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The Roborock Q Revo is one of the most affordable options for a fully autonomous robot vacuum and mop combo. At just under $900, it offers many of the high-end features of Roborock’s more expensive models at a much more accessible price point. In this extensive review, I take an in-depth look at the Roborock Q Revo to determine if it can clean as well as pricier options while maintaining an affordable cost.

Some key aspects I will cover include the design and build quality, software and setup experience, cleaning performance on various surfaces, battery life, maintenance requirements, and how it compares to other robots in its price range. My goal is to provide a well-rounded perspective on whether the Q Revo is a good value for someone looking for an automated cleaning solution without the ultra-high price tag. By the end, you should have a good idea if this robot vacuum can satisfy your needs or if you may want to consider alternate options.

Design and Hardware

Let’s start with taking a look at the physical design of the Q Revo and what’s included in the box. At just under 14 inches in diameter, the circular robot has a compact footprint that allows it to easily glide under most furniture. The top features quick access buttons and a dust bin hatch.Flip it over and you’ll find the standard cleaning components like dual rotating mop pads, a single brush roller, and side brush.

The base station differs in design compared to Roborock’s pricier models. It has a taller, narrower shape with the two water tanks situated at the top instead of behind a door. This makes filling and emptying more convenient but doesn’t have quite the seamless aesthetic of a closed compartment.

In terms of included accessories, there isn’t much besides the robot and base. It would have been nice to see some replacement mop pads or a cleaning brush thrown in given the price. The build quality also takes a step down versus models like the S7, with noticeably cheaper feeling plastics used. However, everything felt solidly constructed during my testing.

Software and Setup

Where the Q Revo really shines is the intelligent mobile app. It offers an incredible amount of customization over every aspect of cleaning from suction power to water flow. You can customize settings on a per room basis, set no-go zones, and control the unit remotely. Mapping is automated on the initial run and provides an accurate layout that can be further refined.

Setup only took around 30 minutes from unboxing to having the robot mapped and ready to clean. The intelligent navigation worked flawlessly, allowing it to autonomously transition between rooms. An infrared sensor array provides basic obstacle detection to prevent crashes, though it struggled with thin cords and wires more than pricier units with camera systems.

Overall the app experience is top notch and on par with Roborock’s more expensive models. It’s easy to use and really maximizes the potential of the Q Revo through extensive settings.

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Cleaning Performance

Now onto the main event – how well does the Q Revo actually clean? I tested it extensively on a variety of surfaces in different areas of my home totaling around 1000 square feet. Suction power clocks in at a very respectable 5500Pa allowing it to perform well on carpet and thoroughly pick up debris on hard floors.

It had no issue traversing low-pile carpet and made short work of embedded dirt and dust. Tile and hardwood surfaces came out virtually spotless on a single pass at max suction. Perhaps most impressively, it handled heavy shedding from my dogs like a champ, leaving floors visibly cleaner with each cycle.

Switching to mop mode, the dual rotating pads did an excellent job distributing water evenly. Between the water reservoir and intelligent app settings, the floors stayed continuously damp for effective cleaning. Stains that had built up over time were lifted with a single pass when using cleaning solution.

Battery life averaged around 140 minutes on typical settings, granting coverage of 1000+ square feet on a charge. It intelligently returns to base as needed and resumes where it left off. Both vacuum and mop modes operated quietly enough to avoid disturbing others.

Overall, the Q Revo punches well above its price in terms of raw cleaning power. It handled my heavy-traffic, pet-owned home to the same high standard as pricier units. For most users, suction and mopping capability will satisfy their needs.

Maintenance and Operation

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the Q Revo is how little daily interaction is required once setup. The self-emptying base station alleviates needing to manually empty the dust bin, while the automated mop washing eliminates that chore as well.

The 5L water tanks provide enough capacity to clean about 1000-1500sqft before refilling is needed. Rotating plastic nubs inside clean rather than a brush, but still left mop pads visibly scrubbed after hundreds of feet of cleaning. They occasionally need laundering for deeper cleaning but air drying prevents musty odors.

Emptying the dirt/water tanks and periodic brush roller/sensor wiping is the extent of routine care. Filters can last months in average homes. When it’s time to replace consumables, the affordable costs won’t break the bank either. Overall the level of hands-free operation it provides is a major convenience.

Comparisons and Alternatives

How does the Q Revo stack up against competitors at similar or higher price points? The Dreametech L10 Ultra is an excellent equivalent alternative at the same $900 cost, trading obstacle avoidance for a slightly nicer docking station.

Ecovacs Deebot T10 Omni offers similar features but at a much higher $1200 price without automated mop lifting. iRobot’s Roomba J7+ has better navigation for $800 but lacks mopping abilities of the Q Revo.

Moving up in Roborock’s lineup, the S7 is a worthy consideration for serious cleaners. Its sonic vibration mop and dedicated brush provide more thorough cleaning. But for $200-300 more its an understandably pricier purchase versus the already impressive Q Revo.

Should You Buy It?

In conclusion, the Roborock Q Revo successfully delivers high-end cleaning performance at an affordable mid-range price point. Its combination of formidable suction power, intelligent software customizations, and minimal maintenance requirements make it a highly capable choice.

While build quality and a few small features are sacrificed versus Roborock’s flagship models, vacuum and mop abilities remain top-notch. At under $900 it provides automated cleaning convenience at an accessible cost compared to many competitors in its class.

For average users seeking an “set it and forget it” robotic solution without breaking the bank, the Q Revo comfortably earns a recommendation. Only serious cleaning aficionados who demand every bell and whistle may prefer spending more for Roborock’s top models or alternate high-end options. But for most needs, this robot delivers excellent value and results.

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Additional Tips and Tricks

Now that we’ve covered the primary details of the Q Revo review, here are a few bonus tips and tricks to maximize your experience:

Use Cleaning Solution

  • For ground-in dirt or grease stains, use a detergent cleaning solution with the mop pads. It noticeably boosts lifting power. Look for ph-balanced formulas safe for hard floors.

Customize Rooms Thoroughly

  • Take full advantage of per-room settings for things like carpet detection, water amount, and suction strength tailored to floor type.

Create No-Go Zones

  • Draw virtual barriers on the map around areas like pet bowls to prevent the mop from transferring germs.

Strategically Place Furniture

  • Consider rearranging spaces with narrow access points robots can’t reach to clean. Even just 6 inches more clearance helps.

Use Multiple Cycles If Needed

  • For homes with heavy foot traffic or pets, running the Q Revo in multiple shorter sessions can outperform one long one due to emptying its capacity.

Clean the IR Sensors Regularly

  • A quick wipe of these keeps the obstacle detection functioning well by removing any dust buildup on the sensors.

I hope these extra tips provide some helpful insights for optimizing cleaning performance from the Roborock Q Revo long term! Let me know if any other questions come up.

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