of about 14,000 in 5 mins. This has never happened before that made me overwhelmed. The highest I have ever got from a loan app was 3,500 from carbon even though I can get loans of over 100,000 (a hundred thousand naira) from linforly when I asked.


I borrowed it for a week and I was told to return 16,799 (sixteen thousand seven hundred and ninety nine naira) in a week. Even though  the charges looks much, but at least, there is no choice since the money is needed desperately. During the week, I tried to pay but it didn’t work. So, I have to put the money in my account so they can remove it automatically. After a week when the loan was due, 2,500 was deducted. I was sent a message on WhatsApp that i should pay their loan and with the account number that was sent, I sent it immediately. It caused some problems initially until I threatened I will sue them, that was when they confirmed the payment.


Above was the message they sent when I didn’t pay then and the message of me sending 14000+ (2,500 has already been debited).

Above is another message of them not seeing it and later seeing it.

After the whole case was cleared, I was debited again.

I complained to them (XCROSSCASH) and they said they didn’t. They made me look like a fool. Then, i started trying getting to the app. So i can give them screenshot because of the bad service in here.

I showed them the proof and they told me they will sort it out.

I thought they were not active any longer until i chatted them up with a different WhatsApp number and they replied. That was when I noticed, searched and confirm I have been blocked. !!!

Initially, this is last month stuff and I’ve forgotten about it. Until this month again, I was debited again!!!

I called UBA (my bank) and I was told I gave them permission. How?? I do not really understand until I was told I can only stop it if I block my card. That my card is already registered on the website which I have already done. If you need more enquires or proof, kindly join. Then, you will know better.

The truth remain XCROSSCASH being scam, thieves and fraud. Thanks!!!!

I remain holyprof. Challenge me if you want. Comment box always opened


  1. I agreed with u 100% I got an offer from this excrosscash app with good interrest but I realized they don’t have meaningful info about themselves and they asked me my card info from there I disagreed with them and became very confused that is why iam searching the truth. Thank you very much for your awareness writing .im Rabiu Suleiman from kano Nigeria.

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