rateglo.com Reviews & complains 2023; ls it legit or scam?

Is Rateglo Legit or a Scam? An In-Depth Review

In the world of online opportunities, the promise of easy money often lures individuals seeking financial stability or supplemental income. However, not all platforms and websites live up to their enticing claims. One such platform that has recently emerged on the scene is Rateglo, which suggests that users can earn money by reviewing products. In this in-depth review, we will scrutinize Rateglo from every angle to determine its legitimacy or potential as a scam.

Company Background

Every legitimate venture has a foundation, and for Rateglo, this foundation was laid in late 2022 when it was incorporated as Rateglow Computing Ltd in the UK. However, the company’s transparency is questionable. Basic details such as the identities of the owners and the location of their offices remain undisclosed. Further investigations into company registry records reveal a lack of filed accounts or annual reports. This lack of financial transparency, especially for a new startup, is a significant concern.

Additionally, attempts to uncover founder profiles or advisor backgrounds yield no results. The Rateglo website, a primary window into the platform, lacks transparency, featuring generic contact forms rather than a comprehensive list of staff members. This opacity in the platform’s operating structure raises the first red flags about Rateglo.

How the Platform Works

At first glance, Rateglo’s operating model seems straightforward. Users are encouraged to sign up, browse “review jobs” posted by brands looking for product assessments ranging from 100 to 300 words, and are promised compensation ranging from $5 to $15 for each completed write-up.

However, a closer examination of this process reveals inconsistencies. Despite extensive searching, no legitimate jobs could be located through the platform. Furthermore, individuals who have registered on Rateglo report that the member’s dashboard shows zero opportunities available. This discrepancy between Rateglo’s active recruitment efforts and the absence of actual job listings is a significant concern.

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Earnings and Withdrawals

The core question that often arises with online earning platforms is whether members can genuinely earn and withdraw funds as advertised. Rateglo entices users with the promise of easy supplementary income, but to date, not one verified report could be located that confirms the submission, approval, or payment of reviews as promised.

Additionally, Rateglo provides no transparency into the earnings or payment histories of its users for public validation. This is a major red flag. Legitimate employers consistently provide tax and earning documents, and the ability to withdraw earnings is at the core of any work opportunity. The absence of such transparency is a significant concern.

User Sentiment Analysis

Online platforms often accrue user sentiment, which can provide valuable insights into their legitimacy. While there are positive reviews about Rateglo, they often exhibit spam-like characteristics. In contrast, independent commentary and warnings are prevalent. TrustPilot users, for example, give Rateglo a distressingly low 1% trust score, primarily based on complaints.

Furthermore, platforms like Reddit, YouTube, and various scam alert sites contain strong advisories to newcomers, urging them to steer clear of Rateglo for the time being. Such overwhelming caution from independent sources is an alarming sign.


  1. Simple Earning Model: Rateglo’s premise of earning money by writing product reviews might seem straightforward and accessible.
  2. Potentially Lucrative: The platform claims that users can earn $5 to $15 per review, which, if true, could be a decent source of supplemental income.


  1. Lack of Transparency: One of the most significant concerns is the lack of transparency about the company itself. The identities of the owners and the location of their offices are undisclosed, and there are no founder profiles or advisor backgrounds available. This lack of transparency raises doubts about the platform’s legitimacy.
  2. Unverifiable Earnings: Despite promises of easy income, there is a notable absence of verified reports or evidence of reviews being submitted, approved, or funds being sent as promised. This lack of verifiable user experiences and earnings history is a significant red flag.
  3. Absence of Job Listings: Several individuals have reported that after registering on Rateglo, their member’s dashboard shows zero job opportunities available. This discrepancy between active recruitment and the absence of actual job listings is concerning.
  4. Low Trust Score: Independent user sentiment analysis, including a very low 1% trust score on TrustPilot, as well as advisories on platforms like Reddit and YouTube, strongly suggest caution and advise against using Rateglo.
  5. Missing Financial Records: The platform has not filed any accounts or annual reports, despite being incorporated. Legitimate employers typically provide financial transparency and tax documents, which are absent in Rateglo’s case.

Conclusion and Summary

After an exhaustive investigation, the unfortunate conclusion is that Rateglo does not currently appear to deliver a genuine user experience or the income it promotes on its enticing website. The platform’s complete lack of transparency, encompassing ownership, financial operations, user earnings, or brand partnerships, underscores claims of illegitimacy.

Until Rateglo addresses these significant shortcomings publicly and demonstrates that its users can successfully review products and receive the promised compensation, it remains in the realm of potential fake job scams. The findings of this research indicate that Rateglo does not meet the standard for a legitimate work-from-home opportunity, and consumer safety remains a top priority.

For those seeking online earning opportunities, it is essential to explore established, legitimate employers that can demonstrate a real worker experience upfront with full transparency. Rateglo, as it currently stands, does not meet that bar, and caution is advised. Comments and discussions on this matter are welcomed and encouraged as we strive to protect the interests of those seeking online income opportunities.

In the quest for online income opportunities, platforms promising easy money can be alluring. Rateglo, with its proposition of earning by writing product reviews, initially appears as a potential avenue to supplement one’s income. However, upon closer examination, the platform presents a concerning lack of transparency and several red flags that cast shadows on its legitimacy.

One of the most glaring issues surrounding Rateglo is the dearth of transparency. The company’s ownership remains shrouded in mystery, with no disclosed identities of its founders or advisors. This opacity extends to the location of their offices and even basic financial records, as no annual reports or accounts have been filed. Such a lack of transparency raises significant questions about the platform’s authenticity.

Perhaps the most striking concern is the absence of verifiable earnings and user experiences. Despite promises of easy income through product reviews, there is a conspicuous dearth of evidence that reviews are being submitted, approved, or that funds are being disbursed as advertised. The fundamental element of any legitimate work opportunity is the ability to withdraw earnings, and the lack of such verifiable user experiences is a substantial red flag.

Furthermore, the disconnect between Rateglo’s active recruitment efforts and the absence of actual job listings is perplexing. Users report that after registering, their dashboards display zero job opportunities, highlighting a lack of congruence between the platform’s promises and its actual functionality.

Independent user sentiment analysis paints a grim picture, with a very low trust score on TrustPilot and advisories on other platforms urging caution and warning against Rateglo. The overwhelming number of negative reviews and warnings from independent sources is a clear sign that Rateglo is not viewed favorably by those who have ventured into its realm.

In conclusion, while the concept of earning money by writing product reviews might seem enticing, the numerous red flags surrounding Rateglo make it a platform that should be approached with extreme caution. The lack of transparency, unverifiable earnings, and negative sentiment from independent sources suggest that Rateglo may not be a legitimate avenue for online income. As with any online opportunity, it is crucial to prioritize your financial safety and consider more established, transparent options for earning income online. Your peace of mind and financial well-being should remain the top priority in this digital landscape.

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