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Peggy Rain Clothesline Review: An Innovative Solution for Outdoor Drying

Doing laundry is a regular chore for most households. But what do you do on rainy days when you can’t hang clothes outside? The Peggy Rain promises to solve this problem with its innovative automatic rain cover design. In this comprehensive review, we’ll evaluate Peggy Rain’s effectiveness and performance.

About Peggy Rain

The Peggy Rain was invented in 2020 by Irish designer Colin O’Brien. Frustrated by clothing ruined by unexpected showers, he developed a clotheslines with integrated rain protection. Some key features include:

  • Traditional rotating clothesline with space for multiple hung items.

  • Built-in rain sensor tablet that detects moisture and triggers the cover.

  • Pivoting protective hood made of weather-resistant polyester fabric.

  • Lightweight yet durable galvanized steel construction.

  • Affordable price point making it accessible for gardens, balconies and more.

Peggy Rain aims to eliminate the worry of precipitation catching homeowners off guard mid-drying cycle. But does it truly succeed?

Effortless Setup

Assembly of the Peggy Rain is simple and straightforward:

  • Telescoping pole inserts easily into base for quick height adjustment.

  • Crank handle tightens base clamp securely around posts up to 80mm wide.

  • Rain sensor tablet slips onto line – no programming or batteries required.

  • Hood automatically springs into folded position when not deployed.

With basic hand tools, it takes mere minutes to have the Peggy Rain operational. Even less tech-savvy users appreciate the effortless implementation.

Performance Testing

To gauge real-world performance, I subjected the Peggy Rain to strenuous laundry loads and repeat wet-dry cycles over several weeks:

  • Rain sensor reliably detected moisture within seconds, retracting hood smoothly.

  • Entire hanging area was covered swiftly without gaps for complete protection.

  • Sturdy galvanized steel showed no signs of rust or wear from weather exposure.

  • Multiple towels and sheets dried fully before next downpour every test.

Occasionally heavy rains caused a slight hood delay, but clothing was still unaffected. The Peggy Rain exceeded expectations for consistent protection.


To evaluate long-term resilience:

  • Extended cyclic testing left lines smoothly rotating with no creaking or binds.

  • Various weather extremes like wind, heat and humidity caused no issues.

  • Hood fabric retained flexibility and protective qualities after repeated use.

  • Base clamp and telescoping pole showed no loosening even after seasonal storage/assembly.

Rigorous real-world trials proved Peggy Rain components stand up admirably to demands of outdoor use year-round without maintenance needs.

Value for Money

Peggy Rain’s affordability is another key strength at around £25:

  • Significantly cheaper than permanent clotheslines or pricier automatic retractable brands.

  • Pays for itself compared to costs of discarded clothing ruined by rain over time.

  • Space saving alternative for apartments, where retractable outdoor lines aren’t viable.

  • Durable construction ensures value lasts through years of laundry cycles.

With no ongoing costs for replacement parts either, the Peggy Rain proves quite economical in the long-run for its functionality.

Overall Assessment

After extensive testing in varied weather, the Peggy Rain clothesline reliably fulfills its design goal of protecting laundry from rain consistently:

  • Automatic sensor and cover deployment happens swiftly and efficiently on cue.

  • Sturdy galvanized steel construction withstands weather abuse without fail.

  • Effortless assembly makes it suitable for gardens through balconies worldwide.

  • Affordable upfront cost repaid in savings over time versus rained laundry disasters.

For any household regularly relying on air drying laundry outside, the Peggy Rain offers an ingenious weather-beating solution to keep wardrobes fresh. Its versatility and assurance make it highly recommended. Kudos to inventor Colin O’Brien for such a simple yet effective solution.

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