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As a new car owner, keeping your vehicle well-maintained and protected is important. Beyond regular washes and changes, vehicle tinting is one upgrade many opt for. Traditional tints help reject heat and UV rays but often lack clarity. solrex tint like X-Films aims to provide superior heat rejection and clarity. In this review, I share my experience using X-Films ceramic tint installed by Tinter Juicy.

Why Consider Solrex Tint?

Long gone are the dark, blurry tints of the past. Ceramic tint technology offers several advantages over traditional dyed or metallic tints:

Heat Rejection – solrex particles applied at a nano-level absorb and reflect infrared heat rays before they enter the vehicle, keeping interiors up to 50% cooler than untreated glass. This is ideal in the Philippine summer heat.

UV Blocking – Built-in ceramics and metallic oxides reject up to 99% of harmful UV rays to protect vehicle interiors and passengers from sun damage over time.

Clarity – Thin, transparent Solrex coatings don’t distort vision or Create visual dark spots like some dyed tints. Views inside and out remain comfortable and clear.

Durability – Once professionally installed, ceramic tints bond to glass on a molecular level, remaining scratch resistant for 7-15 years with proper care. Traditional tints can fade more quickly.

Range of Shades – From very light to medium-dark, ceramic tints are available in various shades to suit any taste while still providing science-backed solar protection benefits.

For these reasons, Solrex tint has become a popular upgrade among new car owners and anyone wanting advanced heat and light control for their vehicle. Let’s explore X-Films ceramic tint in more detail.

About X-Films Solrex Tint

X-Films ceramic tint is produced in Singapore using a patented 5-layer nano technology application method. Key product highlights include:

  • 98-99% infrared heat rejection and UV protection for both front and rear glass
  • Available in 12 shades from very light to extra dark
  • Hard, scratch-resistant ceramic particle coating 0.1 microns thin
  • Warrantied against peeling, bubbling or discoloration for 12 years
  • Meets ISO and EN solar protection standards

I chose to go with X-Films because it offered the best balance of advanced technical protection, value pricing, and warranty length compared to competitors in my market research. Installation was done by Tinter Juicy, one of the leading authorized X-Films installers in my area.

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My Installation Experience

Scheduling an appointment with Tinter Juicy was simple through their Facebook page. They were able to fit me in for installation the following week at their Imus, Cavite shop.

Upon arrival, the staff greeted me warmly and got right to work. They protected the vehicle interior meticulously with panel covers before beginning the tint application. The entire process took about an hour and a half.

The installers took their time applying each cut-out piece with care. They used squeegee tools to evenly spread the X-Films liquid solution before heating and forming it to the glass contour. Some small bubbles formed but were easily worked out.

Once fully dried, the tint looked flawless with no visible defects or ridges. Interior electric components like side mirrors, windows and buttons still functioned smoothly. Payment was processed and the generous 12-year warranty documents were provided.

Initial Impressions

Right away I could tell a difference in heat and light filtering compared to my vehicle’s factory-clear windows. The medium-dark shine X-30 tint blocked warmth noticeably without being too dark inside.

Vision clarity was maintained as the installers promised. No visible colored or distorted lines hampered sight in any direction. The straight installation ensured perfect coverage edge to edge as well.

While the tint darkened the vehicle’s appearance a touch, lines and details remained defined. Headlights, badges and curves stayed easily discernible from outside during the day. At night, effective lighting from within lit up the cab properly.

Overall, I was very pleased with Tinter Juicy’s professional work and theshielding quality of X-Films ceramic tint. It met my goals of enhanced solar/UV protection with preservation of clear visibility inside and out.

Long-Term Performance

It has now been over 6 months since my X-Films tint installation. Through rain, washing and daily use, the film continues to perform like new.

Not a single bubble, scratch or impaired viewing area is present. The tint maintains its original darkness level and structural integrity. Heat rejection stays consistently high even on brutal summer afternoons spent in traffic.

Nighttime glare from oncoming vehicles and streetlights presents no hindrance. The tint filters outside brightness without compromising safe forward or peripheral vision.

I’m also able to keep interior materials like upholstery, dash and headliner looking fresher longer thanks to the blocking of fade-causing UV rays. Overall aesthetics and resale value of the vehicle are better protected.

Regular washing with a pH-balanced glass cleaner keeps any dirt or mineral deposits from building up. But even without any special treatment, the tint has proven highly resistant to the elements so far. I expect it will last the full advertised warranty term and beyond.

Comparing to Other Brands

While researching tint options, a few popular Philippine brands came up frequently:

  • Limitless Tint – Very expensive at P7,000-P12,000 installation depending on vehicle size. Claimed 99.9% heat/UV blocking but no published testing.

  • SunTek – Long-established global brand but P5,000-P6,000 install cost and older dyed-polymer technology without nano benefits.

  • FormulaOne – Aggressive local dealer network. P4,000-P5,000 installs. Unknown nano-ceramic makeup, warranties or certifications.

  • Gila – Popular economical choice at P2,500-P4,000 installs. But advertised as “metallic” film, not advanced nano-ceramic.

Comparatively, X-Films offered a stronger value proposition factoring in payment, 12-year warranty, install quality by Tinter Juicy and published ISO testing. At P5,500 for my midsize sedan, it proved the ideal choice to protect against Phil climate extremes long-term.

Solrex Tint Installation Tips

A few additional tips for those considering ceramic tint:

  • New glass must be clean and dry for optimum bond strength. Water marks may prevent full adhesion.

  • Schedule installation at least 2-3 weeks after a new vehicle purchase to allow seals to fully cure first.

  • Choose professional installers who solely focus on tinting, not add-on shops. Visit completed jobs for quality proof.

  • Darker shades may require rear defroster testing if obstructing vision at night becomes an issue in colder climates.

  • Maintain tint with a quality glass cleaner to flush away potential salt, acid or mineral deposits over time in marine environments.

  • Be ready for additional charging with extra-large SUVs, vans or commercial vehicles needing more material and labor.

Following best practices helps ensure not only an excellent initial application but long-lasting performance and protection from your investment in automotive ceramic tinting.

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Based on the durability, technological backing and warranty offered by X-Films, I have no hesitation recommending it for automotive window tinting needs – especially in the Philippines’ extreme weather conditions.

When paired with a reputable installer like Tinter Juicy, headaches over bubbles, premature peeling or obstructed visibility are virtually eliminated. Daily solar heat rejection provides improved comfort and energy efficiency as well.

For new car owners seeking to better preserve interiors and extend vehicle lifespan, as well as those simply wanting enhanced light/heat control, X-Films Solrex tint delivers noticeable benefits that traditional dyed products fail to match.

The slightly higher upfront investment compared to standard tints is dwarfed by long-term protection returns. Especially combined with proper cleaning, the product will continue functioning as intended for many years of continued use.

For anyone considering window tinting or protecting a vehicle’s factory warranty, rest assured that high-quality X-Films nano-ceramic film applied properly is certainly a straightforward and worthwhile automotive upgrade.

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