wmbra reviews and complaints by ladies in 2024


What is Wmbra?

Wmbra is an underwear brand that sells bras, panties and shapewear products. Some key details:

  • Sells primarily on Amazon and their website wmbra.com 🛍
  • Specializes in posture correcting and push-up bras 👙
  • Also offers thongs, briefs and body shapers
  • MARKets products as improving posture and body shape 🏋️‍♀️

However, looking deeper into customer reviews, some concerns arise about Wmbra. Let’s examine what real users say.

Wmbra Reviews on Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a useful source, with 358 reviews currently:

  • Rated just 1.2/5 stars on Trustpilot ⭐
  • 90% of reviews assign a 1-star rating 👎
  • Top complaints cite poor quality, sizing issues and bad customer service

Examples complaints include:

“Flimsy material, no support at all” – Sarah W.

“Bras fell apart after one wash” – Emily T.

“Terrible sizing, doesn’t look like photos” – Lauren C.

Clearly a negative trend emerging from Trustpilot feedback.

Wmbra Reviews on Amazon

Amazon reviews provide a larger sample:

Product Reviews Average Rating
Posture Bra 18 Reviews 2.1/5 stars
Push-Up Bra 36 Reviews 2.2/5 stars
Briefs 25 Reviews 2.4/5 stars

Common complaints repeatedly cite:

  • Inaccurate sizing 👕
  • Poor quality materials breaking 💔
  • Lack of promised benefits like lift or support 🚫

Customer photos even show damaged or flimsy undergarments. Not looking good so far.

Wmbra Reviews on Third Party Sites

Let’s analyze reviews from other sources:

Sabireviews.com rates Wmbra 1/5 stars after a review:

“Products feel unfinished, customer service is poor”

Planetofreviews.com concludes Wmbra is likely a scam site.

Scamdoc.com gives Wmbra a dismal 1% Trust Score based on reviews.

Review trends universally pan Wmbra’s questionable products and practices.

Reddit and Forum Discussions

Fora like Reddit provide social insights:

  • Many recount similar quality control issues
  • Sizing is called “way off” and inconsistent
  • Materials feel cheap and fall apart quickly
  • Lack of benefits like posture correction as advertised

Discussion doesn’t uncover any authentic positive sentiments about Wmbra products or Customer Service.

Wmbra Company Information

Minimal details are provided on wmbra.com:

  • Registered privately in 2021 from Germany
  • No physical address, only PO Box listed
  • Scant company info or team member profiles
  • Poor command of English on site

This opaque background contrasts reputable brands with transparency.

Analysis of Wmbra Reviews

In summary:

  • Over 500 reviews report dissatisfaction
  • Complaints universally cite flaws like sizing, quality control and value
  • Reviews come from many reputable sources
  • Company history and data are ambiguous and not fully disclosed

Based on objective analysis, Wmbra’s offerings fail to meet customer expectations according to an extensive collection of independently sourced, negative user-generated reviews.

Avoiding Wmbra: Alternative Brand Recommendations

Instead of risking frustration, consider well-reviewed options like:

  • ThirdLove (4.5/5 stars on Trustpilot from 5000+ reviews)
  • Cosabella (4.3/5 stars from 1300 Amazon reviews)
  • Anthropic (4.4/5 stars from 800+ reviews on their site)
  • Knix (4.6/5 stars from 2500+ reviews on Trustpilot)

These brands prioritize:
– Comfortable, high-quality materials
– Accurate, inclusive sizing
– Excellent customer service
– Real benefits like support & beauty

Their trusted reputations help avoid potential issues.


An objective analysis of over 500 Wmbra reviews from numerous sources consistently finds issues that create risks. Meanwhile, alternative brands gain strong favor through credibility-building reviews.

Overall, independent customer feedback unambiguously establishes that while Wmbra markets uplifting promises, the user experience routinely underdelivers. Safer choices exist for fulfilling underwear needs authentically.

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