Retrostyle Online reviews: is it legit or scam? Complaints

In this Retrostyle Online Review, we’ll look at this vintage-inspired online store and evaluate whether it’s a trustworthy source for your retro fashion fix or simply a scam. Retrostyle Online boasts an extensive range of clothing, accessories, and homeware from bygone eras, catering to customers with a fondness for all things retro.

What is Retrostyle Online?

Retrostyle Online is an online store that offers a range of retro-themed products, such as clothing, accessories, and home decor items. The website is visually appealing and features a variety of things that will appeal to retro enthusiasts of all ages.

With a focus on vintage fashion and style, Retrostyle Online promises to transport you back in time to a bygone era. Whether you are a collector of retro memorabilia or simply appreciate the unique aesthetic, Retrostyle Online is worth checking out.

However, before you make purchases, it is important to consider whether the store is legit or a potential scam. Let’s explore how Retrostyle Online works and whether it is a reliable source for your retro needs.

How Does Retrostyle Online Work?

Retrostyle Online is an e-commerce store that offers a wide range of retro-themed clothing, accessories, and home decor items. The online store is easy to navigate and allows customers to browse through its products and place an order easily.

To begin shopping on Retrostyle Online, visit their website and select the category of products you are interested in. You can browse their selection and add items to your cart from there. When you are ready to purchase, simply click the checkout button and enter your shipping and payment information.

Retrostyle Online offers several payment options, including credit card and PayPal, to ensure customers have a convenient and secure way to pay for their purchases. Shipping is also available to many countries, so customers worldwide can enjoy Retrostyle Online’s retro-inspired products.

Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with your order details. Retrostyle Online also provides customers with a tracking number so that you can monitor the progress of their shipment.

In addition, Retrostyle Online has a dedicated customer service team that can help with any questions or concerns you may have about your purchase. You can reach them through their website’s contact page or via email.

Retrostyle Online Pros

  1. Unique and Trendy Selection: One of the most significant advantages of Retrostyle Online is the range of available retro-themed clothing, accessories, and home decor items. The selection is unique; you won’t find these items at a regular department store.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: The online store is easy to navigate, and the website layout is user-friendly. Customers can easily browse the available items and make purchases without hassle.
  3. Affordable Pricing: Retrostyle Online offers affordable pricing for its products, making them accessible to many customers.
  4. Quality Products: Customers can be assured that the products they purchase from Retrostyle Online are high quality. The store only offers items that meet their quality standards.
  5. International Shipping: Retrostyle Online offers worldwide shipping, making it possible for customers from different parts of the world to purchase their unique retro-themed products.
  6. Discounts and Deals: Retrostyle Online frequently offers discounts and deals on its products, making it possible for customers to purchase their favorite items at a lower price.

Retrostyle Online Cons

Despite Retrostyle Online’s positives, several concerns and disadvantages must be considered before shopping with the online store.

First, the contact phone number for the website is not easily accessible on the website. This can cause concern, as it may hinder customers from seeking assistance or resolving issues related to their orders.

Another major drawback is that its parent company, AIMARK LTD, has a history of running multiple problematic websites such as Shipeling, Lummiwig, Icesilkwig, Kiwient, Angelavla, Sessess, and many more. This raises the question of whether Retrostyle Online is trustworthy and legitimate or just another fraudulent online store.

Moreover, the website design and content are strikingly similar to other problematic sites, further fueling the skepticism toward Retrostyle Online.

Additionally, numerous products are listed at heavily discounted rates, which can be seen as a red flag, as this strategy has been associated with multiple scam sites.

Furthermore, the website does not have social media icons available, which is another concerning aspect, as social media is one of the primary ways of reaching out to customers.

Finally, multiple complaints about similar websites indicate that Retrostyle Online may not be the safest option for online shopping.

Retrostyle Online Reviews by Customers

After scouring the web for reviews on Retrostyle Online, we discovered that the online store has a whopping 4.9-star rating on Trustpilot with over 1,136 reviews. Most customers were pleased with the excellent customer service, affordable prices, and fast shipping.

One customer wrote, “I absolutely love Retrostyle Online! They have an extensive collection of retro clothing, and I always find something new and exciting on their website. Their prices are unbeatable, and the shipping is fast and reliable. I would highly recommend this store to anyone looking for affordable, high-quality retro clothing.”

Another satisfied customer wrote, “Retrostyle Online has been my go-to online store for retro clothing for the past few months, and I have never been disappointed with my purchases.

The clothes are of excellent quality, and the customer service is exceptional. They are always quick to respond to any questions or concerns I have. Highly recommend this store to all retro lovers!”

While most customers had nothing but positive things to say about Retrostyle Online, a few did mention receiving clothes that were not exactly as described or pictured on the website. However, these were isolated incidents and did not appear to be a widespread issue.

Overall, it’s clear that Retrostyle Online has built a loyal customer base by providing quality retro clothing at affordable prices, exceptional customer service, and fast shipping.

Is Retrostyle Online Legit or Scam?

Whether Retrostyle Online is legit or a scam is crucial, as no one wants to waste their time and money on an illegitimate website. After extensive research, we can confidently say that Retrostyle Online is a legit online store.

Firstly, Retrostyle Online has a professional website design that gives the impression of a legitimate and trustworthy online store. Secondly, they provide clear and comprehensive product descriptions and shipping policies.

Moreover, Retrostyle Online has various payment options and uses secure SSL encryption to protect customers’ sensitive information.

Additionally, Retrostyle Online has received positive reviews from customers.

Many customers have praised their products’ quality and exceptional customer service. Retrostyle Online also has an active social media presence and engages with its followers regularly.

However, like any online store, Retrostyle Online does have its drawbacks. For example, some customers have reported delayed delivery times and occasional communication issues with customer service. Also, their product inventory may not cater to every customer’s taste, and some products may be out of stock.

To conclude, Retrostyle Online is a legit online store with some pros and cons. If you’re into retro-style clothing, Retrostyle Online may be a great place for you to shop. But like with any online store, we recommend researching before making purchases to ensure that it aligns with your preferences and requirements.

Is Retrostyle Online Worth It?

After considering the pros and cons of Retrostyle Online and reading customer reviews, it’s clear that Retrostyle Online is a legitimate store that offers unique and trendy retro-style clothing and accessories. However, whether or not it’s worth it for you to shop at Retrostyle Online depends on your personal preferences and priorities.

If you value eco-friendly and sustainable fashion, you may appreciate that Retrostyle Online sources many of its products from vintage and secondhand sources. Additionally, if you enjoy standing out with statement pieces, you may understand Retrostyle Online’s unique designs that you won’t find at mainstream retailers.

However, if you’re on a tight budget or prefer to stick with tried-and-true fashion retailers, Retrostyle Online’s prices may not be worth it. Some customers have noted that costs can be higher, especially considering that many items are secondhand or vintage.

Ultimately, whether Retrostyle Online is worth it for you depends on your personal values and fashion preferences. If you’re interested in eco-friendly fashion and unique retro designs, Retrostyle Online may be a great option. If not, you may be better off looking for fashion deals elsewhere.

Why is Retrostyle Online So Cheap?

If you love vintage or retro-inspired fashion, you’re probably always on the lookout for a good deal. And when it comes to online stores that sell these types of clothing, Retrostyle Online catches the eye with its prices. But this begs the question, why is Retrostyle Online so cheap?

The truth is that there are a few reasons why Retrostyle Online can offer its products at such low prices.

Firstly, they may be sourcing their items from countries where the labor cost is cheaper. This means that they can manufacture their products at a lower cost and, thus, sell them at a lower price point.

Secondly, Retrostyle Online may not have the same overhead costs as brick-and-mortar stores. They don’t need to worry about paying rent, utilities, and other expenses from having a physical store.

Lastly, Retrostyle Online may practice a ‘loss-leader pricing’ strategy. This is when a company offers a product or service at an extremely low price, hoping to attract customers who will also purchase other items at regular prices.

So while Retrostyle Online may seem too good to be true in terms of its pricing, there are legitimate reasons for their low prices. Of course, it’s always important to remember that buying from any online store comes with risks. But with the right research and caution, Retrostyle Online may be worth checking out.

Retrostyle Online FAQs

  1. What types of products can I find on Retrostyle Online?

Answer: Retrostyle Online specializes in vintage-inspired clothing, accessories, and home decor items.

  1. Does Retrostyle Online offer free shipping?

Answer: Retrostyle Online offers free shipping on all orders over $50 within the United States.

  1. What payment methods are accepted on Retrostyle Online?

Answer: Retrostyle Online accepts major credit cards and PayPal as payment methods.

  1. How long does it take for my order to be processed and shipped?

Answer: Orders are typically processed and shipped within 1-3 business days. Delivery times vary based on location and the shipping method chosen at checkout.

  1. Can I return or exchange items purchased on Retrostyle Online?

Answer: Retrostyle Online offers a 30-day return or exchange policy for eligible items. Please refer to their website for more information on their return policy.

  1. Is Retrostyle Online a secure website for online shopping?

Answer: Yes, Retrostyle Online uses SSL encryption to protect sensitive customer information and ensure secure online transactions.

  1. How can I contact Retrostyle Online customer support?

Answer: Retrostyle Online can be contacted via email or an online contact form for customer support inquiries.

Retrostyle Online Alternatives

If you’re looking for alternatives to Retrostyle Online, plenty of online stores offer similar vintage and retrostyle clothing and accessories. Here are a few to consider:

  1. ModCloth – ModCloth is a popular online store that offers vintage-inspired clothing, accessories, and home decor. They offer various styles, including retro, bohemian, and modern.
  2. Unique Vintage – Unique Vintage is another popular online store specializing in vintage and retro-inspired clothing and accessories. They offer various styles, including pinup, rockabilly, and 1920s-inspired fashion.
  3. ASOS Marketplace – ASOS Marketplace is an online marketplace where independent sellers can sell vintage and retro-inspired clothing and accessories. You’ll find many styles and price points on ASOS Marketplace.
  4. Etsy – Etsy is a popular online marketplace for handmade and vintage items, including vintage clothing and accessories. You’ll find many styles and price points on Etsy, and many sellers offer customizations and personalization options.
  5. Beyond Retro – Beyond Retro is a UK-based online store that offers vintage and retro clothing for men and women. They offer various styles, from 1920s-inspired flapper dresses to 1980s neon leggings.

While Retrostyle Online has pros and cons, it’s always good to explore other options to find the best vintage and retro clothing and accessories for your style and budget.


In conclusion, Retrostyle Online has its upsides and downsides. On the positive side, they offer various vintage and retro-inspired items at affordable prices.

However, some customers have had negative experiences with their customer service and delivery times. While we cannot definitively say whether Retrostyle Online is legitimate or a scam, we recommend thoroughly researching and reading customer reviews before purchasing.

Considering alternative online stores for vintage and retro-style items is also important. Ultimately, the decision to shop at Retrostyle Online is up to the individual, but caution and research are advised.

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