Quickla review: Quicklatech.com loan legit or not?

QuickLa: Your Quick Guide to Short-Term Loans in the Philippines

In a world where financial needs can arise suddenly, QuickLa emerges as a solution for Filipinos seeking short-term loans. With registration secured under the watchful eye of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), QuickLa extends its helping hand to bridge the gap between financial urgencies and practical solutions.

The QuickLa Advantage

QuickLa specializes in offering short-term loans of up to PHP 10,000, with a flexible repayment period of 30 days. This financial lifeline can be a game-changer when unforeseen expenses loom on the horizon. Let’s delve into the advantages and disadvantages of choosing QuickLa.


  1. Quick and Easy Application Process: One of QuickLa’s defining features is its user-friendly application process. This app understands that time is of the essence during emergencies.
  2. Rapid Disbursement: Waiting for financial support can be agonizing. QuickLa lives up to its name by disbursing funds within minutes, ensuring your needs are met without unnecessary delays.
  3. No Collateral Required: For many, this is a sigh of relief. QuickLa offers loans without the need for collateral, easing the pressure on borrowers.
  4. Flexible Repayment Terms: Recognizing the diverse financial circumstances of its users, QuickLa allows for flexibility in repayment, offering various terms to suit different needs.
  5. Accessibility for Filipinos 18+: QuickLa caters to a wide audience by making its services available to all Filipinos aged 18 and above.


  1. High Interest Rates: As with many short-term loan providers, QuickLa’s interest rates can be relatively high, making it essential to weigh the cost against the urgency of your need.
  2. Steep Late Payment Fees: Missing a payment can have financial repercussions. QuickLa’s late payment fees are known to be steep, underscoring the importance of timely repayments.
  3. Customer Service Concerns: While QuickLa strives to provide excellent service, some users have voiced concerns about the quality of its customer service.

A Closer Look

QuickLa, as a registered lending company, operates within the bounds of the law, assuring users of its legitimacy. However, the high interest rates and potential for substantial late payment fees should not be overlooked.

Responsible Borrowing with QuickLa

Before opting for a QuickLa loan, consider these tips to ensure responsible borrowing:

  1. Borrow Only What You Need: Tempting as it may be to borrow more, stick to the amount required to meet your immediate needs.
  2. Assess Affordability: Evaluate your financial situation to ensure you can comfortably make the monthly payments without straining your budget.
  3. Punctual Payments: To avoid the dreaded late fees, prioritize timely repayments. Set reminders if needed to stay on track.
  4. Understanding Terms and Conditions: Don’t skip the fine print. Take the time to understand QuickLa’s terms and conditions to prevent any surprises down the road.

Exploring Alternatives to QuickLa: Short-Term Loan Options in the Philippines

When unexpected financial needs arise, having access to reliable short-term loan options can be a game-changer. While QuickLa offers its services to Filipinos, it’s wise to consider alternatives to ensure you make the best choice for your unique situation. Let’s explore some other options available in the Philippines.

1. Tala

Tala has gained a solid reputation for providing accessible short-term loans to Filipinos. With a simple application process and fast disbursal, Tala offers loans tailored to your needs. Interest rates are competitive, and they offer higher loan amounts as you build a positive borrowing history.

2. Cashalo

Cashalo stands out as a reputable lending platform offering flexible short-term loans. With transparent terms and a user-friendly app, Cashalo’s loans are accessible even to those without a credit history. Their partnership with Palawan Pawnshop also allows for easy loan disbursement.

3. LoanRanger

LoanRanger is another noteworthy option for short-term loans in the Philippines. With a straightforward online application process, LoanRanger provides quick loan approval and disbursement. Their platform allows borrowers to choose repayment terms that suit their financial capabilities.

4. Online Pawning Services

If you have valuable items that you’re willing to use as collateral, online pawning services like PawnHero could be an option. These platforms allow you to pawn items online and receive cash in return. Upon repayment, you can reclaim your items.

5. Cooperative and Microfinance Institutions

Cooperatives and microfinance institutions are community-based financial organizations that offer short-term loans to their members. These institutions often have lower interest rates compared to traditional lenders and may provide personalized financial guidance.

6. Salary Advance from Employers

Before turning to external lenders, consider discussing the possibility of a salary advance with your employer. Some companies offer this as a benefit, allowing you to access a portion of your upcoming salary to cover urgent expenses.

Making an Informed Choice

While QuickLa is a viable option, exploring alternatives can help you find the best fit for your needs. As you evaluate various options, consider factors such as interest rates, repayment terms, customer reviews, and the overall reputation of the lending institution. Remember to borrow responsibly, only taking on what you can comfortably repay to avoid financial strain. By conducting thorough research, you can make an informed decision that supports your financial well-being.

Final Thoughts

QuickLa provides a valuable service to Filipinos facing financial emergencies. However, it’s crucial to enter into such agreements with your eyes wide open. Reading user reviews on platforms like Google Play and the App Store can offer insights into other borrowers’ experiences. Additionally, it’s prudent to compare QuickLa’s terms and conditions with those of other lending companies to make an informed decision. Remember, responsible borrowing is the key to harnessing the benefits of short-term loans while avoiding financial pitfalls.

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