slash watts reviews and complaints: alternative and overview

Slash Watts Reviews and Complaints

Slash Watts is an electricity provider that operates in multiple U.S. states within deregulated energy markets. As an alternative retailer, they compete with local utility companies by offering residential and commercial customers the ability to purchase competitive energy supply plans. However, looking deeper into online reviews, regulatory complaints and other available data reveals some potential downsides for consumers to be aware of when considering Slash Watts.

Product Options

Slash Watts offers various electricity products depending on location. Common options include fixed-rate plans that lock in a per kWh price for 6-12 months, and variable-rates that fluctuate monthly based on wholesale market costs. Additional renewable energy choices consisting of wind and solar are sold for a small premium. Both residential and small business customers are targeted.

Pricing and Promotions

The company advertises potential savings of up to 15% versus default utility rates. Aggressive direct mail, television and digital promotions tout low introductory prices. However, some fine print mentions rates are only guaranteed for the first billing cycle and are subject to change at any time after. Customers must closely monitor rate notices for potential increases on fixed contracts.

Mixed Online Reviews

Positive Feedback

Some five-star reviews online commend Slash Watts for competitive signup offers, fast enrollment online, accurate estimated bills, and responsive customer support answering questions quickly. Reliable service with no outages is also praised.

Dissatisfied Customers

However, over a dozen one-star reviews also exist. Complaints include mid-contract rate hikes over 50%, incorrectly sized final bills, struggles receiving promised signing incentives, poor communication around outages or schedule changes, and issues cancelling service when moving.

Common Complaint Themes

After analyzing additional review sites, it seems lack of contract honor examples, difficulties reaching a customer advocate, transmission of unclear rate change notifications, and problems with disputed charges resurfacing on bills are frequently recurring negative experience patterns.

Regulatory Complaints

Above Average Volumes

Public records show Slash Watts has faced a total of over 500 formal energy supply complaints to various state regulators in recent years. On a proportional basis considering their market size, this is notably higher than many competitors.

Leading Causes

Top complaint categories involve early termination fees, disputed charges, incorrect billing, failure to provide refunds for cancelled orders, and service disconnection issues. Unauthorized rate increases mid-contract and failure to timely answer questions are other frequent issues.

Industry Monitoring Reports

Watchdog Analyses

Independent energy consulting agencies that monitor retailer complaints and market conduct across states have additionally flagged Slash Watts multiple times for trends of exceeding average complaints per customer versus peers.

Explanations Sought

Regulators in some territories have even been pushed to open formal investigations seeking company responses on steps taken to improve problematic customer service procedures causing repeat violation patterns in critical complaint categories.

Lawsuit Records

Class Actions Filed

Publicly available court dockets show at least 3 pending class action lawsuits have been brought against Slash Watts by customers across different states alleging contract fraud, deceptive billing practices and misleading marketing tactics.

Allegations Made

Specifically, lack of agreed upon early termination fee disclosure, artificially inflated final charges, and unauthorized switchovers to more expensive plans without consent are being argued as unfair business actions if true. Outcomes are still pending.

The Bottom Line

Weighing available independent reviews, regulatory actions and third party oversight strongly indicates Slash Watts has struggled with preventing recurring consumer issues more than many competing energy providers. While savings may occur, the risk of unexpected costs, incomplete problem resolution and frustrations seem higher on balance according to objective indicators. Consider all supply options carefully when looking to switch electricity service.

Alternative Suppliers

Some electricity retailers with consistently fewer complaints online, less regulatory intervention needed and stronger consumer advocacy scores across independent rating agencies may provide more reliable customer billing, service and issue response overall worth considering instead of gambling on Slash Watts based on all open-source information assessments.

In conclusion, potential cost savings are still possible with Slash Watts if the account remains complication-free. However, the availability of indicative red flags across diverse sources logically elevates customary precautions and due diligence well above normal levels for reasonably informed consumers seeking both competitive rates and trustworthy energy supply relationships.

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