Review: is it legit or scam? Find out!! Review: Unraveling the Truth Behind the Suspicious Online Store

In the ever-evolving world of online shopping, the allure of attractive discounts and a wide array of products can be enticing. However, it is crucial to tread with caution, especially when dealing with lesser-known websites. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the details of, an online store offering a variety of products like Kayaks, Sofas, and Scooters at seemingly too-good-to-be-true prices. Is a genuine online business, or does it raise red flags of a potential scam? Let’s find out.

Unveiling the Shopsebag Website presents itself as an online store with an extensive range of products, catering to various interests and needs. Its diverse product selection, featuring Kayaks, Sofas, Scooters, and more, can be appealing to potential buyers. However, we must look beyond the surface and explore the site’s legitimacy further.

Red Flags: 5 Reasons Why Shopsebag Is Not A Genuine Website

As we delve into our investigation, we uncover several alarming red flags that raise doubts about the authenticity of These reasons warrant cautious consideration before making any purchases:

1. Poor Customer Support:

One of the first indicators of a potential scam is the lack of reliable customer support. Unfortunately,’s provided contact phone number, (470) 260-4062, appears to be non-functional. This raises concerns about how customers can reach the store in case of order inquiries or issues. The absence of effective communication channels is highly suspicious.

2. Fake Business Address:

The listed business address on the Contact Us page, 50 Ernest Barrett Pkwy NE, STE 1045, Marietta GA 30066, is cause for alarm. Upon investigation, it becomes apparent that this address does not belong to and has been linked to other scam websites. Such deceitful use of addresses can make it challenging for customers to seek assistance regarding refunds or returns.

3. Lacks Security:

In today’s digital age, website security is paramount. Unfortunately, does not display trust seals from reputable entities like Norton or McAfee. This absence of security features leaves customers vulnerable to potential data breaches and cyberattacks. The safety of customers’ financial and personal information is compromised on the site.

4. Discount Offer:

The online store tempts potential buyers with discounted prices for all its products. However, the old adage, “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is,” holds weight here. Unrealistically low prices and high discounts are a common tactic used by online scammers to attract unsuspecting customers. These enticing offers might be a bait-and-switch strategy, leading to disappointment and loss.

5. No Social Media Presence:

An additional cause for concern is the absence of any social media presence for Legitimate businesses often engage with customers and promote their products on various social media platforms. The lack of any official social media page or icon raises suspicions about the website’s credibility and transparency.

More Reasons to Exercise Caution

Beyond the prominent red flags, there are other factors to consider while evaluating

Trust Score:’s overall trust score is alarmingly poor. This red flag should not be overlooked, and potential buyers are strongly advised to proceed with caution. A low trust score indicates significant concerns about the website’s reliability and authenticity.


A closer examination of the items displayed on reveals similarities to products from other sources. This plagiarism raises questions about the website’s legitimacy and the authenticity of the products being offered.

Should You Buy from

Considering the abundance of red flags and the suspicious nature of the website, it is advisable not to make any purchases from Customers run a high risk of either not receiving their ordered products or receiving low-quality goods that do not match expectations.

Online scammers often employ tactics that lure buyers with appealing discounts, only to disappoint them with subpar products or non-deliveries.’s questionable practices fall under this category, and potential buyers should exercise extreme caution.

Ensuring Safe Online Shopping: Key Factors to Consider

To safeguard oneself from falling victim to scams, it is essential to consider the following factors while shopping online:

Customer Reviews:

Seek feedback from previous customers to gauge their experiences with the website and the quality of products and services offered.

Domain Registration Details:

Check the website’s domain registration information to verify its authenticity and history.

Website Security:

Look for trust seals from reputable security entities like Norton, McAfee, or others to ensure secure transactions.

Social Media Presence:

Legitimate businesses usually have an active presence on various social media platforms, engaging with customers and showcasing their products.

Discount Offers:

Be cautious of heavily discounted prices that seem too good to be true, as they could be a red flag for potential scams.

Business Address/Contact:

Verify the provided business address and contact details to ensure they are genuine and match the website’s claims.

The Ongoing Battle Against Online Scams

Reports indicate that fraudulent online stores, like, have become a prevalent issue. With unchecked advertising on social media, attractive low prices, and unsecured payment systems, online scammers continuously find ways to deceive unsuspecting customers.

In the face of such challenges, it is crucial for consumers to stay informed, vigilant, and cautious. Raising awareness and sharing experiences can help protect others from falling prey to such scams. If you have been scammed by or any similar fraudulent online store, it is recommended to contact your bank for a chargeback.

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Final Thoughts: and Online Scams

In conclusion, our in-depth review of has revealed several red flags and questionable practices that cast doubt on the website’s legitimacy. It is essential for potential buyers to exercise extreme caution and avoid making any purchases from this online store.

As responsible consumers, it is our duty to stay informed and protect ourselves and others from falling victim to online scams. Armed with knowledge and vigilance, we can navigate the digital marketplace with confidence and security.

Remember, in the online realm, knowledge is power, and together, we can create a safer and more trustworthy environment for all shoppers. Let us share this information with others to safeguard our digital community from deceptive practices and fraudulent websites like


In our extensive exploration of, we have unraveled a web of suspicious practices and red flags that raise serious concerns about the website’s legitimacy. From poor customer support and fake business addresses to the absence of website security and enticing discount offers, the evidence points towards a potential online scam. As responsible consumers, it is our duty to exercise extreme caution when dealing with lesser-known websites and to remain vigilant in our online interactions.

The world of online shopping presents us with a vast array of choices, but it also exposes us to the lurking dangers of online scams and fraudulent activities. is just one example of the numerous websites that lure unsuspecting buyers with the promise of fantastic discounts and an extensive product selection. However, beneath the surface, these promises often crumble, leaving customers disappointed and at a loss.

We have discussed various factors to consider while evaluating the legitimacy of an online store, such as customer reviews, domain registration details, website security, social media presence, discount offers, and business address/contact information. Staying informed and aware of these critical factors can empower us to make wise and informed decisions, protecting ourselves from potential scams.

As online consumers, we must remember that trust and transparency are paramount. Legitimate businesses prioritize customer satisfaction and engage with their audience on social media platforms. The absence of a genuine social media presence should be a cause for suspicion, as it may indicate a lack of willingness to interact openly with customers.

While shopping online, it is crucial to verify the security features of a website, such as trust seals from reputable entities like Norton or McAfee. These security measures protect our financial and personal information from falling into the hands of hackers and scammers.

Ultimately, the battle against online scams requires collective efforts. Raising awareness, sharing experiences, and spreading knowledge are powerful tools in the fight against fraudulent practices. By warning our friends, family, and fellow internet users about potential scams like, we can create a stronger, safer digital community.

The prevalence of fraudulent online stores is a growing concern, and reports indicate that countless individuals fall victim to such scams monthly. In the face of this alarming reality, it is essential for us to arm ourselves with knowledge and exercise caution when engaging in online transactions.

If you have been scammed by or any similar fraudulent website, it is crucial to take immediate action. Contact your bank to initiate a chargeback and report the incident to relevant authorities to help prevent others from falling into the same trap.

In conclusion, serves as a stark reminder of the need for vigilance and awareness while navigating the digital marketplace. Our online safety and security are in our hands, and by staying informed, cautious, and responsible, we can safeguard ourselves and our digital community against the threats of online scams. Together, we can build a safer and more trustworthy online environment for everyone. Remember, knowledge is power, and it is our collective responsibility to protect one another from the clutches of online scammers. Let us stand united in the fight against online scams and work towards a safer and more secure online shopping experience for all.


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