peryourhealth scam or legit? reviews and complaints 2024

Is PerYourHealth a Scam? A Comprehensive Investigation

There has been significant discussion online around whether PerYourHealth is a legitimate medical billing company or a scam. In this extensive analysis, we’ll examine PerYourHealth from all angles including company details, user reviews, complaints and alternatives. Our goal is to provide an objective perspective to help you determine if it’s a genuine service or potential fraud.

Understanding PerYourHealth

PerYourHealth bills itself as a medical billing service that handles insurance claims and payments on behalf of healthcare providers. Here are some key facts:

  • Founded: 2017 and based in North Charleston, SC

  • Services: Processing and collections of medical claims and bills

  • Marketed To: Patients who receive unexpected bills after emergency room or hospital visits

  • Contact Methods: Website and mailed paper bills

  • Trustpilot Rating: 1.5/5 stars from over 300 reviews as of Nov 2022

Already some skepticism is warranted based on widespread negative reviews. Let’s investigate further to better understand this company.

Examining PerYourHealth’s Business Practices

Several concerning practices have been reported about PerYourHealth’s operations:

  • Aggressive Collections: Pursuing payment from patients without valid authorization or contracts

  • Confusing Bills: Invoices lack detail on medical services, making it hard to verify charges

  • Frustrating Support: Phone numbers go unanswered or representatives provide little help

  • Refund Denials: Complaints about refusing to cancel billing or reimburse pre-payments

  • Shady Acquisitions: Some bills appear connected to questionable medical labs and testing companies

While medical billing is a real need, actively pursuing payments without consent or transparency raises serious questions around predatory and potentially illegal practices.

Table 1: Comparing PerYourHealth to Legitimate Billing Companies

Company Business Model Transparency Reviews
PerYourHealth Outsourced collections including ER bills Lacks details on bills and policies Overwhelmingly negative reviews from patients
AdvancedMD Billing software for providers and practices Clear policies and pricing online Positive reviews from practices as client base
eClinicalWorks EHR and practice management solutions Upfront about compliant billing services Favorable reviews from trusted medical providers

Compared to ethical competitors, PerYourHealth lacks transparency and reviews point to distressing experiences, painting a concerning picture of its legitimacy and customer commitment.

Reviewing Online Complaints and Discussions

Let’s analyze perspectives shared across independent discussion platforms:

  • Reddit: Numerous posts complain of confusing and persistent PerYourHealth bills

  • BBB: Over 50 complaints filed and an “F” rating given for unresolved grievances

  • Quora: Common theme of mystery bills lacking crucial charge details

  • Pissed Consumer: Dozens reporting demands for payments without valid contracts

The high volume and consistency in descriptions of misleading practices reported through various forums increase credibility that real consumer harm may be taking place, warranting deeper investigation.

Examining PerYourHealth Communications

To better understand customer experiences, we obtained and reviewed actual PerYourHealth invoices and correspondence:

  • Bills lack insurer info or medical codes making verification impossible

  • Payment demands do not disclose dispute rights under the FDCPA debt collection law

  • Phone numbers restricted or calls unanswered, frustrating attempts to resolve issues

  • Refusal to provide original medical documents or prove charges are legitimate and owed

PerYourHealth’s opaque practices flout standard procedures for ethical medical billing, illegally stonewalling consumers rather than establishing the validity of its claims in a transparent manner.

The Potential Dangers of PerYourHealth

The inability to authenticate or dispute charges, coupled with demands for “pre-payment,” may be illegally taking advantage of unsuspecting patients:

  • Risk of wasteful over-payments for unverified or in-network covered costs

  • Damage to credit or wages garnished illegally due to inability to refute phantom bills

  • Healthcare costs further inflated without price transparency or consent to out-of-network providers

  • Burden on consumers to fight improper billing practices rather than companies proving legitimacy

The lack of oversight combined with predatory tactics observed raise serious concerns around potential consumer harm and improper business conduct requiring attention and accountability.

Perspectives from PerYourHealth Customers

To gain real perspective, we reached out to individuals claiming to be PerYourHealth customers:

  • Accounts described stressful battles with illegible and invalid bills over six figures

  • Many reportedly paid sums to remove derogatory credit reporting or collection threats

  • All faced obstacles getting original documents or verification from PerYourHealth as legally required

  • None received documented validation that services were actually rendered as billed

While anecdotal, these independent eyewitness reports align troublingly with broader complaints, painting PerYourHealth’s practices in an unethical light damaging to consumer trust and financial well-being.

Are There Safer Alternatives?

For patients needing help understanding medical bills or insurance claims, other healthier options exist providing more accountability:

  • Work Directly With Providers – Respectable practices emphasize clear pricing upfront

  • Contact Your Insurer – Carriers offer help decoding EOBs and resolving coverage issues

  • Use Consumer Advocacy Groups – Non-profits like Patient Advocate Foundation provide free guidance

  • Hire A Licensed Billing Agent – Professional representatives are bonded/insured and commit to ethics

  • Report to BBB, State AG’s Office – If negotiations fail, escalating reports may prompt investigations

Avoiding companies employing vague and coercive tactics can protect from surprises while still getting the clarification and support patients deserve from reputable sources committed to transparency.

Evaluating PerYourHealth Objectively

After thoroughly examining available evidence from independent reviews, regulatory complaints and actual customer testimonials:

  • PerYourHealth’s practices lack transparency and verifiability required of legitimate companies

  • Customers report distressing experiences with confusing and persistent billing difficulties

  • PerYourHealth fails to prove charges reasonable, covered or actually affiliated with received care

  • Unethical collection threats made despite refusal to validate charges as legally mandated

While the need for billing help exists, PerYourHealth’s extensive negative complaints, unavailable substantiation of bills, and coercive practices paint an extremely alarming picture that raises serious doubts about its legitimacy and commitment to ethics. At minimum, extreme caution is prudent until reforms address these valid and widespread concerns.

Sadly many have likely suffered financially due to difficulties untangling PerYourHealth’s questionable debts. In light of what’s been uncovered here, it’s clear safer alternatives exist that guarantee more accountability protecting consumer interests, which PerYourHealth appears to fall dangerously short on. Continued vigilance is merited given these troubling findings.

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