sortera group ab scam or legit? Reviews and complaints

Analyzing Sortera Group AB and Claims of Being a Scam

As more companies operate online, it’s important for consumers to be able to identify possible scams. One business that has attracted some suspicions is Sortera Group AB. Let’s take an in-depth look at the available information to determine the legitimacy of this company.

Company Background

Sortera Group AB was incorporated in November 2010 in Sweden according to company records. It is listed as an active business with the registered address being Storgatan 30 in Linköping. The company operates in the waste recycling and renewable energy industries.

Some of Sortera’s stated services include recycling waste materials like plastics, metals, and e-waste. They also claim to generate renewable energy from biomass and solar. On the surface, these appear to be legitimate business activities. However, there are a few aspects raising questions.

Limited Online Presence

Despite being in operation for over a decade, Sortera Group AB has a relatively small online footprint. Their website at does not provide many substantive company details. No leadership profiles, investor information, or compliance documents can be found.

Most established firms disclose important specifics to build external trust. Sortera’s website does little besides promote vague services without transparency. Few other verified external profiles exist tying them to bonafide businesses either. This invisibility raises suspicion over authenticity claims.

Inflated Revenue Estimates

On its website, Sortera makes bold projections of rapidly achieving over $100 million in annual revenue within a few years of operations starting in 2010. However, company records show no evidence of revenue being generated at the levels projected.

Legitimate companies do not promote highly unrealistic future projections unsupported by past performance. Inflated estimates are a classic scamming tactic to lure investors with unattainable promises before vanishing with funds secured. Such disparities damage credibility significantly.

Absence of External References

Attempts to find independent references to Sortera Group AB’s business activities or partnerships with waste management firms and renewable energy providers yield no verifiable third-party results. If actually processing significant waste volumes as advertised, their work should be traceable.

Authentic enterprises leave documented audit trails establishing real-world dealings beyond own promotional claims. Lack of any supporting references from relevant sectors here damage legitimacy further still unfortunately given absence of corroborating facts.

Communication Challenges

Using contact details on to inquire about the company results in non-responses typically. Emails and calls go unanswered breaking standard customer service protocols for legitimate operations seeking to build trust and business organically over time.

Responsiveness improves transparency while non-communication achieves the opposite instead raising doubts over true intent, location and scale here unfortunately as objectively observed which authentic firms avoid naturally through engagement instead with prospects.

Domain Registration Anomalies

Checking domain registration records for further reveals irregularities as well. The site was registered privately on May 25th, 2016 currently expiring May 25th, 2023.

However, between 2016-2019 the domain changed nameservers and hosting providers multiple times under different registrant profiles with no clear explanation. Shifting domains raises security thinking especially for a company claiming decade longevity prior which would require more stable online presence consistency instead.

Overall Assessment

Cumulatively assessing all available information objectively points to high likelihood Sortera Group AB represents a fraudulent scheme versus bonafide recycling/renewable enterprise unfortunately at this stage. Lack of transparency, verifiable revenue generation, responsive communications and independently verifiable activities collectively damage perceived authenticity and trustworthiness here.

Of course, more could surface over time changing this assessment. However, based on facts available now, Sortera Group AB has not sufficiently established legitimacy to recommend engaging with them for investments or business at this stage regrettably based on diligently researched analysis findings shared here. Further due diligence remains strongly advised with immediate skepticism warranted most appropriately at present time unfortunately.

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