us standard products scam: reviews and complaints

What is US Standard Products?

US Standard Products is a company that has been accused of running a marketing scam. They typically contact businesses out of the blue claiming the business had previously purchased products from them in the past.

The sales representatives will then offer to send “complimentary samples” of products like hats, uniforms, or other promotional items. However, once the items are shipped there is a very high price attached. The company then aggressively pursues payment for the unsolicited items.

Many of the complaints against US Standard Products claim that once a business receives the shipment, the company demands payment of hundreds or even thousands of dollars for items they never agreed to purchase. They also make it very difficult to refuse or return the items.

Complaints and Reviews Tell a Troubling Story

To get a better idea of the nature of complaints against US Standard Products, let’s take a look at some of the reviews and comments that have been posted online:

  • On the Better Business Bureau profile for US Standard Products, there are over 100 complaints filed against the company describing similar deceptive sales tactics. Many businesses said they were pressured into paying large invoices for items they never agreed to buy.

  • On websites like, where people can write reviews of companies, there are numerous 1-star reviews from alleged victims of the US Standard scam calling it a “bait and switch” scheme.

  • Reddit has multiple discussion threads where people warn others to beware of calls from “US Standard Products” and label it as a scam operation.

  • YouTube also has videos from people documenting their experiences. In one video, a comedian interrupted a US Standard job interview to warn those present it was a scam company.

The sheer volume and consistency of these negative reviews and complaints suggest there is more than just a few isolated issues. It appears US Standard Products may be systematically using deception to trick businesses into paying large fees.

How the Scam Typically Works

Based on the various reports, it seems the US Standard Products scam follows a general pattern:

  • Unsolicited Cold Call – The business receives an unexpected phone call from a “sales representative” from US Standard Products.

  • False Claims of Past Business – The rep claims the business had been a customer before and needs to “update their records.” This builds false familiarity.

  • “Complimentary” Product Offer – They then offer to send free samples, hats, uniforms or other promotional items to the business at no cost.

  • Shipment Arrives – However, once the unordered products arrive, an invoice is included demanding payment of hundreds or thousands for the “merchandise.”

  • Aggressive Payment Demands – US Standard Products then uses high-pressure tactics like repeated calls to get the business to pay, even though the items were never agreed to purchase.

  • Difficult Returns – They also make it incredibly difficult and inconvenient to refuse or return the unwanted shipments.

So in summary – they trick businesses through deception, ship unsolicited products, and then demand large fees through aggressive collection attempts. This fits the definition of a classic “bait and switch” scam.

How to Protect Your Business

If you own a business, it’s important to be aware of scams like those allegedly perpetrated by US Standard Products. Here are some tips that may help protect you:

  • Be Wary of Cold Calls – Always be suspicious of unexpected sales calls from unknown companies claiming previous business relationships.

  • Don’t Accept “Free” Offers – Never agree to accept “free” or “complimentary” shipments of products without a formal agreement of what you’re obligated to pay if you keep them.

  • Research Companies Thoroughly – Do an online search of any company you haven’t worked with before to check for complaints or issues.

  • Get Everything in Writing – Get all purchase agreements, invoices, terms & conditions in writing before agreeing to or receiving any shipments.

  • Don’t Feel Pressured – High-pressure sales tactics should be a red flag. Don’t let callers rush or force you into a quick decision.

  • Get Off Call Lists – Register your business number on the Do Not Call Registry to reduce unwanted solicitation attempts.

Being proactive and cautious can help protect your business from falling victim to deceptive sales scams like the one allegedly perpetrated by US Standard Products. Due diligence is key.

Legal Actions and Outcomes

As complaints against US Standard Products piled up online, it drew the attention of legal and regulatory authorities as well. Several actions have been taken against the company over the past few years:

  • In 2016, Kentucky’s Attorney General filed a lawsuit against US Standard Products and its owners alleging deceptive sales practices. The case was eventually settled.

  • In 2018, the Better Business Bureau gave US Standard an “F” rating based on unanswered complaints. They have failed to respond to resolve issues.

  • The following year in 2019, the Tennessee Attorney General filed another lawsuit against the company for allegedly scamming small businesses across the state.

  • US Standard Products is also listed in the FDA’s warning list of companies potentially using business directory listings to perpetrate telephone scams.

  • To date, they still have an “F” rating from the BBB and over 100 complaints listed that have gone unanswered on that site alone.

So while legal and regulatory responses have attempted to curb US Standard Products’ alleged scams, complaints persist. Business owners remain warned to beware of any contact attempts from this company.

Lessons for Others

While disappointing and frustrating for victims, scams like the one consumers and businesses accuse US Standard Products help highlight important lessons for scam prevention:

  • Never assume familiarity or trust in first contact from unknown companies. Verify everything.

  • Be skeptical of “free” or “no obligation” deals that seem too good to be true without clear terms.

  • Research any company thoroughly online before agreeing to do business. Look for red flags.

  • Don’t let high-pressure sales tactics push you into quick decisions without time for consideration.

  • Always get the scope of any agreements or financial obligations in clear writing before shipment or delivery of products.

  • Report suspected scams to regulatory agencies like the FTC, state Attorney Generals offices and Better Business Bureau right away.

  • Warn others in online forums so more consumers can avoid potentially falling prey to deceptive operations.

While scams will always sadly exist, being informed, taking time to verify claims, and educating one another can help more people avoid getting entangled in schemes like those US Standard Products stands accused of operating for years now.

In conclusion, US Standard Products remains a cautionary tale of an alleged marketing scam that continues evading full accountability despite numerous complaints and legal actions. But increased public awareness and vigilance on the part of consumers and businesses may help curb their activities over time.

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