Reviews 2023: is this a scam store? Find out!

Unveiling the Truth About A Comprehensive Review

Are you considering shopping from Are you skeptical about its legitimacy? You’ve come to the right place. In this detailed review, we will delve into the red flags associated with and uncover why our scam detector has given it a poor trust score. Read on to make an informed decision before engaging with this online store.

What is is an online store that claims to offer various products, including sneakers, jerseys, and more. The store entices customers with suspiciously low prices and attractive discounts. However, our investigation has uncovered several alarming indicators that suggest may not be a trustworthy website.

Reasons to Avoid Shopping on

1. Website Creation

One red flag that stands out is the recent creation date of The website was registered in May 2023 and is set to expire in May 2024. This short lifespan raises concerns about the website’s credibility and suggests it could be a disposable platform commonly associated with fraudulent activities.

2. Customer Complaints

Numerous customers who have interacted with have expressed their dissatisfaction and labeled the store as a scam. Complaints range from non-delivery of orders to receiving inferior quality products. Customers have also reported difficulties in contacting the store for refunds, indicating poor customer service and questionable business practices.

3. Fake Contact Address provides a contact address on its website as “Fadel beatty limited, Suite 10542, Balmoral Industrial Estate, Abbeylands South Navan Meath C15 DD72, Ireland.” However, our investigation reveals that this address is associated with other known scam online stores. This discrepancy raises suspicions about the store’s transparency and authenticity.

4. Suspicious Discounts

The discounts offered on appear too good to be true. Such remarkable discounts, especially on popular products, often serve as bait to lure unsuspecting customers. Legitimate stores usually offer reasonable discounts, but excessively low prices should be approached with caution.

5. Poor Website Security lacks essential security measures provided by reputable online stores. The absence of security badges from trusted companies like McAfee or Norton raises concerns about the safety of customers’ personal and financial information. This leaves visitors vulnerable to potential hacking and identity theft.

6. Stolen Content has been found to use stolen content, including product images, from various legitimate online stores. This deceptive practice is common among fraudulent websites and demonstrates a lack of originality and credibility.

Is a Scam or Legitimate?

Considering the multitude of red flags highlighted above, it is highly likely that is a scam website. The deceptive tactics employed, such as unrealistically low prices, poor customer service, fake contact information, and stolen content, all point to an illegitimate operation. It is in your best interest to steer clear of this store to protect yourself from potential financial loss and disappointment.

PayPal: A Guarantee of Safe Shopping from

Contrary to popular belief, using PayPal as a payment method does not guarantee a foolproof shopping experience. Scam online stores often exploit loopholes in PayPal’s system, making it challenging to dispute transactions and obtain swift refunds. Fake tracking numbers unrelated to your order may be used to mislead PayPal, making chargebacks difficult. It is crucial to exercise caution even when using PayPal as a payment method on suspicious websites.

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Three Key Considerations When Shopping on

To protect yourself from falling victim to or any similar scam website, it is essential to be aware of the following:

1. Non-Delivery of Packages

Scam online stores frequently operate by accepting payment without delivering the promised products. If you encounter this issue, it is crucial to take immediate action to secure a refund and report the fraudulent transaction.

2. Receiving Different or Inferior Products

Bait-and-switch scams are common in which customers receive completely different or substandard products compared to what they ordered. Pay close attention to the quality and authenticity of the products you receive from, if you receive anything at all.

3. Potential Credit Card Hacking

There is a risk of having your credit card information compromised when dealing with fraudulent online stores like Unauthorized charges or ongoing deductions from your credit card could occur, leading to financial losses. Stay vigilant and monitor your credit card statements regularly.

In Conclusion

Our thorough review of has revealed numerous red flags that raise serious doubts about the legitimacy of this online store. From its recent website creation and customer complaints to the presence of a fake contact address, suspicious discounts, poor website security, and the use of stolen content, the evidence overwhelmingly suggests that is a scam.

It is crucial to exercise caution when engaging with online stores, especially those that offer unbelievable discounts and exhibit questionable practices. has shown a disregard for customer satisfaction, leaving many buyers disappointed and unable to obtain refunds for their purchases. Furthermore, the absence of proper website security puts customers at risk of having their personal and financial information compromised.

Although some may believe that using PayPal guarantees safe shopping, it is important to understand that even this widely used payment method does not always offer complete protection against scams. Fraudulent stores like can exploit loopholes and make it difficult to obtain refunds through PayPal.

To safeguard yourself from such scams, it is essential to remain vigilant. Be aware of the possibility of non-delivery of packages, receiving different or inferior products, and potential credit card hacking. If you encounter any suspicious activity or suspect that you have fallen victim to a scam, take immediate action by contacting your bank or financial institution and reporting the incident.

Remember to conduct thorough research, read genuine customer reviews, and verify the legitimacy of online stores before making any purchases. Look for trusted security badges, check the domain age, and scrutinize the contact information provided. By sharing this review and spreading awareness, we can protect ourselves and others from falling victim to scams like

Ultimately, your online safety should always be a top priority. Choose to shop from reputable and trustworthy online stores, exercise caution when encountering suspicious offers, and stay informed about the latest scams and fraudulent activities. Together, we can create a safer online shopping environment and ensure that our experiences are positive, secure, and enjoyable.

Stay safe, stay vigilant, and happy shopping from legitimate sources!

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