topbreed dog food review & complains 2023; ingredients & pricing

A Comprehensive Review of Top Breed Dog Food

When it comes to ensuring the well-being of our beloved canine companions, one of the most critical decisions we make is what we feed them. In the Philippines, Top Breed is a renowned dog food brand, but amidst the accolades and popularity, doubts often emerge regarding its quality and ingredients. In this comprehensive review, we will meticulously dissect Top Breed dog food from multiple angles, drawing insights from customer reviews, scrutinizing nutrition facts, and seeking the professional opinions of veterinarians. By the end of this analysis, we aim to provide a comprehensive evaluation of whether Top Breed genuinely deserves the great reputation it has garnered.

Background on Top Breed

Top Breed dog food is proudly crafted by Robina Agri Partners, a leading agribusiness company rooted in the Philippines. The product range encompasses kibble formulations designed to cater to the dietary needs of both adult dogs and growing puppies.

Top Breed’s core mission revolves around sourcing high-quality, locally-produced ingredients while keeping their products affordable. They aim to provide pet owners with a brand that values their furry companions’ nutrition. However, it is not uncommon for critiques to surface, asserting that Top Breed’s recipes could benefit from a more substantial inclusion of meat protein as opposed to plant-based fillers. To paint a comprehensive picture of what Top Breed genuinely offers to our canine companions, we must delve deeper into these aspects and assess various perspectives.

Ingredient Analysis

Analyzing the ingredient lists that Top Breed proudly displays on their packaging, we discover several noteworthy insights:

  • The primary sources of protein in Top Breed’s formulas, such as meat meal, often find themselves listed a little further down the ingredient list compared to grains.
  • The carbohydrate content predominantly consists of filler starches and byproducts, including ingredients like rice bran and wheat.
  • In addition to these grains, Top Breed also incorporates plant-based proteins like soy and corn meal. However, some dog nutrition experts raise concerns regarding the potential antinutrients that these ingredients can introduce into a dog’s diet.

In a side-by-side comparison with premium dog foods, where animal proteins typically feature as the first 3-5 ingredients, Top Breed’s ingredient profiles might not immediately captivate the discerning eye, as often recommended by nutrition experts. However, it is imperative to remember that ingredient quality is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to evaluating a dog’s overall nutrition. To form a complete understanding, we must also take into account real-world experiences and reviews.

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Customer Reviews

An exploration of customer reviews, dispersed across various blogs and social media platforms, provides a valuable real-world perspective:

  • A significant number of dog owners appreciate Top Breed for its affordable pricing and local accessibility. They often laud the brand for helping their dogs maintain bright coats and high energy levels.
  • While most reviews shower praise, some include sporadic mentions of gassiness attributed to grain-heavy ingredients. However, many of these issues seem to have been resolved by a simple switch to different protein sources.
  • A common thread in numerous testimonials describes dogs in robust health, leading long and happy lives, all of which they attribute to the nourishment provided by Top Breed.

In essence, a substantial majority of pet parents passionately affirm that Top Breed dog food satisfies their companions’ overall wellness needs based on their first-hand experiences.

Veterinary Endorsements

Incorporating professional opinions from local veterinarians who specialize in canine nutrition adds another layer to our analysis:

  • While Top Breed may not be categorized as a premium dog food brand, it appears to provide a balanced diet that is well-suited to the needs of the average dog.
  • The inclusion of meat meal in Top Breed’s formulations offers a source of protein, although it may not match the quality of ingredients found in imports that are priced 2-3 times higher.
  • These veterinarians report no unusual health issues related to Top Breed, further underscoring the brand’s ability to provide adequate nourishment for a dog’s daily activities.

Summing Up the Evidence

Weighing all the perspectives – including the ingredient analysis, user reviews, and veterinary assessments – we can confidently assert the following:

  • While Top Breed’s ingredient profiles may not align with the recommendations of nutrition experts, they seem to fulfill the wellness needs of the average dog, all while maintaining affordable pricing.
  • The resounding majority of pet owners passionately declare that Top Breed has been instrumental in their companions’ well-being. According to their testimonials, their dogs enjoy robust health, bright coats, and high energy levels.
  • Local veterinarians endorse Top Breed, confirming its ability to provide sufficient nourishment for canine companions in their daily lives.

In essence, while Top Breed may not stake a claim as a premium dog food brand, it appears to genuinely support the health and vitality of dogs. The collective analysis conducted in this comprehensive investigation suggests that Top Breed dog food authentically provides the nourishment needed to keep dogs healthy and active.

Has Anything Changed?

To assess the current standing of Top Breed and address any potential concerns, we delved into recent developments and reviews:

  • In reviewing the financial reports for the year 2022, we find that Top Breed’s operations continue to expand, signifying their ongoing commitment to serving pet owners.
  • Surveys measuring customer satisfaction still reveal high levels of contentment with Top Breed’s offerings, reinforcing the brand’s dedication to maintaining the quality of their products and services.
  • Independent monitoring of the brand’s products indicates a consistency in the quality and nutrition offered, attesting to Top Breed’s commitment to maintaining their standards.
  • The verification systems and policies implemented by Top Breed show no significant changes. They continue to take a proactive stance on addressing isolated concerns that might arise from time to time.

All these factors provide a strong indication that Top Breed is unwavering in its mission to provide affordable and nutritious dog food to its loyal customer base.


In conclusion, our comprehensive exploration of Top Breed dog food unveils a brand that stands as a reliable source of nourishment for our beloved four-legged friends. While some experts may argue that their ingredient profiles could be improved by increasing the presence of animal proteins, the real-world experiences shared by pet owners paint a different picture. It becomes evident that Top Breed effectively meets the nutritional needs of the average dog, all the while keeping their offerings affordable.

The enthusiastic and consistent praise from countless pet owners cannot be underestimated. The affordability and local availability of Top Breed make it an attractive choice for dog owners in the Philippines and beyond. Their accounts of dogs boasting vibrant coats and exuberant energy levels further reinforce the brand’s capacity to cater to the health and well-being of our furry companions.

In addition to the voice of the consumers, the professional opinion of local veterinarians specializing in canine nutrition brings valuable weight to our analysis. These experts point out that, although Top Breed might not present itself as a premium brand, it efficiently serves its role in delivering a balanced diet that matches the requirements of an average dog, regardless of their lifestyle.

With all these pieces of the puzzle fitting together, we can conclude that Top Breed dog food is indeed a legitimate and dependable choice for dog owners. It may not carry the premium label, but it excels in what it sets out to achieve – delivering affordable and nutritious dog food that promotes the health and vitality of our loyal canine companions.

As a responsible dog owner, the choice of dog food is a pivotal one that impacts the overall well-being of your pet. Our comprehensive review indicates that Top Breed is a trustworthy brand that can be relied upon to nourish and sustain your dog. As long as Top Breed continues to maintain its commitment to quality and affordability, it will undoubtedly remain a favorable choice for pet owners, both in the Philippines and wherever its reach extends. So, as you continue to make the best choices for your canine companion, Top Breed dog food is certainly a contender that deserves your consideration.

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