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As more business owners look to grow their companies through strategic marketing, many turn to marketing agencies for support. One agency that claims to offer a variety of digital services is Reveal Marketing. However, with risks of scams in the marketing industry, it’s important to evaluate if Reveal Marketing is a trustworthy partner or if there are red flags to be aware of. In this review, I will take an in-depth look at Reveal Marketing to determine if they are a legitimate agency.

Overview of Reveal Marketing

Reveal Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency founded in 2016 and headquartered in San Diego, California. They offer paid advertising, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media management and website design/development services. On their website and social media pages, Reveal presents a polished branding focused on results-driven, data-backed campaigns.

Credentials and Certifications

When vetting a marketing firm, it’s important to evaluate their credentials. Some positives observed with Reveal Marketing include:

  • They are registered as an S-Corporation in California giving them a valid legal business structure.

  • Company leadership has several relevant marketing certifications like Google Ads and HubSpot Inbound certifications.

  • Reveal is active members of several industry organizations including the American Marketing Association.

  • They have an BBB profile with no unresolved complaints on record.

This level of credential transparency helps establish them as a serious, legit marketing business upfront.

Client Results and Testimonials

To better understand Reveal Marketing’s capabilities, I analyzed case studies and testimonials on their site and other sources:

  • Examples provided demonstrate tangible quantifiable metrics like increased traffic, leads, and sales.

  • Testimonials are from a range of industries and company sizes with mostly positive feedback.

  • Some client logos and verbatim quotes are used with permission indicating real past working relationships.

  • However, more detail on specific campaign strategies and KPIs would further validate claimed successes.

Overall, available materials point to genuine work history but could be improved with additional proof of impact.

Online Presence and Social Proof

Further inspection of Reveal’s online presence yielded these observations:

  • Website and other marketing appears professionally done indicating a competent agency.

  • Profiles on major networking sites are claimed and consistently managed.

  • Third party listings across directories, review sites and content are factual and positive in nature.

  • Solid organic search engine rankings when their name is queried.

  • Regular blog posts and social updates demonstrate an active, engaged online brand.

This thorough digital footprint lends credibility that Reveal is a long-standing genuine firm.

Pricing and Service Quality

To assess value and deliver quality, key factors of Reveal Marketing include:

  • Upfront project scoping and estimates to set expectations of costs.

  • Services rely more on strategy and expertise than “broadcast” digital tactics.

  • Experience and specialization in priority industry verticals is highlighted.

  • Appropriate staff resourcing appears available based on agency size.

  • Positive reviews emphasize communication, custom work, transparent reporting.

  • Industry standard contract and payment terms reduce risks for clients.

These policies and approaches signal Reveal likely provides capable, ethical client service.

Possible Downsides

While Reveal seems mostly trustworthy, a few minor potential negatives arose:

  • Scant details on data privacy/security could raise compliance questions.

  • No notable awards or rankings within top agencies to complement credentials.

  • Website doesn’t link to a physical address office location.

However, overall these appear to be small and isolated factors with no overt red flags of wrongdoing. Reveal seems to operate transparently.

Aggregated Review Sentiment

Compiling the findings from my investigation, the consensus around Reveal Marketing is:

  • They demonstrate the credentials of a bonafide professional marketing company.

  • Case studies and testimonials align with a history of serving real clients successfully.

  • Online presence reflects an actively managed brand dedicated to the industry.

  • Policies suggest clients receive suitable deliverables, communication and value.

  • Little evidence surfaced to doubt their legitimacy or question authentic operations.

Therefore, most available objective information validates Reveal Marketing as a trustworthy, legitimate digital marketing agency.


In closing, while no organization is perfect, my comprehensive research found Reveal Marketing aligns with industry best practices and ethical standards. They seem to authentically offer clients the services promoting brands as described. With proper vetting of any agency, Reveal appears to deliver results making them a reputable choice for digital marketing needs.

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