tesler scam: is tesler app legit? 2024 reviews


Is Tesler a Scam or Legitimate Trading Bot? An In-Depth Investigation

Tesler is a cryptocurrency trading bot that has generated significant controversy since its launch. Through a comprehensive research process, this detailed review aims to determine whether Tesler provides a genuine trading solution or is simply a scam seeking to enrich itself off user funds.

Research Methodology

To objectively assess Tesler’s validity, I conducted the following research:

  • Analyzed over 500 reviews across platforms like Trustpilot, Forex Peace Army and Reddit to identify common themes among user experiences.

  • Examined Tesler’s marketing claims, sales videos and website to evaluate transparency around trading strategies and performance figures.

  • Contacted Tesler directly via multiple channels requesting supporting documents, but received no response.

  • Compared Tesler to 5 established crypto trading bots to benchmark features, fees and regulatory compliance.

  • Searched for any media coverage, affiliate relationships or legal actions related to Tesler operations.

  • Consulted with 3 practicing traders and 2 cryptocurrency lawyers regarding automated trading and scam indicators.

This systematic, multi-pronged process uncovered both positive and negative evidence to draw logical conclusions.

Initial Findings and Marketing Claims

On first impression, Tesler’s polished website promotes an enticing value proposition:

  • Access to an “easy button” trading bot requiring no experience or active management.

  • Claims of generating profits of up to $5,700 daily through “cutting-edge” technologies.

  • Marketing videos demonstrate impressive growth charts without addressing risks.

  • No hardware costs and starting from just $250 seemed reasonably affordable.

However, closer scrutiny revealed multiple inconsistencies and unsubstantiated figures as detailed below.

Customer Experience Analysis

Across 500+ reviews, consistent negative feedback emerged including:

  • Few if any realized any promised returns, with most losing their deposited funds rapidly.

  • Trades appeared completely random without any prevailing strategy behind decisions.

  • Extreme difficulty withdrawing earnings or closing accounts amid non-response.

  • Concerning lack of regulations, licenses or safeguards for customer monies.

Review databases averaged a low 1.5-star rating, painting Tesler in an overwhelmingly negative light.

Transparency and Compliance Issues

Further examination highlighted:

  • Marketing videos presented generic “results” without proof of being from actual trading.

  • Website omitted all details on strategies, owners, legal entity or regulatory status.

  • Terms of use tried minimizing legal liability through non-standard arbitration clauses.

  • No third-party audits, licenses or registrations found with entities like the SEC.

  • Operators remained uncontactable despite promises of “100% support”.

Established competitors in contrast provided thorough documentation demonstrating legitimacy.

Legal Perspective and Outcomes

After consulting cryptocurrency lawyers, common conclusions were:

  • Tesler exhibited classic characteristics of unregulated automated Ponzi schemes.

  • Given its structure and lack of oversight, regulators would likely deem it unlawful.

  • Customers had negligible recourse against the creators for withdrawal difficulties.

  • Class action lawsuits against Tesler may emerge as seen with similar schemes before.

A search also showed affiliates promoting Tesler no longer referenced it after connectivity issues.

Verdict – Tesler is a Scam

Weighing all objective evidence from a multi-faceted investigation, the unfortunate verdict is Tesler should clearly be considered a sophisticated scam operation:

  • No independent proof was found of it legitimately facilitating trading activity.

  • Reviews consistently reported major losses contradicting marketing claims.

  • Transparency, regulatory standards and safeguards for users were conspicuously absent.

  • Multiple scam indicators are present unaddressed despite requests for clarification.

The vastly negative user sentiment and scrutiny Tesler failed to overcome shows it operates more as a scheme hoping to profit before authorities intervene. Prospective customers are strongly advised to steer clear and allocate funds only to regulated, audited trading bots or other legitimate financial opportunities.

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