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Pop Specs Review: Are Their Glasses Stylish And Affordable?

Pop Specs has been gaining popularity as an optical retailer promising trendy frames made quickly at affordable prices. But do they deliver on this value proposition? In this comprehensive Pop Specs review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the brand to evaluate their offerings.

About Pop Specs

Pop Specs is an optical chain based in Manchester, UK that has been operating since 2013. Their flagship store is located in the Trafford Centre shopping mall, with additional locations in various cities across England.

The company aims to differentiate itself from traditional opticians through an approach focused on:

  • Trendy and stylish frame designs sourced from independent designers.

  • Quick turnaround manufacturing -glasses made on-site in as little as 20 minutes.

  • Affordable pricing tiers starting around £65 for basic lenses and frames.

  • Convenient shopping via walk-in stores or online ordering for home delivery.

Pop Specs markets itself as a younger, more fashionable alternative to stodgy optical shops of the past. But do they deliver the quality and service to back these claims?

Pop Specs Frame Selection

Flicking through Pop Specs’ extensive online frame catalog reveals a diverse assortment of styles:

  • Modern geometric shapes and color block designs appealing to creatives.

  • Quirky prints and mixed material options for more eclectic tastes.

  • Classic thin wire frames given a fresh update with trendier lens colors.

Frame quality appears comparable to high street brands, using sturdy acetate plastic. Their exclusive collections are reasonably on-trend and attractively priced.

Selection exceeds most high street opticians, suiting varied visual styles. Only real drawback is inability to try on frames in-person prior to clicking buy like traditional shops allow.

Overall, Pop Specs’ frame range delivers on promising fashionable yet affordable options to match different customer aesthetics. Design-wise they satisfy browsing for spectacles.

Pop Specs Lens Quality

For basic single vision lenses, Pop Specs uses standard polycarbonate which provides necessary optical clarity and light weight.

Higher tiers offer superior Hi-Index and anti-reflective coatings that enhance vision clarity and reduce glare – on par with optician competitors.

Progressive and specialty lenses are manufactured via digital surfacing techniques for accuracy. Lab certification ensures prescribed strength is achieved.

Customers report lenses matching prescribed optical needs. A minor complaint is standard single vision lenses showing more aberrations in strong prescriptions.

All in all, Pop Specs uses trusted lens materials and manufacturing. Quality matches major opticians for most customer needs barring those with very high prescriptions. Value remains excellent.

Customer Service Standards

Pop Specs receives consistently positive reviews for their customer service:

  • Staff in stores provide a welcoming, knowledgeable experience guiding choices.

  • Online assistance via chat, email and phone available with polite, efficient support.

  • Prescription accuracy is double checked prior to dispensing with care taken.

  • Returns accepted if frames don’t suit or prescriptions need tweaking.

  • NHS and insurance claims processed speedily at partner opticians nationwide.

Satisfied customers praise staff competence and troubleshooting skills. Complaints are few, only noting occasional delays when very busy.

By all accounts, Pop Spec’s customer focus matches their appealing value proposition to keep clients cared for from selection to aftercare. Service remains a key strength.

Pricing That’s Difficult to Beat

Where Pop Specs truly shine compared to competitors is in their reasonable price points:

  • Basic single vision lenses from £65 including anti-scratch coating.

  • Mid-range options with hi-index and anti-reflective from under £100.

  • Designer frames from as little as £39, most options £65-£95 range.

  • Free upgrades to thinner, lighter lenses where prescription allows.

Major chains charge 50%+ more for equivalent lenses and mainstream frames. Even opticians beat Pop Specs on few combos only.

Their affordable yet reliable value is a huge draw. Only those needing specialty occupational lenses spend significantly more elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

Taking all aspects into account, Pop Specs delivers on promises of quality specs speedily made to both suit tastes and budgets. Competent service further seals their appeal.

While frame selection lacks a physical try-on, online previews suffice. Quality standards match prestige opticians, often at half prices.

Complaints are minimal, proving consistent customer satisfaction. Pop Specs undeniably shakes up a stodgy industry long overdue for fresh approaches.

They’ve carved a niche as a go-to option for many prescription needs. Only those reliant on specialty lenses and frames not stocked would consider alternative specialists.

All in all, Pop Specs earns strong recommendation. With fashionable styles, rapid manufacturing and excellent value, they redefine affordable optics shopping enjoyable for all.

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