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What is is a website that claims to offer shipping rebates and cash back for online shopping purchases. They promote earning up to $100 per month by submitting shipping invoices and receipts for purchases made on eligible retailers.

Some key details about how works according to their website:

  • Members can upload shipping receipts and invoices from stores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and others
  • They review submissions and allegedly send rebate checks for qualifying purchases
  • In addition to rebates, joining provides a $15 one-time cash back bonus
  • Terms state rebates are limited to one per household per month up to $100 total
  • Supported stores and rebate amounts may vary monthly

On the surface, it seemingly provides a way to get some money back for shipping costs. But is it truly legitimate or just another cash back scam? 🤔

Reading Shipmentsfree Reviews

Let’s examine what actual reviews and ratings say about

Better Business Bureau – Rated with an “F” and only 1 out of 5 stars. 13 complaints filed, most about difficulty canceling service.

Trustpilot – 2.4 out of 5 stars from 54 reviews, majority 1-2 star negative reviews complaining of hidden charges.

Reddit – Many posts warning it’s a scam with users reporting unauthorized charges on their cards.

Scam Detector – Given a “Suspicious” rating based on low trustworthiness and transparency.

Scampulse – Shows 49 reports, 94% flagged as potential scams regarding Shipmentsfree.

Most major review sites paint Shipmentsfree in an overwhelmingly negative light as potentially deceptive. So this definitely raises some red flags! 🚩

Analyzing Potential Issues

Let’s break down some of the common problems reported:

  • Difficulty canceling – Requires calling during limited hours and dealing with endless hold times.

  • Hidden charges – Memberships are set to auto-renew and continue charging monthly fees.

  • Inconsistent payouts – Many reviews complain of not receiving rebates or getting less than promised.

  • Poor customer service – Rude, unhelpful support that either ignores issues or provides no resolution.

  • No verification of purchases – No proof uploads are authenticated or actually result in rebate payments.

  • Lack of transparency – Terms are vague and little concrete evidence shown their model works as advertised.

When digging deeper, Shipmentsfree appears designed more to continually charge people versus being focused on providing real value or legitimate rebates. 🤨

Analyzing Potential as a Cash Back Scam

Let’s objectively analyze if Shipmentsfree shows signs of being a cash back scam:

Potential Sign
Difficulty cancelling subscription ✔️ Numerous complaints found.
Charging without authorization ✔️ Reports of unauthorized recurring fees.
Poor/absent customer service ✔️ Reviews consistently call out poor support.
Lack of refunds for issues ✔️ No evidence they resolve billing problems.
Vague/ Confusing terms of service ✔️ Terms lack clarity and proof of process.
No evidence of legitimate payouts ✔️ Little proof rebates are actually paid.
Negative reviews outnumber positive ✔️ Ratings poor across all major platforms.
No independent verification possible ✔️Cannot confirm legitimacy of their model.
Final Analysis|All signs point to operating as a cash back scam that aims to profit from unauthorized charges rather than legitimately providing promised rebates.

Better Alternatives for Cash Back Shopping

Rather than risk dealing with a risky cash back scam site, consider these safer alternatives:

  • Commission Junction – Leading affiliate network with deals capped at realistic cashback rates.

  • TopCashback – Well established 3rd party portal paying over $2 billion cash back to 60+ million users so far.

  • Rakuten – Formerly eBates, it’s been operating successfully for 20+ years with a strong BBB rating.

  • Ibotta – Popular app for submitting receipts of grocery/retail purchases and earning statement credits.

  • RetailMeNot – Industry veteran providing coupons, deals, sales across major US/CAN retailers.

  • Credit card rewards – Many cards offer percentage cash back on purchases without hunting coupons.

All of these are transparent, pay reliably, and provide better customer support options if needed versus a questionable newcomer site like Shipmentsfree. 🏦

In Conclusion

Based on the overwhelming negative reviews and signs it exhibits behaviors associated with cash back scams, the common consensus is that should be completely avoided. Any potential small rebates are simply not worth the high risk of unauthorized charges or difficulties unsubscribing from their service in the future. Stick to proven cash back companies instead to earn rewards safely.💸

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