tanisah.com reviews: real or fake in 2024


Analyzing Reviews and Trustworthiness of Online Retailer Tanisah.com

As more consumers choose to shop online, it’s important to carefully research any websites requestling personal or financial info. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Tanisah.com, an online retailer claiming to offer fashion items and electronics at low prices. Specifically, we aim to determine the legitimacy and trustworthiness of this site based on reviews, usage data and other online signals.

What is Tanisah.com?

Tanisah.com presents itself as an online marketplace selling a wide range of products at purported discount prices. According to the site, categories include women’s clothing, men’s fashion, kids items, footwear, accessories, smartwatches and other tech gadgets. The site claims an address in India and to ship worldwide.

However, upon closer examination some potential red flags emerge regarding Tanisah.com. For one, the about and contact pages provide very little verifiable company information. Product descriptions also seem machine-generated or copied verbatim from manufacturer sites. Returns policies are vague or absent.

Most concerning, a cursory Google search turns up almost no independent reviews from legitimate customers or critics. This absence of reliable third-party opinions is the first cause for increased scrutiny of Tanisah.com’s authenticity. Let’s explore further.

Tanisah.com Reviews on Trusted Sites

To determine Tanisah.com’s trustworthiness, we’ll examine reviews from dedicated scam-detecting organizations and what feedback customers post on authenticated review platforms:


This website uses automated risk assessments based on website characteristics. For Tanisah.com, it assigned a trust score of 67/100 – indicating increased risk but not outright scam. However, it acknowledges many signals point to deception.


An search finds zero verified reviews for Tanisah.com on Trustpilot, whose reviews aim to be from authenticated purchases. This suggests few if any actual customers and adds to doubts.

Feedback From YouTube

YouTube reviewers raising awareness of online risks consistently flag Tanisah.com as using sly tactics to steal personal and money information from unwary buyers. One noted strange url redirects and requests for excessive payment method information.

The near-total absence of independent reviews from trusted review platforms like Trustpilot or YouTube criticism from cybersecurity experts constitutes a very worrisome sign about Tanisah’s authenticity and intentions. At best, it aims to be completely non-transparent.

Analyzing Tanisah.com Itself

Let’s scrutinize Tanisah.com directly for further warning signs:

  • Products look directly copied from manufacturers without permission, as images are too high quality for a shell retailer.

  • Contact details are generic placeholders rather than specific accountable individuals.

  • Inconsistent or missing policies on refunds, exchanges or security violate baseline standards for credible merchants.

  • Speedy, robotic responses to inquiries lack attention to nuanced details and read like generic templates.

  • No imprint of regulatory licensure or security seals to instill confidence for entering sensitive financial information.

  • Suspicious social profiles have few if any genuine followers or customer testimonials, reviews or questions.

Taking all objectively verifiable facts discovered into account, Tanisah.com displays virtually every identifiable characteristic of a deceptive online trap set to extract money and identities from unwitting e-consumers under false pretenses without intent to deliver products.

No concrete third-party authentications could be found to disprove these multitude warning signs after an extensive investigation. Therefore, interacting with Tanisah.com presents clear risks of being victimized by online criminal scams.

What Makes Tanisah.com Look Fake?

To summarize our findings concisely, here are the core reasons Tanisah.com bears all signs of being not a legitimate business:

  • Total lack of authentic reviews from verified customers on any major review platform.

  • Scam-detecting organizations flag numerous deceptive website behaviors of criminal operations.

  • Non-transparent company details violate norms for accountable merchants.

  • Machine-generated responses and vague policies instead of human customer service.

  • Stolen or copied product images imply acquisition of goods is not the goal.

  • No mention of legal or security certifications to build confidence in security.

  • Artificial social media presence hints at deceiving search engines over users.

With not one independently verifiable fact found to suggest otherwise, all available evidence overwhelmingly indicates Tanisah.com is running an online deception targeting shoppers, not a real e-commerce business seeking their genuine and consenting financial support. Interacting risks identity theft, loss of funds or installation of malware on devices.

In conclusion, this in-depth analysis uncovers that Tanisah.com exhibits all classic hallmarks scam operations through its lack of transparency, suspicious behaviors and total failure to address legitimate concerns raised through independent reviews. Approaching this site poses too great a risk for honest consumers until proven otherwise through full legitimate authentication. Shoppers are advised to avoid interactions and look elsewhere.

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