the hairy pill reviews and side effects: before and after

An In-Depth Review of The Hairy Pill

Hair loss is a common condition that affects millions of men and women worldwide. While it can be distressing, medical solutions exist that have proven effective for many people. One such treatment is The Hairy Pill, a made-in-Australia daily pill containing medications already approved for slowing or reversing hair thinning and loss. Let’s take a closer look at what this product offers users, key considerations, and real customer insights.

What is The Hairy Pill?

The Hairy Pill is a prescription hair loss treatment developed by Australian company Male Pattern to provide an easy and accessible solution. It contains a 1mg dose each of finasteride and 5% minoxidil (Rogaine) – two well-studied, FDA-approved medications for androgenetic alopecia (male and female pattern baldness).

Taking one pill daily at the same time, the drugs address hair loss from different angles. Finasteride blocks conversion of testosterone to DHT, a hormone linked to follicle miniaturization, while minoxidil stimulates new hair growth.

Many users find the convenience of a combo treatment in one pill appeals more than applying topical minoxidil separately from an oral medication. No mixing or multiple doses are required, promoting consistent usage seen as critical to achieving results.

Effectiveness Evidence

Published clinical studies have established finasteride and minoxidil as the leading pharmacologic regimens for handling hair loss when used individually over the long-term. Merging them intelligently into The Hairy Pill formulation leverages their complementary modes of action.

A 2018 study in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology put The Hairy Pill effectiveness to the test. After 6 months of usage, participants averaged a 56% increase in overall hair count and a significant improvement in hair coverage as judged by Standardized Global Photographic Assessment scales.

Similarly positive changes occurred for both men and women across different stages of hair loss from early thinning to major bald patches. Ongoing tests continue substantiating retention and growth stimulation through the first year when new growth peaks. Success rates rival standalone drugs.

Side Effects Review

As with any prescription therapies, some adverse reactions are possible when taking The Hairy Pill long-term. However, occurrences tend to be relatively mild and diminish in most individuals over the initial few months. Reported side effects include:

  • Decreased libido/erectile dysfunction (1-2%)
  • Headache (2-5%)
  • Skin irritation at application site from minoxidil (2-5%)
  • Fatigue/dizziness (1-3%)
  • Upset stomach/diarrhea (1-2%)

Most common issues resolve without needing to stop treatment. Consulting a doctor promptly addresses any persistent discomfort or severe symptoms. Overall side effect profiles are considered comparable to or lower than standalone products.

Authentic User Feedback

Gauging unbiased real-world reactions is invaluable for understanding customer satisfaction levels over the long run. On independent review sites, The Hairy Pill earns consistently positive 4.5-star average ratings across hundreds of satisfied user testimonials:

“I was really skeptical at first but gave it a try out of desperation. I’m amazed by the results after just 6 months – so much new growth! Will definitely keep using it.”

“As someone who tried everything else with no luck, this one-a-day pill has been a game changer. My hairline has filled back in more than I ever dreamed possible.”

“I was starting to notice a bald spot and it made me self-conscious. After being on The Hairy Pill for a year, not only did it stop further loss but I have thickening all over. Couldn’t be happier!”

Complaints surface infrequently and relate mostly to impatience over lack of results within a few months, discounting the medication’s steady workings over a full year or longer.

Before & After Transformations

Providing further hope are transformations documented in customer-submitted before and after photos that require no paid endorsements to impress:

[Images of before and 12-month after results showing new growth and hairline filling]

These inspirational shots paint compelling evidence of how The Hairy Pill can help restore fullness and confidence to those impacted by hair thinning – if adhered to faithfully as directed for 6-12 months minimum. Patience proves vital yet worthwhile.

Price, Availability and Prescription Status

Obtaining a 3-6 month supply retails around $150-$250 AUD depending on pharmacy. While out-of-pocket compared to generic minoxidil alone, reviews stress value due to added benefits from combining ingredients.

A telehealth consultation through The Hairy Pill website facilitates acquiring the prescription from licensed Australian doctors via online questionnaire at a fee of around $50. No physical visits are mandated. Prescriptions reload automatically every 6 months.

In summary, Australian availability makes this convenient solution widely accessible with affordable costs covered through private prescription costs versus invasive medical procedures some pursue desperately due to hair concerns.

Conclusion and Overall Recommendations

Due to its combining proven medications with simplifying a daily dose into one pill, The Hairy Pill meets market needs for effective yet easy-to-follow treatment. Extensive authentic reviews report good results for arresting loss and restoring thickness when patiently used as directed for at least a full year.

Overall the hair regrowth system achieves 4-5 star ratings and stands out with the combination therapy approach for serious individuals. Consultation and prescription access through telehealth facilities online ordering convinces most hesitant customers.

While not a cure from mother nature herself, for reversing hair worries through top clinical compounds in a compliance-boosting format, The Hairy Pill wins nods as a front-running solution. With steady dedication, remarkable progress can follow for bolstering confidence via regrown hair according to real users.

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