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RRT.CC is a website that has gained popularity in India for offering online work and money making opportunities. However, there have been many complaints regarding non-payment of earnings and lack of proper contact details. In this detailed blog post, we aim to analyze various aspects of the RRT.CC website and determine whether it is a legitimate online work platform or a potential scam.

Website details and design

Let’s first take a look at some key aspects of the RRT.CC website design and details:

  • The website url is which is not very professional or descriptive of what the site offers. Legitimate websites usually have a more explanatory domain name.

  • Upon visiting the website, there is no detailed information provided about the company, founders, location or legal details. Only a generic login page is shown without any “About Us” section.

  • The website design looks basic and amateur without much effort put into user experience or elaboration of work process and policies. Legitimate websites investing proper design and content.

  • No official social media channels or external pages could be found for RRT.CC. Most brands and companies today actively manage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc to engage users but this site appears to have no online presence beyond its own login page domain.

  • No physical address, phone number or email id is provided anywhere on the site to allow users to contact customer support in case of any issues or queries regarding payments or account related matters.

  • Website loading speed is very poor which impacts usability. Proper website development ensures quick and smooth experience for visitors.

Based on the glaring lack of important details and unprofessional design of the RRT.CC site, there are legitimate doubts regarding the credibility and intentions of its operators. A serious online work platform would focus more on user trust factors.

Nature of work and payment policies

Now let’s examine what kind of work RRT.CC claims to offer users and their policies regarding completion of tasks and earnings payout:

  • Upon registration, users are enticed with promises of high hourly wages for performing simple tasks like uploading photos, filling online forms, content writing etc from home. However, no clear job descriptions are provided.

  • The types of tasks shown as examples seem excessively easy and algo-based without requiring any special skills. This raises suspicions about the business model and revenue sources of the website.

  • Payment proof in form of screenshots of transactions are visible on the website but original users cannot be identified to verify payment receipts leaving scope for fabrication.

  • Withdrawal of earnings directly through bank transfers is mentioned but users have complained of arbitrary delays, excuses for non-payment or complete denial of withdrawals despite completing large volumes of work.

  • No SLA policies or recourse options exist for users in case their complaints regarding non-receipt of payments are not resolved within reasonable timeframes.

  • Task completion tracking and work verification mechanisms employed by RRT.CC to ensure funds are only paid against actual work done remain unclear and opaque.

The shady payment policies, anonymity of users and lack of accountability of RRT.CC operators does not inspire trust that users will eventually be remunerated for their time as promised. Many features point to potential of being a scam website.

Online reviews and feedback

Let us see what online communities and platforms discussing work from home opportunities have to say about RRT.CC:

  • On forums like and, ex-users have posted several complaints about not receiving money after months of regularly doing tasks as assigned by RRT.CC site.

  • Contacting customer support provided phone numbers or emails also did not help resolve payment issues according to these users. The platform did not honor its commitments.

  • Videos and blogs on YouTube warn newbies against getting lured by false claims of easy money making through RRT.CC. They term it as one of the unwanted scam sites.

  • Genuine review sites like and have also red flagged RRT.CC based on negative user feedback for non-transparent functioning and unfulfilled payments.

  • No positive reviews could be found anywhere promoting RRT.CC as a reliable platform. Even paid promotions online use fake employee profiles and anonymous posts.

  • Legitimate work from home review platforms blacklist unreliable apps and sites like RRT.CC on their recommended lists after verifying complaints.

The overwhelming negative reviews from alleged actual users of RRT.CC who faced hardships certainly raises red flags regarding the intentions of this platform. No company can survive for long by consistently failing users.

Alternative work options

For individuals seeking online work and money making opportunities, there are several other verified websites and marketplaces that can be considered instead of falling for dubious RRT.CC promotions:

  • Popular freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr and PeoplePerHour allow finding remote jobs and gigs from reputed clients who pay securely into user wallets on completion of projects.

  • Microjobs/microtask websites such as Clickworker, Appen, Lucktastic etc offer small online tasks that can be completed for steady weekly earnings at nominal hourly rates. Payment is monthly through validated methods.

  • Digital jobs aggregators including, Flexjobs, Remotive list remote compatible full-time roles at MNCs that provide employee benefits, insurance etc for qualified candidates in addition to a regular paycheck.

  • Website testing/usability analysis platforms like Usertesting, Userfeel and Validately engage online users to test websites and mobile apps for bugs, glitches etc. Payments are weekly for task completions.

  • Online training/certification ventures like Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare pay creators and profile owners revenue sharing amounts based on number of enrollments and courses sold monthly to their subscriber base.

Genuine online work takes effort and matching skills but there are legal means to supplement incomes without risking funds via suspicious instant money making claims that are often too good to be true. Due diligence is key before signing up anywhere.


In summary, RRT.CC’s extremely basic website functions, inability to justify its business model coherently, lack of credibility building efforts like social profiles, unfavorable reviews by alleged users citing non-payment issues as well as overall non-transparent operations point to high likelihood of it being a fraudulent scheme aimed at deceiving people in need of money.

Unless proven otherwise through independent audit of accounts and user verification conducted by authorities, it is strongly advised for aspirants to stay away from platforms like RRT.CC and instead consider trusted online marketplaces/ventures or teaching themselves viable digital skills to ensure financial security through honest remote work opportunities available worldwide. Staying informed through research will help avoid online scams.

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