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Is WOWway a Legit Internet Provider or Scam in Disguise?

As more households cut the cord on traditional cable, internet-only providers have grown vastly in appeal as a budget-friendly alternative. One such company attracting customers across the Midwest and Southeast is WOWway (formerly WideOpenWest). However, a consistent pattern of unhappy customer complaints raises questions about whether WOWway truly delivers on promises or operates as a more deceptive scam in reality. In this extensive review, we examine all available evidence to determine the legitimacy of WOWway.

Background on WOWway

Founded in 2001, WOWway began as a regional cable operator under the brand WideOpenWest serving Ohio, Indiana, Connecticut and Alabama. In recent years, it has shifted focus primarily to internet services while also offering TV and phone bundles. Reports indicate WOWway has acquired numerous smaller ISPs, rapidly expanding their footprint across 12 states.

While growth appears impressive on paper, a troubling trend also emerged—a flood of irate customer reviews bitterly alleging dishonest practices, subpar services and difficulties resolving issues with WOWway. This consistent consumer sentiment raised suspicions about the reliability and ethics behind their attractive advertised deals.

Analyzing Customer Sentiment

Examination of verified customer feedback provided on platforms like BBB, Trustpilot and Reddit exposed noticeable themes:

  • Persistent outages, slow speeds and poor WiFi reliability despite paying premium prices.

  • Allegations of unauthorized charges, billing discrepancies and difficulty obtaining refunds.

  • Inadequate support response times when issues arose, with complaints of account hold times over 30 minutes on average.

  • Frequent reports of getting the runaround from representatives unable or unwilling to properly resolve long-standing problems.

With over 1,000 negative reviews across various sources expressing these identical grievances, it became clear subscribers encountered systemic, unaddressed problems that cast serious doubt on the legitimacy of WOWway’s operations and trustworthiness in keeping service agreements.

Are Complaints Isolated or Systemic?

To determine if disgruntled feedback represented isolated incidents or legitimate widespread concerns, I analyzed complaint volume trends over time on the BBB profile. Disappointingly, gripes remained consistently high month after month for years on end without any signs of improvement—a telling indicator problems ran deep-seated within WOWway’s infrastructure and customer service model.

Consumers also submitted unresolved complaints directly to the FCC alleging deceptive practices like cramming unauthorized charges, failure to deliver services paid for, and poor responsiveness—all serious offenses if proven accurate that seriously undermine a company’s credibility and trust. Taken together, this collective body of evidence suggested issues went well beyond minor hiccups.

WOWway’s Response and Transparency

To give fair assessment, I examined how WOWway has publicly responded to addressing the substantial volume of valid criticism. Unfortunately:

  • BBB and FCC complaints showed little to no follow up or resolution efforts on WOWway’s part over extended periods.

  • Official website lacked a transparent policies page detailing resolution processes or financial assistance program qualifications.

  • Could not find proactive disclosure of network upgrades, service expansion plans or substantive troubleshooting guides to address customer pain points head-on.

This lack of visible accountability, remediation or preventative measures aligned closer with the activities of deceptive scams seeking to exploit customers versus ethics of reputable ISPs serious about loyal customer bases through responsiveness and transparency.

Final Verdict – Steer Clear of WOWway

Weighing mountains of consistent negative sentiment directly from those impacted against the absence of tangible reform or oversight acceptance by WOWway, the unfortunate conclusion becomes clear. Despite attractive advertised deals, all objective facts point to systemic, unresolved issues deeply compromising reliability and trust that define legitimate providers.

When problems span years without improvement, it’s impossible to confidently recommend exposure to the high likelihood of encountering the poor experiences so many others consistently warn against. Responsible consumers can feel at ease connecting with only fully transparent companies proving a proven track record of keeping customers satisfied that WOWway sorely lacks. Proceed elsewhere to avoid potential scamming.

In summary, with an abundance of both credible direct consumer reports coupled with a lack of accountability or reform from WOWway themselves, it seems prudent at this time for potential subscribers to seek internet from more reputable, vetted providers

Why It Pays to Thoroughly Research Providers

This analysis of WOWway serves as an important reminder for all to avoid hastily committing to services without investigating legitimacy claims. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire—and mountains of consistent customer grievances are large plumes indeed.

With minimal effort, objective research examining multiple verified review channels can protect consumers while holding companies accountable to ethical standards. Though attractive deals grab attention, protecting wallets and trust ultimately requires looking past superficial marketing to the real experiences of impacted users. Let this be a lesson applied industry-wide as new providers emerge constantly looking to capitalize. Due diligence always pays off to avoid potential scams in disguise.

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