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Rakuten Insight is an online survey panel owned by the Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten. It offers consumers the opportunity to earn rewards by completing paid surveys in their free time. However, is Rakuten Insight truly legitimate and worthwhile, or just another dubious “get paid to survey” scheme? This in-depth review analyzes all aspects of the Rakuten Insight platform to help readers make an informed decision.

Overview of Rakuten Insight

Rakuten Insight was originally established in 2001 as AIP Online Surveys, later rebranding when acquired by Rakuten in 2020. It operates panels in 15 countries across Asia and North America. Those interested can sign up by providing basic demographic information.

Upon registration completion, members receive occasional survey invites based on their profiles. Each survey paid between 100-500 “Epoints,” Rakuten Insight’s proprietary rewards currency. Epoints can then be cashed out for gift cards or PayPal deposits once a $5 redemption threshold is met.

While Rakuten backing implies legitimacy, the key questions are how user-friendly and financially worthwhile the platform proves in reality. This review delves deeper.

Earning Opportunity Breakdown

Let’s examine the two primary ways Rakuten Insight members can potentially profit: surveys and referrals.

Paid Surveys

Surveys vary in length from 5-20 minutes on average. Members first qualify by answering filtering questions then complete the full questionnaire. Payout amounts depend on survey complexity rather than length of time spent.

Frequency of survey invites heavily relies on individual activity level and demographics matching research needs. More engaged users report averaging 1-3 paid surveys weekly with quiet periods also common. Overall potential appears modest compared to top-tier platforms.

Referral Program

Referring new members can earn an additional 100 Epoints bonus per successful referral. However, monthly referral caps of 10 people limit the viability of this as a primary income stream. With conversion rates of 100 Epoints = $1, just $10 extra monthly proves possible at best through referrals alone.

When considering the time spent inviting people, the low payout makes viral sharing an inefficient use of time on Rakuten Insight in many people’s evaluations. However, it remains useful as a supplemental income stream for highly social users.

Earnings Potential Analysis

To quantify realistically achievable profits, surveys completed during a 2-week trial period were tracked. Here are the results:

  • 6 surveys qualified for and fully completed
  • Earnings totalled 600 Epoints or $6
  • 3 additional surveys failed qualification filters
  • Time invested varied but averaged around 10 minutes per survey

Extrapolating this limited data, potential monthly earnings could reach $24 before incentives for referrals. However, low survey supply periods could easily cut profits significantly below this.

Comparatively, top survey sites have been reported to provide most engaged members average monthly earnings exceeding $50-$100 depending on location. For a secondary platform, $24 may prove satisfactory, but Rakuten Insight could struggle to justify dedicated primary usage.

Overall, the earnings potential appears modest. While possible to profit, members shouldn’t expect it to become a reliable source of substantial supplemental income as with some superior alternatives. Patience and managing expectations remain crucial.

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Payment Options

One advantage Rakuten Insight holds over some competitors lies in its payment flexibility. After hitting the $5 cashout minimum, members can redeem accumulated points through various gift cards or directly to PayPal.

Gift cards offered depend on country but may include Amazon, iTunes, Google Play credit, and various other popular retailers. PayPal remains universally available across all supported regions for convenient bank deposits.

No issues have been reported with delayed or denied payments after due points are redeemed correctly through the system. Transparency in this respect bodes well and matches expectations of a major corporation like Rakuten behind the platform.

User Experience and Support

For the most part, Rakuten Insight proves fairly straightforward and simple to navigate as a user. The mobile app replicates the full website experience well for on-the-go access too.

A helpful FAQ covers basic issues, while live chat and email contact channels provide assistance when needed. Responses tend to arrive reasonably promptly, generally resolving minor technical glitches or other account queries raised.

Some negative reviews flag repetitive profile questions and a lengthy initial signup process. However, this only needs completing once and isn’t a recurring obstacle. Overall, the user experience offers a hassle-free experience similar to larger competitors once engaged.

Participation Requirements

Rakuten Insight accepts members aged 16 years or older residing in supported countries. No restrictions exist based on education, employment or other demographic factors. All are welcome to try earning.

Beyond location eligibility and age limits, the main requirements boil down to completing a thorough initial profile disclosure and staying reasonably active. Specific survey quotas don’t exist but engagement helps maximize survey opportunities over time.

Compared to platforms imposing strict activity minimums, Rakuten Insight adopts a more relaxed approach focusing on incentivizing rather than mandating constant usage. This flexibility benefits those unable to dedicate major time commitments.

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Final Analysis and Rating

In conclusion, while far from the most lucrative option, Rakuten Insight presents a legitimate chance to earn small supplemental income by completing occasional surveys. Those new to the concept can test the waters risk-free here.

Pros include a reputable operator, low cashout threshold, and casual participation model requiring modest long-term involvement. Gift cards from popular brands add versatile redemption flexibility.

However, realistically modest monthly profits likely mean it cannot serve as a primary income stream for most.survey availability periodically dips too. Nonetheless, an overall positive experience makes this a solid secondary platform to have in members’ arsenals.

For dedicated primary users or those in urgent need of funds, higher earning alternatives surely prove preferable. But for casual side earners, Rakuten Insight merits consideration to supplement other income sources when convenient.

An overall rating of 3/5 stars fairly represents this assessment. Rakuten Insight offers a respectable generic survey experience, while lacklustre profit potential limits its mass appeal comparative to superior competitors. But it remains a legitimate option deserving of any casual earner’s attention.


In concluding this comprehensive analysis of the Rakuten Insight survey platform, it is evident that while far from the most profitable option available, it represents a legitimate opportunity for users to earn small supplemental income in their spare time through completing occasional paid surveys. As a subsidiary of the reputable Rakuten corporation, the operation proves trustworthy and delivers on promised reward payouts.

However, realistically modest earnings potential averaging $24 or less per month mean it does not constitute a viable primary income stream solution for dedicated users reliant on maximizing profits. Though some intermittent periods of low survey supply can further undermine monthly totals at times. Nonetheless, for casual users seeking a straightforward low-commitment side earning stream to supplement other income sources, Rakuten Insight presents a positive user experience with fair surveys. Flexible cashout options via gift cards and PayPal also enhance the program’s appeal.

While not optimal for intensive users, more casual members should find Rakuten Insight worth joining to their roster of supplementary earning platforms. Just with reasonable expectations set regarding profit levels unlikely to replace or become individuals’ primary revenue streams. But for supplementary micro-jobs requiring modest longterm engagement from home, Rakuten Insight proves a legitimate means of filling occasional spare time both conveniently and legitimately.

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